The Abundant Life in Real Life | Kelly Minter


First things first. I’m super pumped for Abundance. I’d wanted to start this post poetically, something moving and lofty, but this is the brilliance I’ve come up with: Pumped. So I hope you’re making plans to join us in one of the many cities Abundance will be landing. The bible teachers, storytellers, worship leaders, downright funny personalities, and most importantly, the celebration of our … [Read more...]

The Battle Plan for Prayer | Giveaway!


I ran a half marathon once, and it was awful. Well, that's an exaggeration. Crossing the finish line was the best feeling in the world. Setting a goal, training for months, and seeing the results of my hard work was well worth it. But friends, it was really hard. Training was long and frustrating and it took over my entire life. I would get up on Saturday mornings and go for a run. Two. … [Read more...]

We Love Wednesday


  Here's what we're loving this week.  Getting Hired: Three Lessons From My Wife. We love how this applies to any job in any field. If you're looking for a new career, check out these tips. Stop Having Nothing to Wear. It's fall, so we're starting to think about scarves and sweaters and boots. We love these tips on how to clean out and fill up your closet with only pieces you love to … [Read more...]

Bible Studies in Spanish | Estudios Bíblicos en Español

bible in spanish

It's fall Bible study time, and we know many of you speak Spanish or have ministries at your church for Spanish speakers. Did you know we have Spanish Bible studies available? In fact, we translate many of our studies into Spanish. So if your church is studying Gideon, for example, your Spanish-speaking ministry can do Gedeón and study with you! Listed below are all of the studies we offer in … [Read more...]

Becoming a Prayer Warrior | Giveaway!

War Room

Update: Congratulations to our winner for this giveaway, Emily G! Can we take a moment for some honesty? Prayer can be hard. Sometimes it feels like all I do is ask and never receive. Sometimes it feels like all I do is talk and never see any change. Sometimes it feels like all I do is listen and never hear. Are you with me, friend? Do you long to know what it looks to be a … [Read more...]

Free Art


Free art, just for you! This art is inspired by Life Lessons From Women in the Bible, an older study that now has a new look! Life Lessons from Women in the Bible explores the lives of women in the Bible and challenges women today to apply what they learn. This Bible study is helpful to new believers who are beginning to study God’s Word, as well as mature Christians who desire a deeper … [Read more...]

We Love Wednesday


  Here are a few things we're loving this week.  As a bunch of writers, editors, and planners, we love our pens. These are some good ones. We love the way Kelly Minter writes and this morning devotional on the Surprising Path of Freedom is no exception. Subscribe to her blog for all her great posts. When we're busy, it can be difficult to stay in the Word (and who isn't busy these … [Read more...]

5 New Bible Studies for Anyone


A few weeks ago, we listed our top picks for your fall women's Bible study. This week, we wanted to tell you about five new Bible studies that are for men, women, or men and women together. They would be perfect for your fall small group study. The latest Bible studies are timely. They talk about how to live in today's world as a believer in God. Each one looks at our callings as Christians … [Read more...]

Life Lessons from Women in the Bible | Giveaway!


My grandma is one of my favorite people. She is kind, gentle, and generous. She makes the best chocolate chip cookies. And she daily lives out what steadfast faith and trust in God looks like. She is a woman I greatly admire, and I have learned a good deal of valuable life lessons throughout the years simply by observing her, asking questions, and listening. For instance: When speaking, … [Read more...]