It's the Wednesday before Valentine's Day, which means this We Love Wednesday will be even more full of love! Can you even stand it? Here are links we're loving this week.  Seven Days of Love. We like this simple way of showing love to someone. You could change it up to be for your kids, your friends, your neighbors, etc. and maybe print Bible verses on the strips of paper. Just an idea! The … [Read more...]

February 14 is known for hearts and roses and chocolates and love. It is also known for Saint Valentine. It can be easy to forget that this holiday is more than just a time for couples to get dressed up and go on dates, for singles to be aware of their relationship status, and for kids to painstakingly write out cards for every. single. member. of their class. But this holiday wasn't invented … [Read more...]

  Update: Congrats to our winner, Tenley McHarg!   We're so excited about this new release that we're going to give a copy away! Counter Culture Bible Study Leader Kit includes a small-group Bible Study Book, DVD teaching from the author with six 30-minute sessions, and the book on which the study is based. The Bible is clear on a number of issues: Who God is—the … [Read more...]

It’s yours for free! Our talented artist has created some lovely Valentine-y art just for you! Simply right-click on the art and save it to your computer. Then make it your Facebook cover photo, pin it to Pinterest, or post it to Instagram! Facebook:     Pinterest/Instagram: … [Read more...]

Welcome to another week of Freefall to Fly! Just a refresher on how this works (we’ll probably post this each week, so skip it if you know what to do!): Each week, you’ll come here and watch the video with Rebekah Lyons. The videos are about 7-10 minutes long (this one is shorter) and have some fantastic insight from Rebekah. Once you watch the video, we have some questions for you to answer in … [Read more...]

Here are links to a few things we're loving this week. We love Naptime Diaries Prints. We're especially fond of this one right now. IF:Local is this week! We love how this event gives opportunities for women to gather together in their own cities and homes to learn more about God and what it means to believe in Him. A couple of us are doing this Bible study with our small groups and we … [Read more...]

Men and women are equal to and yet distinct from one another. In many ways this seems too obvious to even put into words. In other ways, however, this can be an unpopular position in stark contrast to the mainstream of society. Gender, sexuality, and marriage are all part of God’s perfect and beautiful design—for our good and for His glory. It’s hard to imagine that anyone reading this has … [Read more...]

  This summer, we asked women to share with us about one verse from Scripture and how it has impacted their journey. We’ll be posting some of their answers here on the blog. We pray you’ll be encouraged in your own journey as you read about those of others.  This testimony is from Karen in Biloxi, MS.  Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding. - … [Read more...]

Update: Congrats to our winner, Christena Holden!  Happy Friday! Today we're giving away an Ordinary Bible study leader kit.   Ordinary is not a call to be more radical. If anything, it is a call to the contrary. The kingdom of God isn't coming with light shows and shock and awe, but with lowly acts of service performed during the normal rhythms of life. Ordinary encourages … [Read more...]

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