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No two women are exactly alike, but there are some things about us that are just true. We love deeply. We need each other. We lead. We hold things together. We stress out. We laugh. We give advice. We nurture. We seek answers. We aren’t perfect (and that’s OK).

Here at the LifeWay Women All Access blog, we are women just like you. And we minister to women for the same reasons you do. We pray that our resources, our events, and this blog will be tools used by God to change your life, which will inevitably affect those around you, impacting lives one woman at a time.

This blog is for you! Join this community of women to find out the inside scoop on our authors, products, events, and more. We’re here to support you, too. Whether you need study recommendations, training advice, leadership tools, recipe ideas, or even a good laugh, the All Access blog is here to help and encourage you. Because we’re all in this together.

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Chris AdamsChris Adams, Senior Lead Women’s Ministry Specialist
Chris has helped pioneer women’s ministry as we know it today. When she’s not consulting, speaking, and training women’s ministry leaders, you can find her reading or spending time at the beach. Chris has been married to her husband, Pat, for 41 years. Together they have twin daughters, seven grandchildren, and a 7-pound Yorkie named Mo. A self-proclaimed chocolate connoisseur, Chris is famous around the office for her toffee, which she can never seem to bring enough of.




JUN_5500-bwMichelle Hicks, Editorial Project Leader
With a family of 5, Michelle’s “hobbies” consist of middle and high school ball games, school and church programs, college visits, and cooking dinner. Someday, when she has downtime, Michelle will start painting again. Until then, she writes with colored markers or highlighters to feel artsy. When Michelle isn’t busy with one of her three amazing daughters, she loves soaking up the sun, sand, and sea.

JUN_5537-bwPaige Greene, Director, Adult Ministry Live Events
Paige manages a team of event planners who implements some 30 Bible study events each year. Paige travels too much to have a pet, but she loves dogs and is quite the reliable dog sitter when in town. Like a plant, Paige requires regular sun and water and loves to be outside. She is also working on a Master’s in Professional Counseling. In her spare time, Paige is a fun aunt to seven teenage girls.

Mary Margaret Collingsworth, Event Project Coordinator
With a name as long as Mary Margaret Collingsworth, it’s no wonder this girl comes with tons of nicknames. When Mary Margaret isn’t coordinating women’s ministry training events, you can find her watching Florida Gator football, traveling with friends, or sitting on the beach reading a good book. Her other loves includes Mexican food (which she could eat every single day) and chronically harmonizing with whatever is playing on the radio (which happens automatically).



Becky LoydBecky Loyd, Manager, Adult Ministry Marketing
Becky bravely manages all of Adult Ministry Marketing at LifeWay. When she’s not wrangling a rogue group of strategists, writers, and designers, she’s cheering for the LSU Tigers or baking yummy treats. She has two cats – Gumbeaux (who has diabetes – bless his heart) and Dixie. This self-proclaimed pseudo-crafter makes frequent trips to Moldova in Eastern Europe and statshes multiple pairs of shoes under her desk.

JUN_5421-bwLarissa Arnault, Marketing Specialist
Larissa spends her days writing copy and managing projects for all things related to the LifeWay Women brand. After hours, you can find her trying new recipes in her prized Le Creuset Dutch oven while listening to French music. Larissa is one of those crazy people who actually enjoys chopping vegetables — she says it’s relaxing. She also thinks it’s a sin not to own an immersion blender or Microplane. Larissa is a short, sassy, Southern lady with an affinity for red lipstick and her papillon, Oliver.




JUN_5410-bwMary Anna Brown, Marketing Strategist
Mary Anna spends her days marketing the Women’s brand and Bible study product lines for Women, Marriage, Family, and Film. Mary Anna always has a bag packed—she’s ready to travel at a moment’s notice. And she never leaves home without a good book. But if you sit next to her on a plane, don’t expect to see her holding a Kindle—this bookworm refuses to convert to an e-reader. In the summer you can find Mary Anna lounging by the pool or root-root-rooting for the Cubbies. Every now and then Mary Anna shows her serious side, but most of the time you’ll hear her laughter floating down the hallway.



JUN_5435-bwLinda Denton, Marketing Strategist
Linda is a Marketing Strategist for LifeWay Adult Events, including Living Proof Live, Priscilla Shirer Live, dotMOM, and Secret Church. When she’s not creating marketing plans, this feisty mom of three is working in her yard or sewing something cute (she’s recently picked the hobby back up after a 10-year break). Linda is one of those extremely transparent people—you never have to guess what she’s thinking—and we love that about her. She laughs really loud, she tells it like it is, and she brings so much vibrancy to our lives.