by Cindi Wood Today is FRAZZLED FRIDAY and I'm thinking of you sitting at your computer getting ready to face your day! I imagine that your day is like mine, unfolding lots of busy-ness with stressors scattered throughout. I visualize you there - checking in for a quick moment of encouragement and hopefully some inspiration to jump-start your day. I've got just the thing! Last weekend I enjoyed … [Read more...]

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*Post by Cindi Wood What a wonderful Frazzled Female extravaganza last week in Greensboro, Alabama! We explored ways to grow our intimacy with Jesus. I just love talking about that relationship. It's central to every single quest for a saner lifestyle. If you are a child of God (meaning at some time in your life you invited Jesus Christ into your heart) then God is your Father and Jesus is your … [Read more...]

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Frazzled Female Fans! We are having slight technical difficulties today but click below to hear a word from Cindi. You don't want to miss it. Cindi Wood - Isaiah 43 … [Read more...]

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Cindi's sweet Daddy went HOME two days ago - She's been by his side for 2 weeks. Please pray for her and her family, as they go through the next couple days. She'll be sharing at his service, then leaving to speak out of town tonight. I'm by no means sweet Cindi Wood, but I am a frazzled female! Last week, I began the study of Ruth by Kelly Minter with some of my closest of the closest … [Read more...]

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So I was so frazzled, I forgot to post Cindi's FFF post. So, here you go . . . on Saturday. Thanks for watching, and thanks for being a part of LifeWay Women Allaccess! Obedience Brings Blessings from Cindi Wood on Vimeo. … [Read more...]