#AllAccessSpringCleaning Giveaway Day 6

Beautiful Mess

Update: Congratulations to our winners for this giveaway - Brenda, Christina, Teresa, Dana, and Meredith! Today we're giving away some resources for all those moms out there! Whether you're a mom, a soon-to-be-mom, or you know of a mom who could benefit from these resources, this is a great giveaway for you! Each of today's 5 winners will receive one of the following resources: … [Read more...]

Free Friday – LifeWay Women Devotions Volume 2

LifeWay Women Devotions Volume 2

  Update: Congrats to our winners: Beckey Wolfe, Rebecca Mitchell, Beth Hahn, LaShay Blansett, and Lindsay Hall!  Happy Friday! Today we're giving away some copies of our latest devotions CD. Leave your name in the comments for a chance to win! This 2-disc LifeWay Women's Devotional Audio CD set includes 12 devotional segments from LifeWay Women authors' original studies and … [Read more...]

#FirstTweets from LifeWay Women Authors


If you keep up with social media, maybe you've noticed that Twitter is turning 8 this week! To celebrate, they launched a new tool called #FirstTweet that lets you go back and read that very first tweet you sent. So, we thought it would be fun to pull together some of the very first tweets from a few of our LifeWay Women authors: OK.I said I wasn't going to do this. I lied. It's AJ's fault. … [Read more...]

5 Bible Studies to Start the New Year Right


Looking for the next Bible study for your women's group? Here are five of the newest Bible studies from LifeWay Women authors like Beth Moore, Angela Thomas, Vicki Courtney and more: #1 Kick off 2014 with a comprehensive study of the book of Hebrews. In Hebrews: The Nearness of King Jesus, Lisa Harper teaches women what Jesus meant to the Hebrew people in that time period as well as what He … [Read more...]

A Christmas Q&A with LifeWay Women Authors


What's Vicki Courtney's favorite Christmas tradition? What was the worst Christmas gift Jennifer Rothschild ever received? How does Kelly Minter keep the focus on Jesus throughout the Christmas season? We asked our LifeWay Women authors some questions about their favorite Christmas traditions and memories. We think you'll enjoy their responses! Merry Christmas! What is your favorite … [Read more...]

What I’d Tell My Younger Mom-Self


His chubby hands were pressed against the glass panes on my back door as he uttered a never-ending chorus, “Mimi, side, Mimi, side, Mimi, side.” My two-year old grandson, Walker, knew his Mimi would eventually cave into the pressure and grant him his wish to go “side” (translation: “outside”). History had proven that his persistence would pay off. As predicted, I relented to his pleas in … [Read more...]

Free Friday: Ever After


I pulled into the gated entry of a home where I’d been invited to attend a bridal shower and felt the familiar tug-of-war begin in my soul. The home looked like one of the homes you might see on the cover of Architectural Digest. A half dozen or so ornately carved pillars framed a sprawling open porch that boasted more ceiling fans than I had in my entire home. I followed the curve of the brick … [Read more...]

Free Friday: dotMOM Event

Screen shot 2013-01-13 at 3.41.57 PM

Calling all moms! Perhaps you've heard us chat about the dotMOM event around here before, yes? Listen, whether you have or you haven't, this is one event that you just don't want to miss. We're serious. It doesn't matter where you are in life --  new mother, expecting mother, grandmother. This event is sure to encourage, challenge and equip you to be the mother that Christ has called you … [Read more...]

Recap: dotMOM Birmingham

We had such a blast in Birmingham last weekend with the dotMOM event! Did you join us? From our Melissa Greene and her praise team to the dozens of breakouts offered, it was an event that left a lasting impression on the hearts of so many moms. Check out this video recap from the event! Take advantage of early bird pricing for 2013 and Vicki Courtney, Angie Smith, Travis Cottrell! On Sept. 20-21, … [Read more...]

It’s All About You, Mom

So I'm looking through the long, loooooong list of awesome breakouts offered at September's dotMom. I really want to attend "Parenting the Kids We Have, Not the Kids We Were" with Jen Hatmaker. I've also put a check mark beside "Who You Are Is Not Determined By What You Do" with Sami Cone. I can't resist "One Hot Mama" with Branda Polk. And I can't wait for worship with Melissa Greene. Loved, … [Read more...]