I’m terrible at prayer. Actually, it’s the discipline of prayer—setting aside time, focusing and making it a priority—at that, I am terrible. I talk to God all the time as I come and go in my day-to-day life—from ramblings in the car to inner dialogues as I ride the elevator at work. I am talking to God each day, but as for quality time—it’s skimpy. And life is hard. This week a dear … [Read more...]

You want the skinny on resolutions? 45% of Americans usually make New Year’s Resolutions and a mere 8% of us are successful in achieving our resolutions. Terrible odds, I say. Several years ago the girls in my small group taught me a new approach to resolutions. Instead of making a resolution, we chose a word for our year. While we enjoyed giving vision to our year—the year of freedom or … [Read more...]

Ahh, Mother's Day. The official day of celebrating, honoring, and remembering the important women in our lives, from mothers to grandmothers to aunts to sisters. Each year I think about the women who have raised me—first and foremost, my Mom. She's pretty-much grace and kindness with skin. In the spirit of honoring the women who have taught us so much on Mother's Day, whether they be your mother … [Read more...]

Ideas for dinner, ideas for decorating, ideas for how to organize your pantry—you can find an idea (or 800 ideas) for just about anything on Pinterest. I personally use Pinterest nearly every day; it's my search engine of choice. My Pinterest boards are loaded with everything from kale recipes, to various shades of gray paint, to shoes I’m saving money to eventually (maybe) purchase. Like … [Read more...]

In honor of true love, we have a little giveaway for you! Take a look at these prints from French Press Mornings. Leave us a comment letting us know your favorite "love verse" from the Bible, and we will randomly choose one of you to receive the French Press Mornings print of your choice! Amy Jacobs is a marketing strategist for the magazine and young adult ministries of LifeWay. … [Read more...]

It's the thought that counts.  Most of the time that phrase is tossed around as a cop-out, a knee-jerk reaction to missed opportunities—things we thought about but never acted on. When it comes to giving gifts, well, the thought is where it's at. Don't you enjoy that moment when, after opening a gift, your ______ (friend, mom, sister, etc) says, I love this! Here's why I love that … [Read more...]

Branch and Vine Prints Colossians 3 cuts to the chase doesn't it? Paul lays it out there: we are one body and we have been called to peace. After a sufficient list of all that we should cast off—malice, envy, bitterness—he implores us to put on compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, patience and love. He reminds us that we have been forgiven therefore we must bear with each other and … [Read more...]