The B-E-S-T Approach to Bible Study


As busy women with a grab bag of jobs, kids, errands, appointments, girls nights, and responsibilities, I'm sure you haven't had an immense amount of time to decide the perfect study process for your time in the Word each day. If you are anything like me and most women I know, you are reading your Bible during nap time, before your kids wake up (while praying that they don't wake up as soon as you … [Read more...]

What Jesus Demands From The World Giveaway


Hey, it's Friday! That means we're giving something away! Today, we're excited to tell you about and give away a copy of What Jesus Demands From the World, a new study by John Piper. What Jesus Demands From the World is a thoughtful examination of Jesus' demands revealing a compelling yet personal portrait of Jesus Christ in the Scriptures. The four Gospels are filled with demands like … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Special: Devotional CDs


Drive time can be difficult. You're battling traffic, trying to keep a toddler from having a meltdown, figuring out the best route to run all of your errands, and already thinking about possible dinner options. Wouldn't it be nice to have a wise woman sitting next to you in the passenger seat, calming you down and reminding you of truths that might be far from your mind in the midst of … [Read more...]

David Platt: Counter Culture

counter culture

Men and women are equal to and yet distinct from one another. In many ways this seems too obvious to even put into words. In other ways, however, this can be an unpopular position in stark contrast to the mainstream of society. Gender, sexuality, and marriage are all part of God’s perfect and beautiful design—for our good and for His glory. It’s hard to imagine that anyone reading this has … [Read more...]

Bible Studies for the New Year

New Year

Perhaps you made a New Year's Resolution to study God's Word this year. Or maybe you chose a word, a characteristic of God, you would like to study in 2015. We have several Bible studies that would be perfect for the New Year. In no particular order, here are seven we recommend for starting off 2015. 1. Fight Back With Joy by Margaret Feinberg. This 6-session Bible study will help you … [Read more...]

Jesus > Religion Giveaway

Jesus Is Greater Member

  Update: Congratulations to Laurie Cox for winning the Jesus>Religion Leader Kit!  You may have heard of Jefferson Bethke or seen his YouTube videos. A couple of years ago, he posted one that got just a few views (over 28 million) called "Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus." That video taught him a lot. We'll let him tell you: It also started the conversation that he continues … [Read more...]



This is such a BIG week with the FREE FRIDAY Giveaway, have no fear! You have another shot today! Ladies, hold on tight for this! We are giving away: - 1 James: Mercy Triumphs Member Books - 1 Living Proof Live Event T-Shirt - 1 Beth's blog today, we encourage you to take a moment now and do so. She is asking for husbands and men everywhere to pray us through the … [Read more...]

What are you doing this summer?


I'm so excited to tell y'all about an awesome new Bible study resource from David Platt called Radical Small Group Bible Study. I know this is not a study written by one of our fabulous womens authors, but I'm sure you've heard about David Platt. It was just over a year ago that in his book Radical, David asked us "What is Jesus Worth to You?" When I was at David's Secret Church event on Good … [Read more...]

The Resolution for Women – “Faithfully His”

Apparently I'm craving a little "spurring on" this week, and when I ran across this video of Priscilla Shirer talking about one of the chapters in The Resolution for Women, I immediately knew that I wanted to share it with y'all. So, so good. Have a great Wednesday, everybody! … [Read more...]