We are thrilled that Karen Kingsbury is partnering with LifeWay on a new Bible study. I don't know about you, but I've read most of her books! She has a way of writing that captures readers in a powerful way and points them to Jesus. Below is a note from Karen and a video clip of an interview from the 2013 Women's Forum. Dear Friends, It's my honor and pleasure to introduce to you my first … [Read more...]

Perhaps you have planned events for women and not always known why, except that it's what has always been done. Maybe you once had a strong attendance but now it has dwindled. Do you ever wonder if it’s even worth it?  Today’s blog post is by one of our LifeWay staff event coordinators, Betsy Langmade. I'm an events girl and if I'm guessing right, you probably are too. We girls start young by … [Read more...]

As women’s leaders, I am sure you are always looking for helpful training resources. I want to invite you to view a LifeWay webcast on Monday, January 28 regarding the mission of God and the Mission of God Study Bible (released by B&H in 2012). This webcast will be hosted by Ed Stetzer. (If you have ever watched any of Ed’s web casts or heard him speak, you know what a great time this will … [Read more...]

We are so excited at LifeWay today to announce the release of author Mary Jo Sharp's new Bible study, Why Do You Believe That? - A Faith Conversation. This video-driven apologetics study helps women to build confidence in talking about and sharing their faith. Let's look at the first week of the study, for example: ladies will learn what apologetics is, why it's important (to answer doubts, … [Read more...]

Once 4:15 on Saturday afternoon rolls around, then what? The simulcast is over. The cleaning staff is ready to turn the church around for Sunday morning. The media guy is powering down the sound system for the night. And ladies are on their way home to reenter the demands of life. And, just like that, the event you planned for months gets put away in the archives somewhere at church. But is that … [Read more...]

This is such a BIG week with the FREE FRIDAY Giveaway, have no fear! You have another shot today! Ladies, hold on tight for this! We are giving away: - 1 James: Mercy Triumphs Member Books - 1 Living Proof Live Event T-Shirt - 1 Beth's blog today, we encourage you to take a moment now and do so. She is asking for husbands and men everywhere to pray us through the … [Read more...]

Let's face it... Marriage gets pretty complicated after the honeymoon is over. To be successful, it takes a little bit of heart, and a little bit of head. A little bit of right brain, a little bit of left brain. A little bit of art, and a little bit of science. That's why we're tickled to tell you about two new marriage resources that address both the art and science of marriage. First … [Read more...]

A few weeks ago, we asked small groups studying Beth Moore's James to send us photos and let us know how it's going. Here are a few we received. Liz Stephan of Sebring, FL, sent us this photo of her group. Some of these ladies have been in Bible study together for 24 years! Liz shares, "One of the greatest blessings for me happened at the end of the James study. Beth helped us see how very hard … [Read more...]

I like experiments. Just this week I experimented with riding my bike to work instead of driving. A few people have called me crazy. And I'll admit that biking requires advanced planning, concerted effort, and a change of clothes. But there is something so satisfying about deciding to try something new and carrying out the idea--regardless of the results. So when I heard about a new Bible study by … [Read more...]

Earlier this year, a group of us here at LifeWay gathered during our lunch breaks to do Beth Moore's James: Mercy Triumphs Bible Study. I remember opening my member book and seeing the five levels of commitment offered to us during the study. The fifth level is Beth's challenge to us to memorize the book of James. And we know some of you did it! So let's hear it... Submit pictures of your … [Read more...]