Kale has somehow rocketed to celebrity status in the vegetable community. Perhaps it’s because of all the nutritional benefits it boasts, or it’s versatility in salads, soups, and even kale chips (by roasting the leaves in the oven). At any rate, I love making soups that utilize kale, especially this recipe that marries the texture of kale with the flavorful seasonings of sausage, the heartiness … [Read more...]

For many years my dear friend, Carlye, has said, “If I could have another child and if she were a girl, I’d name her January because January is my favorite month of the year.” January is Carlye’s favorite month because she’s learned November and December can really be difficult. Two big holidays, lots of family with extra responsibilities, longer nights, cold, gloomy weather, and all those … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas from LifeWay Women! As our gift to you, enjoy this short audio clip from Beth Moore as she teaches on the name of Jesus.   Want to hear more? Need a stocking stuffer idea? Grab a copy of Celebrate the Savior's Story for only $5 online here or at any LifeWay Christian Store. … [Read more...]

Sometimes we find ourselves staring at the winding road before us, incredibly weary and so greatly in need of rest or rescue. Aware that we must push forward and persevere, all we really want is to curl up in bed and pull the sheets over our heads until everything just magically... disappears. We focus on the obstacles that are keeping us from our plans, but then—by His amazing grace—realize … [Read more...]

It’s yours for free! Simply right-click on the art and save it to your computer. Then, make it your Facebook cover photo or pin it to Pinterest! Today’s free art features a quote from Beth Moore's A Woman's Heart Bible study. Facebook Art Pinterest or Instagram Art … [Read more...]

One of my favorite things to do while home on a weekend is to cook something warm during the chill of fall. If you're like me, you enjoy the taste of comfort food, but maybe don't want all the repercussions that sometimes come along with food that brings us all that "comfort": sugar, fat, sodium, preservatives, etc. So I love it when I come across a recipe that is comforting, but also healthy at … [Read more...]

The airplane cabin was almost completely quiet, except for the occasional clicking of a flight attendant's heels, responding to a passenger's call for hot tea or a pillow. Night had fallen across the vast expanse of sky somewhere between London and Johannesburg—at whatever point along that trajectory we were. And as my husband, Jerry, finished the last sip from his coffee and leaned back … [Read more...]

WHO? You, your daughter, sister, mother, best friend! WHAT? We are taping five NEW episodes of The Chat with Priscilla next week right here in Nashville, and we need YOU to be a part of the LIVE audience! Admission is totally free, but we do need you to RSVP (see below). Dress is casual, but remember that you could be on camera! WHEN? You choose! WEDNESDAY, NOV. 20 4 p.m. | What Women … [Read more...]

His chubby hands were pressed against the glass panes on my back door as he uttered a never-ending chorus, “Mimi, side, Mimi, side, Mimi, side.” My two-year old grandson, Walker, knew his Mimi would eventually cave into the pressure and grant him his wish to go “side” (translation: “outside”). History had proven that his persistence would pay off. As predicted, I relented to his pleas in … [Read more...]

I pulled into the gated entry of a home where I’d been invited to attend a bridal shower and felt the familiar tug-of-war begin in my soul. The home looked like one of the homes you might see on the cover of Architectural Digest. A half dozen or so ornately carved pillars framed a sprawling open porch that boasted more ceiling fans than I had in my entire home. I followed the curve of the brick … [Read more...]