I'm taking the day off from blogging! Enjoy your holiday with family and friends!   … [Read more...]

In the next few days we will celebrate the freedom of our country. If you are like me, you probably take that for granted much of the time. Maybe we’ve never experienced Christianity in other countries where it’s not free.  Take a few minutes to think through what you would really miss if you didn’t live in our free country…who you would marry, where and if you would … [Read more...]

Perhaps you have led or have been a part of a Bible study group that has truly bonded and been together quite a while, maybe even years. Have you run into any concerns or issues, even as you have enjoyed studying and growing together? One question at a recent YOULead training was: “I have an established women’s Bible study that has been meeting for more than 20 years. At this time … [Read more...]

Have you ever wondered why young women are not attending your Bible studies?  I have been frustrated in the past because I thought what we were offering was very relevant and exciting. And it was, for me and women in my stage of life! But when I began to study about the different generations and what reached them, it made so much more sense to me. We expect to offer all lecture type … [Read more...]