Free for All Thursday!


It’s yours for free! Simply right-click on the art and save it to your computer. Then, make it your Facebook cover photo or pin it to Pinterest! Today’s free art is a quote from Angela Thomas’ Stronger Bible study. Here’s a free sample of the study. Facebook Cover Art Pinterest Art … [Read more...]

Life Lessons from Mama

Angela & her parents

Today's post is from our dear friend, Angela Thomas. Angela shares some of the lessons she learned from her sweet mama before she passed away last year. You can download a free sample of Angela's new Bible study, Stronger here. White, half-runner beans. Not pole beans. Not wax beans. And for goodness sake, not those skinny, little French beans. According to my mama, the only bean worth an … [Read more...]

Free Friday: Stronger


"I was born into a long line of worriers."  -- Angela Thomas How many of you can identify with that? You, too? I can make you a laundry list of things I'm worried about right now: Launching our new LifeWay Women e-newsletter in a couple of weeks My tomatoes in my garden are rotting on the vine before they're even ripe Why that guy I'm dating hasn't called me to ask me out for this … [Read more...]



It's been about a two-and-a-half months since our last small group Bible study release, so we're especially excited to tell you about this month's release:  Stronger by Angela Thomas. You ladies are familiar with Angela. She is beloved by us over here at LifeWay for her sweet spirit. And we walked alongside her while she wrote Stronger, and as she was experiencing grief from the loss of her … [Read more...]

Above all we could ask or imagine

So. The first-ever .MOM conference was this past weekend, and I have to say: IT. WAS. FANTASTIC. There was solid teaching from Angela Thomas, Angie Smith, Vicki Courtney and Priscilla Shirer. There were break-out sessions that offered helpful, practical, Biblical insight into different issues and struggles that moms face. There was God-honoring worship led by Melissa Greene. There was fellowship … [Read more...]

When Wallflowers Dance Winner

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. I don't know why I just said that. I'm sorry. But we do have a winner for When Wallflowers Dance by Angela Thomas. chose #10 and that happens to be Oceanmommy. Congratulations! Please contact Kris Seidenkranz at to claim your prize! Thanks for playing everyone. Stay tuned for this Friday when there will be another great … [Read more...]

Free Friday Giveaway – When Wallflowers Dance

Happy Friday, Y'all! Today's Free Friday Giveaway is the leader kit for When Wallflowers Dance by Angela Thomas. If you'd like to enter to win this giveaway, just post a comment here telling us how you'll use the Bible study - through an online study on your blog or Facebook, or in your local community - and blog about it. That's it. This giveaway will close Tuesday morning. We'll use … [Read more...]

You can be Brave all by yourself

A couple of days ago I watched the promotional video for Brave, a new Bible study by Angela Thomas. Some of the questions she poses really resonated with me, so I'm definitely intrigued. I have to finish David before I can start anything new, though. I mean, I'm capable of a certain degree of multi-tasking, but I think two Bible studies at once might be what the experts would call … [Read more...]

BRAVE: Honest Questions Women Ask


Based on her new trade book, Do You Know Who I Am and other Brave Questions Women Ask, this upcoming Bible study, Brave: Honest Questions Women Ask, releases February 2011. I personally can't wait to take this study with my girlfriends! I know we have to wait, but just wanted to wet your appetite with what's coming up! In the study, Angela looks boldly at some of the fears and struggles we face as … [Read more...]