The BIGGEST event of the year!!

Gals, its here! (Its here its there its everywhere!!) The Living Proof Live 2009 Simulcast is this coming weekend live from Green Bay, WI. (you may remember seeing us and/or Beth in a cheese head at some point this year). The event will broadcast live to some 90,000 attendees in 516 churches in 45 U.S states and 7 other countries including China and Australia. Beth and Trav are truly going to the … [Read more...]

The 2010 Women’s Events List!!!

Gals, We at LifeWay Women are so excited to announce the 2010 events list. We are coming to some wonderful cities and towns next year across the U.S. and Canada next year. Each one we believe is chosen by God for such a time as He would have us come. There is everything from You and Your Girl with Vicki Courtney for Mom's and daughters to events for individual women and church groups. There are … [Read more...]

Ian Miller Visit and update!


Gals! I know you are in great anticipation of the release of the 2010 list and I PROMISE. We will post it first thing in the morning! So stay tuned. In the meantime, I wanted to tell you who visited our office on Monday. We had a VERY special guest (or guests). A few months ago, I put a prayer request for Ian Miller on this blog. Ian was diagnosed with a rare cancerous tumor on his brain. He has … [Read more...]

Guessing the 2010 Event list? its time

Okay gals, a couple more clues cause tomorrow (today) is the big day. Please e-mail your best guesses on where we'll be with our 23 events in 2010. This may help you a little bit.We will have!12 Living Proof LIves with Beth and Travis2 Deeper Stills with Priscilla, Beth, Kay and Trav5 Going Beyond with Priscilla and Anthonyand 5 You and Your Girls with Vicki Courtney and the SonFlowerzSo … [Read more...]

A message from Beth Moore

Dear Sisters,I can hardly wait to see you at our Deeper Still conference this weekend! I am not kidding when I tell you that I've never failed to see God show up with a stunning outpouring in North Carolina or South, for that matter! I've never quite been able to put my finger on why! Often Travis, the team and I see God's mightiest outpourings in some of the smaller areas where people have far … [Read more...]

A word from PRISCILLA!

Hello Greensboro! Can I be honest? I've been looking forward to Deeper Still since January! I can't believe that it is actually July (where has the year gone?) and that our time in God's Word and worshipping at His feet together is almost here. Just one more weekend away. Jerry, the boys and I have been having a blast this summer. We've been swimming, horse back riding, playing in the back yard, … [Read more...]

Deeper Still G-boro Roll Call?!!

GALS!!! Deeper Still Greensboro is two weeks and a few hours from right now!! I can't believe its been almost a YEAR since our last Deeper Still event in Las Vegas. Priscilla was 8 months pregnant (see in the rap video?) then and now that sweet Jude is 8-months-old!Its time for the Deeper Still Greensboro Roll call! Where are you coming from? and who's coming with you? Whatcha got? … [Read more...]

A word from Kay Arthur!

This is Kay - Arthur that is - the third and oldest one of the teaching trio for Deeper Still. The three of us are truly so very excited about our time with you in Greensboro. We are on our knees praying that God will move powerfully by His spirit through His word and that as a result the nation and the kingdom will be greatly impacted because we have heard from God and ordered our lives … [Read more...]

Have to show you this video…

Okay so its that Vacation Bible School time of year and LifeWay Women do VBS right? So its appropriate to quickly link this puppy in here. I would be remiss not to because it is HILARIOUS! for all the little kiddos out there across the U.S. who are learning about Jesus right now and in the weeks to come! Day 2 comes out on Monday on YouTube.Let us … [Read more...]

Welcome to Deeper Still Tuesday

Where is the Deeper Still blog you may ask? you may not. Well, we are going to utilize the All Access blog so all the news and info is in one place this year on the All Access blog. On Tuesday's leading up to Greensboro, DS we'll bring you updates, guest bloggers and fun trivia! By the time we have Deeper Still Greensboro on July 31-Aug 1, it will have been almost a year since the Las Vegas DS … [Read more...]