Pray for Baby Ian

Gals, My team just finished praying for the sweet baby of one of our own event team members. Anna Miller travels out with us a good bit to work on the Living Proof Live events and has for many years. Her sweet, lively, 17-month-old, Ian was diagnosed with a brain tumor this very week and he is in surgery right this very minute and will be all day. Please pray specifically with us that Ian will … [Read more...]

So many events in April!

Hey Gals, We had a great fun day of set up here in Troy, Michigan for LifeWay Women's Going Beyond event with Priscilla shirer. Check out some 'Going Beyond....the scenes: Untitled from Kris Seidenkranz on Vimeo. April has been a huge month for us in Women's Events! We've had two LIving Proof Live events, a WIRED training event for leaders, a You and Your Girl event with Vicki Courtney and Kelly … [Read more...]

Listening to Lindsay!

Hey Gals! I have to give a shout out for the new EP CD that is in my player right now. Miss Lindsay Kane, of Austin, Texas just finished one of the best songs for women and girls I've heard in a long time. Oh my gosh, the song, Mercy, and You'll Be Whole, speak directly to where hurting females are. Check her out at  Lindsay is also the worship … [Read more...]

More winners for the Ministers’ Wives Event!

Gals!! Its true, we have pulled a few more names out of the list of submissions from Pam's blog entry of 2/27 for a free ticket to the Living Proof Live event for Ministers' Wives this weekend! Several ladies couldn't make it that had won AND our buddies over at B&H Publishing also purchased two complimentary tickets so we could bless two MORE Minister's Wives. Thanks … [Read more...]

Valentine’s day single? no problem…seriously

Yes gals, its true, you all may not have known it but I am one of few single gals on the LifeWay Women's team. I am in my early forties (i'm sure you are shocked at this, thinking I was probably 32). ;0) But alas...yes, i am 42 and loving it. So why do I say Valentine's Day single, no problem? Well, I rarely define myself as a 'single', primarily because I don't feel alone. I am in just one of … [Read more...]

Behind Priscilla…literally!


  Special assignment for All Access, Pam and I, had the privilege this week to get to Dallas for a behind the scenes (literally, see photo below) view of Priscilla Shirer as she taped her top secret, much-anticipated, new Bible Study, 'One In a Million,' that will release this summer. We felt like two gals in a million with big hair as we watched Priscilla teach her socks off with sassy … [Read more...]

A story tellin’ Forum!

Girls, What a time we have had this week in Nash-vegas for two big events...the National Women's Leadership Forum at LifeWay and that little event last night called the CMA awards. Those country icons don't have anything on our guy Travis who led us in some serious worship and even blessed us with a Christmas concert as he shared songs from his new album. We had 500 incredible leaders … [Read more...]

‘I was devastated, and then God….. would you finish that sentence? Building on Sophie's previous post, if you were to say, "I was devastated, but then God....' What would you say? What's your 'God is/was everything' to you story? Has he just sliced through your life and met you recently? rescued you? made you stare at something in awe? Made you smile? Made you cry? The cool things about our stories is that they are uniquely … [Read more...]