Luke 7 invites us to dine at the table of contrast. We witness Christ in relation to two people, both equally loved by the One who sent His Son to dinner that night. Take a moment to read that Scripture passage.  First we sit across from the Pharisee. Try to avoid stereotyping him. Many Pharisees were devoutly righteous men of God. Some were hypocrites, but others were genuine, striving … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas from LifeWay Women! As our gift to you, enjoy this short audio clip from Beth Moore as she teaches on the name of Jesus.   Want to hear more? Need a stocking stuffer idea? Grab a copy of Celebrate the Savior's Story for only $5 online here or at any LifeWay Christian Store. … [Read more...]

Sometimes we find ourselves staring at the winding road before us, incredibly weary and so greatly in need of rest or rescue. Aware that we must push forward and persevere, all we really want is to curl up in bed and pull the sheets over our heads until everything just magically... disappears. We focus on the obstacles that are keeping us from our plans, but then—by His amazing grace—realize … [Read more...]

It’s yours for free! Simply right-click on the art and save it to your computer. Then, make it your Facebook cover photo or pin it to Pinterest! Today’s free art features a quote from Beth Moore's A Woman's Heart Bible study. Facebook Art Pinterest or Instagram Art … [Read more...]

Update: Congrats to Karen for winning this giveaway! I’m Believing God. I wish I could tell you how many times I’ve said and prayed that phrase over the last few years. Before starting the Believing God study, I read the book and was blown away. How many times have I limited God because I was too afraid to believe him? Do I just believe in God or do I truly believe him? I’ve actually done the … [Read more...]

Update: Congrats to Mary for winning this giveaway! I’ve got a hands-down favorite, y’all: The Patriarchs.  The Patriarchs pulls back the curtain a bit and allows us to imagine and accept that these chosen, set-apart men who were promised blessings and experienced covenant with the Lord, those guys were human. Their weaknesses, shortcomings and sin were real parts of their lives. Sure,  that's … [Read more...]

Update: Congrats to Jessica for winning this giveaway! A lot of women have done Breaking Free. And I mean, a lot. But no two of these women walk away with the same story. It’s a study that speaks to each woman totally differently, meeting her right where she is.  I did Breaking Free in 2006 during a lunchtime Bible study with a couple of people I knew and many that I didn't. Breaking Free … [Read more...]

It’s yours for free! Simply right-click on the art and save it to your computer. Then, make it your Facebook cover photo or pin it to Pinterest! Today’s free art is a quote from Beth Moore's new Sacred Secrets Bible study. Check out this free sample! Facebook Art Pinterest Art … [Read more...]

Update: Congrats to Jodi for winning this giveaway! We are so thrilled that October is finally here. Leaves are beginning to change colors, the temps are starting to dip a tad, and coffee shops across America are bringing out our favorite seasonal drinks. So we thought we'd add to the fun and share with you some of our favorite Beth Moore Bible studies this month every Friday, which of course … [Read more...]

Watch below as Beth shares with us a story of a canceled flight and a divine appointment...with Jesus. The Sacred Secrets Bible study is unique. The video sessions are short, ranging from 20 to 40 minutes. The member book is a study journal for you to work through thought-provoking questions during the week—but not the traditional homework. This will allow you plenty of time to explore some … [Read more...]