Blessings From Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs LPL from LifeWay Women on Vimeo. We've all heard of the devastating fires that Colorado Springs has suffered this past month; and if you, like me have friends that are being affected, you've spent time on your knees over the past several weeks. Praising God today, that the fires are almost contained and people are beginning to put their lives back together. It was just about a … [Read more...]

Our Most Important Job

As a mother of 3 grown children, I've come to realize that the hardest job we as mothers have is RAISING THEM! Yes, we may or may not have jobs outside the home. We may be head chef, chief clothes washer, homework checker, boo-boo kissers, referee, taxi driver, team mom, and banker, but none of that matters if we're not raising our children in homes that offer security, love, and most of all … [Read more...]

Free Friday Winners

Congratulations to the following ladies who were the winners of the Radical Small Group Bible Study: Annette Mazzoli Andrea Janae Krum Julie Tilley Kim Uden Leanne Cody Melanie Grace Diane Newcomer Monica Pruett Debbie Brawner Be sure and check us out on Fridays for "Free Fridays"! … [Read more...]

Free Friday

Top 10 reasons to celebrate Friday: 10. You get to sleep late tomorrow 9. Pizza day at work or hamburger day at school 8. 4 days of work are behind you 7. Rush hour traffic usually isn't as bad on Friday 6. It's family night..crank up the DVD player and watch a movie 5. All the kids will be in a good mood 4. You might get to leave work early today 3. It's the end of the week, celebrate. … [Read more...]

What are you doing this summer?


I'm so excited to tell y'all about an awesome new Bible study resource from David Platt called Radical Small Group Bible Study. I know this is not a study written by one of our fabulous womens authors, but I'm sure you've heard about David Platt. It was just over a year ago that in his book Radical, David asked us "What is Jesus Worth to You?" When I was at David's Secret Church event on Good … [Read more...]

We’ve been to Calgary

Well, at least some of us have. Me, I spent time on one of Nashville's many lakes this past weekend, while some of my co-workers and 5,800 lovely ladies were immersed in the teachings of Beth Moore in Calgary, Alberta Canada. You may be asking yourself, who is this new person? If so, please allow me to introduce myself. I'm Linda, and I'm new to the women's ministry area at LifeWay. I've … [Read more...]