NEW STUDY: Why Do You Believe That?


We are so excited at LifeWay today to announce the release of author Mary Jo Sharp's new Bible study, Why Do You Believe That? - A Faith Conversation. This video-driven apologetics study helps women to build confidence in talking about and sharing their faith. Let's look at the first week of the study, for example: ladies will learn what apologetics is, why it's important (to answer doubts, … [Read more...]

National Women’s Leadership Forum 2010

This Tuesday will mark the beginning of the National Women's Leadership Forum. It's the 15th anniversary of the Forum, and it's actually being held right outside of Asheville, North Carolina at the beautiful Ridgecrest Conference Center. I'm sure the scenery will be terrible this time of year. What with the stunning fall foliage and all. It's sure to be a wonderful few days; Beth Moore and Curtis … [Read more...]

All manner of webcasty fun


So this past Friday was a webby first for LifeWay Women: a live stream from the National Leadership Forum. When Melanie and I walked into the webcast area I was totally impressed - they had a control room and cameras and everything. FANCY. Keep in mind that if I were the person in charge of a webcast, everybody would be standing up and crowded around a webcam. Perhaps this is why I have never … [Read more...]

Forum! Watch Live Feed tomorrow!

Gals! In case you've missed all the tweeting and blog mentions, the Women's National Leadership Forum is HERE! And if you can't be with us in person in Nashville at LifeWay headquarters, then you can join us online tomorrow via live stream and chat. We have a full day from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. of messages and music from Priscilla Shirer, Travis Cottrell, Mary Kassian, Kelly Minter and lots of … [Read more...]

National Women’s Leadership Forum!

Gals, it all starts tomorrow. 600 women will descend on Nashville, not for the CMAs, but for the Women's National Leadership Forum!!! It is my fave event of the year because it has everything, teaching, worship, leadership training, fun, fellowship, food, and of course the two C's, coffee and candy. The event goes through Saturday at noon. If you aren't able to make it, you can still join us for … [Read more...]

Forum week is here!

This is a big (huge. HUGE!) week for LifeWay Women - because in case you missed the news, this Thursday marks the start of the National Women's Leadership Forum. I have such a sense of anticipation about what's in store for all of us. And while I guess it's possible that my sense of anticipation is heightened because I know I'm going to pass the exit for Henpeck Market on my way into Nashville and … [Read more...]