Some of you are new at this whole women’s ministry thing. Others of you have been around for a while. But no matter who you are or where you are, there are always new things to learn and take in. Hopefully, these five things will help you as you lead women in your context. Be flexible. Something will go wrong! It’s inevitable, but the more that you can be flexible, the more it will serve you … [Read more...]

Yesterday, Chris and I did a Q&A on how to reach the younger generation. What are some ways that you've seen this done well? It's something we're constantly being asked, and we would love your feedback. … [Read more...]

Do any of the women you minister to struggle with the idea of hope? It seems like an epidemic these days, but because of the truths found in Scripture, we know better! For a few ways to encourage women who seem hopeless, or how to affirm those who are hopeful, check out Hoping Against Hope today over on All Access. … [Read more...]

What does it really mean to hope? Over the last few months, this word has just been leaping off the page at me. The Lord keeps giving me Scriptures about hope, songs about hope, and conversations about hope. What it comes down to is this: we have hope because of Jesus.  “This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast and one which enters within the veil, where … [Read more...]

Today over on All Access, I had the opportunity to blog about meeting my Compassion sponsored child Cindy in Guatemala. Several of us from LifeWay Women are here this week seeing what Compassion does on the ground, and I'm blown away. As you lead women, this is a great ministry to partner with! We're thankful that they sponsor all of our YOU Lead training events, as well as Between Us and the … [Read more...]

How do you write about something that stirred your heart in such a way that you can’t even comprehend it? That’s what I’m struggling with as I write this post. I’m sitting in my hotel room in Guatemala City after spending the day with my Compassion-sponsored child, Cindy. I spent time with Cindy and her mom (Gloria) and sister (Margery) and was even able to visit their home. She’s a bright girl … [Read more...]

Today over on All Access, we're talking about the discipline of prayer. Many of the women in your ministry may have a hard time praying out loud in a group, or even on their own. Whether you've been walking with the Lord for a week or for 50 years, prayer is crucial in developing your relationship with Christ. Hopefully, these will be some good basic helps as you minister to the women that God has … [Read more...]

Prayer is vital in the life of Christ followers. It’s the way that we communicate with God, and it’s how we intercede on behalf of others. Scripture tells us that we have a “Great High Priest” (the Holy Spirit) who goes before God on our behalf (Hebrews 4:14-16). As believers, we are also intercessors for people in our lives. We are given not only the opportunity and responsibility, but the … [Read more...]

As you minister to women, you're trying to meet a variety of needs and personalities. It can be really challenging to meet women at their point of need. Today over on All Access, we posted 10 Ways to Meet Women Where They Are. I would encourage you to click over and share some input.  I hope you'll join the conversation and post some ideas of other ways to meet women where they are! … [Read more...]

We’re constantly trying to find new ways to reach women where they are, and it’s becoming increasingly more difficult. As culture shifts, so do the needs of women. No matter what your age may be, women are still women and we are always going to need other women in our lives. Here are 10 ways to meet women where they are: Don’t assume anything. We often look at women and assume that they … [Read more...]