Big News!

(photo credit: She Reads Truth)

photo credit: She Reads Truth We are so excited to announce—or rather let Amanda and Raechel announce—that we are partnering with She Reads Truth! We've linked to She Reads Truth before in several of our posts. We are huge fans of the way they bring God's Word to our lives. If you haven't heard of them before, check out their daily emails—each contains a few passages of Scripture and a … [Read more...]

Austin, TX Living Proof Live Recap

What a great time we had in Austin, Texas last weekend at Living Proof Live! There really are no words to describe the experience adequately, so here is a video and some pics that I think will help! Living Proof Live Recap, Austin, Texas from LifeWay Women on Vimeo. And here's an extra special picture from our trip home from Austin with Travis. He made a new friend in the airport! … [Read more...]

Jungle Pastors


*Post by author, Kelly Minter Kelly is a LifeWay Women author, Find her newest Bible study, Nehemiah here. I recently returned from the Amazon River in Brazil, my fifth trip there in 3 years. My stomach is a little off to put it politely and I'm recovering from some sort of cold and cough, the strain you pick up from children who are hacking and whose lungs grumble when they breathe. But what … [Read more...]

New Magazine for Boomers, More Living Magazine


If you're like me, you really don't want to admit your a boomer, or maybe you are embracing it! I'm at the tail end I must say, and God decided to give us a family a bit late in life, so I've got kids ages 7 & 10! Anyway, there are tons of positive sides to being a boomer. For many, you're empty nesters and have more time on your hands to give back through your local church and local community. We … [Read more...]

Jennifer Rothschild Bible Study Taping


Morning everyone! LifeWay Women has a new Bible study coming out in August of this year by Jennifer Rothschild. You might have completed the study, Me, Myself & Lies which was her latest and it was very powerful. We're taping her new study March 5-8 in Springfield, MO. at the Veridian Event Center. I know all of you'd love to be there and we wish you could, but we all can't live in Springfield, … [Read more...]

Be a part of a Bible study taping


If you live in or around Nashville, you could potentially be in for a real treat on December 13-14. Lisa Harper is taping a new Bible study - Malachi: A Love That Never Lets Go - and if you're interested in attending any of the three sessions, all you have to do is register online. Registration is totally free, by the way, and what a sweet privilege it would be to sit under Lisa's incredible … [Read more...]

We’re having a Party. Will you be there?

YES, A James Facebook Launch Party! November 1, at 11 a.m. CST. It's going to be so fun y'all. Pam Case & Paige Greene will be hosting the show and even Beth Moore is going to join us during the hour! We'll be showing exclusive video footage only available to view on the webcast show. We'll be giving away lots of stuff too just for fun. Mostly, though, we'll be talking about this amazing new … [Read more...]

What’s Happening Behind the Scenes?


The last couple of weeks have been crazy busy but really great! I thought I'd catch you up on what's going on around here with LifeWay Women. We just finished taping a new Bible study by Kelly Minter. This will be the third in The Living Room Series. If you loved No Other Gods and Ruth, you're going to love this one! It's on the book of Nehemiah, taught like I've never heard it before. Nehemiah … [Read more...]

Get ‘er done


The LifeWay Women marketing team always has a booth at women's events. Living Proof Live in Charlotte was 9,500 attendees strong, so in order to accommodate all the samples and freebies and whathaveyou that the marketing team wanted to share, there had to be a pretty big set-up. And that's why this is what was waiting on Kris and me when we got to the arena Thursday afternoon. I'm not gonna lie, … [Read more...]