My Prayer Is …


A few weeks ago, through my work here at LifeWay Women, I tagged along to one of our events called "Going Beyond". This event was led by one of the most amazing bible teachers on platform today, Priscilla Shirer. What made it so amazing? The focus on prayer. That's right. Prayer. Now granted, the worship led by Priscilla's VERY talented and gifted brother, Anthony Evans, was nothing short of … [Read more...]

And the Winner Is!

Thank you for your entries into our "Life Change. One Woman at a Time" Blog Contest. Your stories were so touching, moving, challenging, and compelling! Wow, it's awesome to hear what God is doing in and through the lives of women everywhere! Okay, okay . . . it was a tough choice, but the winner is Billie! She posted about her "Naomi/Ruth"-type relationship with Tammy. All of us who read Billie's … [Read more...]

Enter our Blog Contest & Attend a Going Beyond Event for FREE!

Do you want to "go beyond" in your spiritual journey? Well, we want to offer you the opportunity to do just that. You can join nationwide speaker, Bible teacher, and best-selling author Priscilla Shirer as she leads women to go beyond where they are to a new place on the journey at one of our Going Beyond events! Would you like to attend one of these events for FREE? You will experience renewal … [Read more...]

“He Speaks to Me” – Giveaway

It's that time again . . . another Christmas giveaway begins today. Can you believe it's only 13 days until the greatest birthday celebration on earth? With that in mind, what better way to celebrate than to position ourselves to hear from the One whom we celebrate! This week's give-away is He Speaks to Me Leader Kit by Priscilla Shirer. It's another great LifeWay Bible study with seven sessions … [Read more...]

Baby Shirer is Here!

We are thrilled and excited to announce the arrival of the 3rd Shirer son born to Priscilla and Jerry Shirer! Jude Maddox Shirer made his entrance into the world on October 16th at 5:28pm. Priscilla and Jerry are grateful for your prayers. The buttons on Dad's shirt have all busted. HIs brothers are taking good care of Jude. Mom and baby are doing great! Post your comments here for the Shirer … [Read more...]

Anybody seen “excellence”?

Today at LifeWay, we recognized six employees who have had careers of excellence. (Congratulations Chris Adams!) But, what a thought, huh? What a great recognition . . . that someone, or in this case an entire organization . . . would recognize your life's career and call it excellent. I can't remember my work being described as excellent since elementary school. (I always received E's then.) This … [Read more...]

Confessions of an Addict

Nobody told me that I could "fall" so fast and so hard for a Twitter. I must confess that I wasn't an early adopter although I love new technology. Without experiencing the joys of twittering first hand, I had a hard time understanding why anybody would care to read a rolling commentary about "What are you doing?" But after hearing all of the rage and finally spending some time snooping behind the … [Read more...]

Do You Like People?

Last night, my 3 year-old daughter refused to eat her food or speak to anyone during our church's meal time before Bible study last night. Well, here's a little background on Olivia. She's a beautiful little girl who's full of life, energy, very creative, but incredibly shy in new situations. By the way, "new" in this context means a first time experience on any given day not a "first-time ever" … [Read more...]