This is the second part in a two-part series from Mary Jo. To read the first part about her faith journey from atheism to belief in Jesus, click here. Several years ago a friend asked me the question, "Why would a woman want to go to a session on apologetics?" Her question hit me like a load of bricks. I was so excited about finding answers to my doubts that I had never considered that there was … [Read more...]

Here are a few short video clips from Lisa Harper's new Bible study, Hebrews: The Nearness of King Jesus. For a sample of the study, click here. Jesus is Our Firm Anchor Jesus Wants Your Brokenness The Danger of Passivity A Conversation with Lisa Harper about Hebrews Hebrews … [Read more...]

A former atheist from the Pacific Northwest who thought religion was for the weak-minded, Mary Jo is now a Christian author and apologist. She holds a Masters in Christian Apologetics from Biola University and is the first woman to become a Certified Apologetics Instructor through the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. I grew up in the beautiful Portland, Oregon … [Read more...]

When we were growing up, my sweet mama was emphatic about making sure her brood ate healthy food. She used olive oil long before it was considered cool; she asked the butcher for the leanest cuts of meat; she refused to stock our pantry with chips, cookies, or Cokes like the rest of my friends' moms did; and she tried to instill in us the belief that fast food is from the Devil (an idea that … [Read more...]

It’s yours for free! Simply right-click on the art and save it to your computer. Then, make it your Facebook cover photo, pin it to Pinterest or share it on Instagram! Today’s free art features a quote from Beth Moore’s popular book, So Long, Insecurity.  Facebook Art Pinterest and Instagram Art … [Read more...]

LifeWay Women: Lisa, what inspired you to write the Hebrews: The Nearness of King Jesus study? Lisa: In my experience, many modern day believers spend the bulk of their Bible study time hanging out in the New Testament. Of course I can understand why. I’d rather marinate in the Jesus-filled narrative of the Gospels than ponder the nasty wound-care procedures in Leviticus, too! However, when we … [Read more...]

Looking for the next Bible study for your women's group? Here are five of the newest Bible studies from LifeWay Women authors like Beth Moore, Angela Thomas, Vicki Courtney and more: #1 Kick off 2014 with a comprehensive study of the book of Hebrews. In Hebrews: The Nearness of King Jesus, Lisa Harper teaches women what Jesus meant to the Hebrew people in that time period as well as what He … [Read more...]

What's Vicki Courtney's favorite Christmas tradition? What was the worst Christmas gift Jennifer Rothschild ever received? How does Kelly Minter keep the focus on Jesus throughout the Christmas season? We asked our LifeWay Women authors some questions about their favorite Christmas traditions and memories. We think you'll enjoy their responses! Merry Christmas! What is your favorite … [Read more...]

Luke 7 invites us to dine at the table of contrast. We witness Christ in relation to two people, both equally loved by the One who sent His Son to dinner that night. Take a moment to read that Scripture passage.  First we sit across from the Pharisee. Try to avoid stereotyping him. Many Pharisees were devoutly righteous men of God. Some were hypocrites, but others were genuine, striving … [Read more...]

Kale has somehow rocketed to celebrity status in the vegetable community. Perhaps it’s because of all the nutritional benefits it boasts, or it’s versatility in salads, soups, and even kale chips (by roasting the leaves in the oven). At any rate, I love making soups that utilize kale, especially this recipe that marries the texture of kale with the flavorful seasonings of sausage, the heartiness … [Read more...]