In many of our training conferences leaders ask, "What do you use to equip and train our small group leaders?"  Often we enlist small group leaders, hand them a Bible study book and wish them well!  I have been guilty of this for sure.  But if we are to lead women to serve, then we must invest in training them to do the ministry and not just expect them to know what to do. I recently read … [Read more...]

Do you ever wonder why there aren’t more women in your groups? Read this recent blog post by Eric Geiger regarding research regarding what helps to bring about life change. Ministry opportunities surround churches today. Women sometimes fly under the radar never connecting to groups or plugging in any deeper into the body. Families are stretched by the demands of life and grow weaker as … [Read more...]

As a women’s small group leader, I am always looking at studies and content that will deepen the walk our group members have with Christ.   Especially for an ongoing group of women, this can sometimes be a challenge. Do we start and stop studies (which is certainly great and a wonderful option, especially for those wanting homework) or do we use something that will continue a thread and cover a … [Read more...]

Today, we're linking up to the All Access blog for a post that our own Chris Adams wrote! Head on over to her post, "How to Launch a Small Group Bible Study" for some great insight. … [Read more...]

As a women’s leader I know you understand that it’s important to connect the women in your church to small groups. This is often the first place women new to your church look to do several things: Make friends Build accountability for spiritual growth Discover and use their gifts and strengths to serve Seek wisdom to navigate difficult life situations together Pray for and with each … [Read more...]

How do you provide continual discipleship growth through your women’s small groups? Do you have a strategy in place for helping those in groups that continue to stay together so that they are making deeper commitments to Christ as they journey together? I have taught a Sunday morning small group of women for about 6 or 7 years now and this is a continual challenge for me. Often I teach the … [Read more...]

Ladies, whether you're a women's ministry leader or you lead a small group, we have something really exciting to tell you about today. LifeWay has just launched this neat membership-based program called Bible Study Insider. Basically, you sign up to be an "Insider," and - twice a year - you get a box shipped to you with 13-15 of the latest LifeWay small group Bible study member books for … [Read more...]

One of the things I love about my job is access to the creation of new Bible studies for women. I am a Bible study leader for five girls in their early thirties, and my job affords me the opportunity to discover studies that we can do together in my small group. Over the past few years, we've explored books of the Bible and completed both video-driven and book only studies from LifeWay Women. … [Read more...]

Who saw Unconditional opening weekend? Who is going to see it this weekend? For FREE Friday, we're giving away three … [Read more...]

We just wrapped up taping the Wonderstruck: Awaken to the Nearness of God Bible study with Margaret Feinberg in Banff, Alberta, Canada. The shoot location did not fail to capture the spirit of the study----the wonder of God! The study releases the first week of January 2013 and will feature seven video sessions and five days of homework each week in the member book. Here's a special message from … [Read more...]