Three Great Gifts for Dad (and not a single tie!)

Instead of the same ol’ tie, giftcard, or other dust-collecting Father’s Day item, consider giving your father or loved one an experience this year.


Here are three ideas for an experience you can create for him:

1. If your dad likes to spend time outdoors, find a state park where the two of you can go hiking together. Take turns sharing memories with one another during the hike and then find a great spot for a picnic. It will mean so much to your dad to join him in an environment that he really loves.

2. Ask your dad to go with you on a daddy-daughter date. Go to his favorite restaurant and then find something unique to do that he really enjoys. Does he like going to the movies? Or maybe to a driving range to practice hitting golf balls? Bowling, anyone? Find what he really enjoys doing and be present with him there.

3. Give your dad a ticket to LifeWay’s Main Event for Men. If you’re in the Nashville, Tenn. area, or close to it, consider registering your dad for this two-day event for men. The speakers include Coaches Bobby and Tommy Bowden, Darrell Waltrip, Maj. (Ret.) Jeff Struecker, and this very special guest. Save $20 on this if you register by Saturday, May 31.

You know your father best, so find that thing he really enjoys and help him create a very special memory.


  1. says

    One of our daughters did the hiking thing just last weekend with her father and they went to Cedar Hill State Park just south of Dallas. I texted my husband to take pictures of pretty wildflowers for me, and later he sent me a text, not of flowers, but of a rattlesnake he walked upon. It was rattling and somehow he wasn’t paying attention, but Amy heard it, and from behind him called out and warned him to step away…which he did – but not before he took a picture. Other than the rattlesnake scare they had a great time together.

    I didn’t have a good relationship with my father so it means alot to me that our daughters are close to their dad, something I am very thankful for.

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