Earlier this year, a group of us here at LifeWay gathered during our lunch breaks to do Beth Moore's James: Mercy Triumphs Bible Study. I remember opening my member book and seeing the five levels of commitment offered to us during the study. The fifth level is Beth's challenge to us to memorize the book of James. And we know some of you did it! So let's hear it... Submit pictures of your … [Read more...]

And (by the way) hello! I'm Becky, a new addition to the LifeWay Women team and - confession time - i have never been to a facebook party. To help me get some context of what a facebook party is, I looked back at the footage from the Nehemiah launch party, and realized what fun I had been missing out on!!! If you don't know what I mean, here's a cooking segment from the Nehemiah Facebook Launch … [Read more...]

Listen. This news is so new that I don't even have a picture or a link to share with y'all at this point, but I'm so excited that I wanted to tell you anyway. Lisa Harper has new Bible study coming out on the book of Malachi. It's going to hit the shelves on June 1 and I know it will be incredible. Stay tuned for more information, but wanted to give you the heads up in case you're looking for a … [Read more...]

Have you ever been scared to read a book? Because I confess right here before God and the world wide interweb that I am more than a little bit scared to read 7, the latest book by Jen Hatmaker. I hear that the book is absolutely incredible, by the way. I've heard nothing but raves from the people who have read it. But I know it's going to make me uncomfortable, and I know it's going to challenge … [Read more...]

Kelly Minter is a phenomenal writer, Bible teacher, and worship leader who has a tremendous heart for the hurting, the poor, and the lost. Kelly's newest study, Nehemiah: A Heart That Can Break is on my to-do list for this summer, so I was tickled to run across a couple of Nehemiah-related resources this afternoon. First of all, there's a beautiful excerpt from Nehemiah that's posted on the … [Read more...]

Morning everyone! LifeWay Women has a new Bible study coming out in August of this year by Jennifer Rothschild. You might have completed the study, Me, Myself & Lies which was her latest and it was very powerful. We're taping her new study March 5-8 in Springfield, MO. at the Veridian Event Center. I know all of you'd love to be there and we wish you could, but we all can't live in Springfield, … [Read more...]

In just two days, LifeWay Women is going to celebrate the release of Kelly Minter's newest Bible study, Nehemiah: A Heart That Can Break. Kelly is a gifted writer and teacher, and if you've ever done one of her studies, you know that her conversational style and her solid understanding of the Word are a great combination. On Wednesday morning at 11AM central, there will be a live webcast (with … [Read more...]

We value you, and we value your insights that help us publish better products and events. This feedback request is for those of you who have gone through the Bible study, Duty or Delight, by Tammie Head. We published six free videos that can be found here on LifeWay.com We would like to know if you and/or your study group used these videos. Please take a minute to post a comment answering these … [Read more...]

I know it's a little bit of a cliche', but I really do love the beginning of a new year. There's something about a fresh start that makes me extra-hopeful about what's down the road (I guess because the possibilities really do seem endless), and I'm tickled about 2012 already. I have a couple of big goals and a few small-ish ones for this year; I'm guessing you probably do, too. And unlike years' … [Read more...]

This giveaway is for any of you who would like to donate this Bible study kit to a church who doesn't have it yet and may not be able to afford it. You may also donate it to a charity such as a women's prison ministry. Post in the comment field, what church you would donate this kit to and why. I can only choose one this time, using random.org. We'll take comments until noon CST on Tuesday, … [Read more...]