Walking Boldly Into Your Calling

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We talk a lot about what we are or aren’t “called” do to, but when’s the last time you truly sought the Lord about your calling? This is something I really wrestled with last summer. I turned 30 in May of 2014, and just felt like my life was in some sort of a transition when it came to my calling. In the midst of praying about this, my campus pastor was preaching a series on spiritual gifts and … [Read more...]

Faithful Where You’re Planted

Amanda and David Sherzer

Amanda Sherzer is a normal girl from Texas whom God has used in a powerful way in unique places of influence. Her story is unique, and the thread of God’s provision in her life is so clear. Not only is Amanda my friend, she’s also my cousin. I hope you’re encouraged by her story of being faithful right where the Lord plants you. How did you end up working in Washington, DC? I went to college … [Read more...]

Hospitality Is a Gift

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There’s no question that hospitality truly is a gift, and it’s an incredible way to show Christ-likeness to people in our lives.  I wish that I could tell you that I’m an incredibly hospitable person, but it just doesn’t come naturally for me. It’s something I have to constantly work on. My friend Amy, however, has the gift of hospitality. She opens her home on a regular basis for friends to … [Read more...]

Near or Far: How to Be Intentional with Your Closest Friends


People give me a hard time because I have friends all over the place. I don’t say that to make myself sound awesome, but just to say that I have a broad group of friends. I’ve lived in six states and I have been so blessed to have amazing friends in each of the places I’ve lived, but my greatest challenge right now is distance. My best friend Jennifer had her second baby earlier this year and I … [Read more...]

Meeting God in the Secret Place


We all love a good secret. There’s something so thrilling about knowing something that other people don’t know. I lead a small group of young adult women at church and we just finished Beth Moore’s Sacred Secrets study last week. Throughout the study, Beth says, “The Theology of Secrecy is that secrets manifest” (Mark 4:22). Good or bad, secrets are bound to come out. We have to learn what to … [Read more...]

It’s Time to Step Up and Lead


The term "leader" can often feel intimidating. Many of you don't feel qualified or ready to lead, but people keep asking you to do so, or you know it's what God is doing in your life. Leadership is scary! There's a lot of responsibility that comes with it, and people look to you for answers and help. Many women hesitate to attend our Women's Leadership Training events (like YOU Lead and the … [Read more...]

Improving Women’s Leadership and Church Staff Relationships


One of the issues for leaders is how to relate to staff, whether you are a staff member or a volunteer. Shirley Moses offers some great advice to leaders in this post. Your women's leadership team is part of the body of Christ as expressed in your local church. How well your team interacts with your whole church and its leadership affects how effective your team is. Maybe you've had a … [Read more...]

How and Why We Fast

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Have you ever heard a friend say, “Oh, I can’t do lunch today. I’m fasting”? I know I have, and it always leaves me slightly puzzled. Not puzzled because they’re fasting, but puzzled that they told me. Fasting is one of the best-kept secrets of the Christian life. So, why are we talking about something that’s supposed to be a secret? I had a hard time taking on this blog post because seasons of … [Read more...]

XChange: A Leadership Conversation


Your voice is unique and important. We are coming together for one day to connect with various generations of women to build unity and lay a foundation for future leaders. At the heart of it, we’re having a leadership conversation. Let’s talk together as leaders about ministry to women in our changing churches and culture. No matter what your age, background, life season, or experience, XChange … [Read more...]

Karen Kingsbury – The Family of Jesus


We are thrilled that Karen Kingsbury is partnering with LifeWay on a new Bible study. I don't know about you, but I've read most of her books! She has a way of writing that captures readers in a powerful way and points them to Jesus. Below is a note from Karen and a video clip of an interview from the 2013 Women's Forum. Dear Friends, It's my honor and pleasure to introduce to you my first … [Read more...]