What Keeps You Up at Night? Giveaway

Don't you hate it when you can't sleep? We've gathered a few helpful hints from around the office for you. No screen time before bed! Read a book instead. Use a calming scent like lavender to set the sleep mood. We like this room spray. Keep your room cool (some of us use a fan) and dark (some of us use a sleep mask). Use an app like White Noise Lite to drown out the neighbor's barking … [Read more...]

Family of Jesus Online Bible Study | Session 7

Wow! Week 7. This is the last week of the Family of Jesus online Bible study! We hope you've enjoyed learning more about Jesus' earthly family and grown closer to Him in the process! We have one last video and we'd love to hear from you in the comments of this post. Thank you for studying with us! Just a refresher on how this works (we post this each week, so skip it if you know what to … [Read more...]

We Love Wednesday

Here are a few things we're loving this week! This website tells you when your food is no longer safe to eat. We love how handy it is to check on our leftovers! We love reading and checking out new books. That's why we love this series by The Gospel Coalition asking authors what's on their bookshelf. We've added a few to our to-read lists from Jen Wilkin's bookshelf. Another book we've … [Read more...]

All Access Survey

Hello! We love getting to know you all through this blog and we hope that it serves you and your lives and ministries well. That's why we want to hear from you. We want to know what you like about the blog and what you want to see less of. We also want to know a little bit more about who reads our blog and what your interests are. We created a quick survey—only 10 questions—to find out a little … [Read more...]

Book Notes | Wherever the River Runs

This is the first of a monthly feature about what we're reading. Each month, you'll hear from one of us what we're reading and a little bit about the book. Enjoy! I'm reading Wherever the River Runs by Kelly Minter. Kelly Minter is, of course, one of our authors. She is a writer, Bible teacher, and musician. She also partners with Justice and Mercy Amazon. She lives in Nashville, … [Read more...]

Easy Summer Bible Study

Summer is a time for swimming, campfires, traveling, cookouts, and more. It can be difficult to make Bible study a priority with kids out of school and vacations wreaking havoc on your normal routine. Because we know this and because we have loved online Bible studies so far, we are offering not one, but TWO opportunities for online Bible study this summer! We are offering What Love Is by … [Read more...]

Seamless Online Bible Study

We're excited to be offering Seamless as an online Bible study this summer! Angie Smith covers the entire Bible and the way Jesus is stitched in to every story, from Genesis to Revelation. This is a great study for both new believers and those who have been in Sunday school their entire lives to understand the Bible as one complete story. The study is 7 weeks long and we will begin June 18 and … [Read more...]

What Love Is Online Bible Study

We're excited to be offering What Love Is as an online Bible study this summer! We love the way Kelly Minter dives in deep with 1, 2, & 3 John, helping us to know both the beloved disciple and our Savior more intimately. We think this message is perfect for anyone wanting an in-depth look at how to live as a Christian and wanting to learn Jesus' definition of love. The study is 7 weeks long … [Read more...]

Free For All!

We love this quote from Hosea: Unfailing Love Changes Everything. And we thought you would, too. Our designer made it all pretty and now we're giving it to you! Just click on it to download it (iPhone users, hold down on the image until the option to "Save" comes up.) and use it as your Facebook cover or on Instagram/Pinterest/Twitter/your desktop. Or you could print it off and hang it on your … [Read more...]

Family of Jesus Online Bible Study | Session 6

  Thank you for joining us for Week 6 of the Family of Jesus online Bible study. We only have one more week to go! Just a refresher on how this works (we post this each week, so skip it if you know what to do!):  Each week, you’ll come here and watch the video with Karen Kingsbury. The videos are about 3-6 minutes long and feature Karen leading us through the Bible study as if we were … [Read more...]