Going Beyond Simulcast coming up!

It occurred to me yesterday afternoon that when LifeWay started simulcasting several years ago, the simulcast option was only available to big groups. Granted, it's a treat to be able to go to a local church and, for example, watch Beth Moore teach in an arena seven states away, but there are still logistics involved with being away from home on a Friday night and Saturday morning. Taking care of … [Read more...]

A good read

Yesterday I was clicking around Facebook, and I noticed that a couple of my FB buddies had linked to a blog post from LifeWay's girls' ministry. The post deals with modesty - an issue I know that we've all talked about ad nauseum - but it struck me as particularly interesting take on the issue because it's written from a guy's perspective. The post provides some good reminders for me as a wife and … [Read more...]

O Church Arise

I don't know if this has ever happened to y'all, but yesterday afternoon, after about five days of non-stop activities and conversations and obligations and responsibilities, I rested my head in my hands and thought, Okay, Lord. I think you've done it. I think you've finally brought me to the end of myself. Because listen. I was just done. DONE. Last night in church, though, we sang a song that … [Read more...]

Living Proof Live Kick-Off 2012


Oh, Kansas City. You are in for such a treat this weekend. Let me count the ways. 1. It's the first Living Proof Live of the new event season! 2. You are going to be served by an event team that cannot wait - CANNOT WAIT - to see your sweet faces once you arrive at Municipal Auditorium. 3. The folks who will be leading you in worship this weekend consider it such a privilege to minister to … [Read more...]

LifeWay Women Live: Women’s Ministry & the Single Woman

If you're involved with women's ministry, you don't want to miss what's going on tomorrow, April 10th, at noon central time. A great panel of women will be leading a live webcast on ministering to single women, and you can watch the whole thing on the LifeWay Women Live page (as well as talk back to the panelists with the chat feature). Lisa Harper and Kelly Minter - along with Lina Abujamra and … [Read more...]

LifeWay Women Links

Here are a few links I thought y'all might enjoy as you ease into your Monday. - Jen Hatmaker writes beautifully and honestly about running on empty. - Vicki Courtney chronicles the joy of seeing a child who's walking with the Lord. - Angie Smith shares about The Audacity of Hope. - Kelly Minter re-caps Abundance Houston (and don't forget about her new study, Nehemiah: A Heart That Can … [Read more...]

Ever Lifting

I am such a fan of Christy Nockels' music. I am also such a fan of her hair, though that's probably a different discussion for a different time. Anyway, her new song has been on repeat in my head lately. The fact that it's catchy is definitely one reason, but the main reason - the bigger reason - is because it's such a sweet reminder of how God continually meets us right where we are, how he lifts … [Read more...]

When in doubt, consult the Twitter

I don't know if we've mentioned it, but the new Abundance event is in Houston, Texas this weekend. :-) Anyway, if you aren't going to be there but would like to follow along with what's going on (and listen. so would I. I'm nosy like that.), I just wanted to point out that Twitter will no doubt be an excellent source of information, pictures and video. And in addition to keeping up with the … [Read more...]