Such beautiful reminders

For the last couple of weeks my pastor and his family have been in China to finalize the adoption of their little girl. Thanks to technology, our church family has been able to follow David, Heather and the boys as they blog from China about their latest adoption journey, and it's been humbling and encouraging to read their posts. The day after Thanksgiving David wrote a blog post called "Patient … [Read more...]

We’re headed to Ecuador. Really.

Today was a pretty big day for Melanie and me because, well, we hopped on a flight to Ecuador. Yes. Ecuador. So basically, you know, it was just a regular Monday for us. Why, sure. Needless to say, the whole going-to-Ecuador thing is totally new to both of us, but we're excited to travel again with Compassion International and praying that children's lives will be changed as a result. We'll be … [Read more...]

Hitting the links

- Priscilla Shirer has written such a great post about some unlikely friendships that have come into her family's life. I totally related to it and imagine that many of you will, too. - This week a group of Compassion Bloggers is in the Philippines. This post by Shaun Groves is so powerful. It's such a reminder about how numb we become to poverty in other countries - and how numb we become to the … [Read more...]

AllAccess subscription info

This morning I saw a comment from Kathryn that asked how she could subscribe to this blog. I opened up a new blog post so that I could answer, and then I realized Hold on - I have no idea how she can subscribe to this blog. Since I subscribed way back when AllAccess first started, it just pops up in my Google Reader every day - but I couldn't remember what process I went through to make that … [Read more...]


- How important is it to wait on God's timing in ministry? You'll find the answer to that question on the Women Reaching Women blog (it's an excellent post). - Priscilla Shirer writes about three ways to stay grounded in ministry. - And speaking of Priscilla...her Jewelry Box post for February is super-convicting and oh-so-challenging. In the best way. - This week Vicki Courtney is filming … [Read more...]

A few items of note

So for the last several days I've been taking an antibiotic that leaves me feeling slightly on the side of foggy and muddled and dazed. I don't know what it is about this particular medicine, but I can't concentrate. Can't stay on a train of thought for longer than about fifteen seconds and then suddenly I'm all, "LOOK, Y'ALL! SOMETHING SHINY!" And then: "Well, now I'm exhausted. I think I'll go … [Read more...]

Some linky love

- Priscilla Shirer has a great discussion going on at her blog about what holds women back from giving the best of their time and talents in their lives. - It's time for the second memory verse of the year for the LPL Siesta Scripture Memory Team. If you haven't joined the fun yet, it's not too late! - Don't forget about registering for .MOM, which will be in Birmingham on September 23-24 - that … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas from Birmingham!


Our little family just got home from our first big round of Christmas festivities. We had big fun with my husband's family last night, with my aunt and cousins today at lunch, and this afternoon we went to see my husband's grandmother - who's about to celebrate her 101st Christmas. ONE HUNDRED AND FIRST. Can y'all believe that? Tomorrow will be jam-packed with open houses and church and cooking, … [Read more...]

A field trip to Israel

A couple of days ago Beth Moore, her daughter Melissa and a group of staff members and volunteers from Living Proof Ministries hopped on a plane and flew to Israel. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that there are probably nine or maybe even twelve people on that trip who are well-familiar with Scripture. And in all seriousness, can you even imagine how much fun they're having? How much … [Read more...]