Faithful One and Salvaging My Identity

While your women’s group goes through Beth Moore’s new study on 1 and 2 Thessalonians, Children of the Day, consider having the girls in your church do Faithful One.

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Faithful One is an eight-session resource that will lead girls through an in-depth study of 1 and 2 Thessalonians.

They will examine biblical context and a multitude of spiritual truths in these letters from the Apostle Paul. Girls will discover more about the character of Christ and come to know Him as the Faithful One who reigns supreme. They will be challenged to live as faithful followers of Jesus in a world desperate for the Gospel.

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Another option for the teen girls in your church is Salvaging My Identity—a 40-day, eight-chapter experience that explores the spiritual restoration that takes place in every believer’s life.

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Through the redemptive work of Christ, that which was broken becomes beautiful!

Salvaging My Identity takes a biblical approach toward finding identity in Christ and each chapter deals with common issues girls and young women face such as self-image, relationships, worldly influences, rejection, fear, burnout, etc.

Salvaging My Identity also contains practical tools to help girls and young women live with hope and joy as they walk with Christ through this pivotal season of life.

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