Do you know a Military Wife?

This story came across my email this past week and I thought to myself, now this is why I do what I do. No, this has nothing to do with me personally, but sometimes I get caught up in the minutiae of work and need to be reminded of how God is working and how I'm so blessed to be even such a small little part in His work. Terry lives in Millington, TN, a large Navy/Marine military base and … [Read more...]

Deeper Still Cupcake Wars 2010

Now granted, we dealt with a multitude of serious topics at this past weekend's Deeper Still in Birmingham. Beth reminded us about the lost art of treasure. Priscilla encouraged us to empty our quivers. Kay taught the entire book of Matthew. And in the midst of all that great teaching, there was also a whole bunch of fun. Case in point: Deeper Still Cupcake Wars 2010. It was the stuff of legends, … [Read more...]

Faithful Abundant True


One of my long time LifeWay retail friends, Angela who buys gifts for our stores, has been leading Bible studies here at LifeWay during lunch time for several years now. Currently they are going through Faithful, Abundant, True by Beth Moore, Kay Arthur, and Priscilla Shirer . . . They have 30 women here in Nashville going through what we affectionately call the "FAT" study! … [Read more...]

Smoothies at the Shirer Home

Pam Case, Amy Lowe and I were in Dallas a couple of weeks ago for the new Bible study coming out by Priscilla - can't wait to tell you more about this so keep checking here, on FB and Twitter We ended up at their home waiting for the next taping session and Jerry made us a healthy snack. I gotta tell you - I loved it! And sense, have started making these babies up on my own. I've even gotten Ana … [Read more...]

Relevant Conference and Todd Smith-Selah

Last week I had the privilege of attending The Relevant Conference in Hershey, PA with 250 women bloggers who love Jesus. One of the highlights (aside from 1. hanging out with his amazing wife, Angie Smith, her editor, Jennifer Lyell, and Pam Case & 2. eating Hershey chocolate!) was listening to Todd Smith of Selah sing this amazing song. Todd Smith from Selah_It is Well from Kris Seidenkranz … [Read more...]

BRAVE: Honest Questions Women Ask


Based on her new trade book, Do You Know Who I Am and other Brave Questions Women Ask, this upcoming Bible study, Brave: Honest Questions Women Ask, releases February 2011. I personally can't wait to take this study with my girlfriends! I know we have to wait, but just wanted to wet your appetite with what's coming up! In the study, Angela looks boldly at some of the fears and struggles we face as … [Read more...]

Some fun Twitter-related news

I know that it's been Simulcast Central around here this week (everyone's just so excited! so very excited!), so I want to pass along one additional bit of sort-of-simulcast-related news before I forget. I've mentioned before that Twitter is a fun way to check in with your internet buddies once or twice a day. It's also been a great place to keep up with a lot of the LifeWay Women team members for … [Read more...]


This past weekend at Living Proof Live in St. Louis, Beth shared a message about the image of God: Imago Dei. It was complex and layered and deep, and Saturday's sessions especially stomped all over my toes in the best possible ways. After the Saturday morning break, Beth shared a story about a woman named Teri (apologies to Teri if I'm misspelling her name) who was supposed to be at LPL in … [Read more...]