Help Launch Karen Kingsbury’s New Bible Study!


We are so excited to announce the creation of a social media launch team for Karen Kingsbury’s new Bible study, The Family of Jesus! In this study (releasing July 1) Karen will lead women on a journey to explore the life of Jesus by examining those closest to Him through a combination of storytelling and Scripture.

We’d love your help in getting the word out about this Bible study through your social media channels (like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, blogs, etc.). Does this sounds like something that interests you? If so, continue reading (very important!) and then fill out the form at the bottom!

Q: What is a social media launch team?

A social media launch team is a group of people who will commit to getting the word out about The Family of Jesus through the social media channels that they currently use (like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, blogs, etc.) from the beginning of June through the release of the Bible study in July.

Q: Is this an online Bible study?

This is NOT an online Bible study. While we would certainly encourage you to do the Bible study with a group of women once it releases, that will not be the purpose of this team. The main purpose will be to get the word out about The Family of Jesus.

Q: Why are you doing this?

We believe so strongly in the message that Karen has for women in The Family of Jesus. We’ve created this launch team to make as many women aware of this Bible study as possible!

Q: How does a social media launch team work?

Once accepted, you will be invited to join a private Facebook group. The LifeWay team will then post “share squares” (see the image below), video clips, and other items from the Bible study to the Facebook group. Your responsibility will be to then post those “share squares,” video clips, and additional items to your own social media channels. This will happen about two to three times a week. It’s that simple!

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 5.56.30 PM

Q: Will I need to create anything to share with my friends and family on social media for The Family of Jesus?

No. We will supply you with everything you’ll need through the private Facebook group!

Q: Will I get anything for being a member of the social media launch team?

All members of the social media launch team will receive a Family of Jesus commemorative gift, a special video message from Karen, physical AND digital copies of The Family of Jesus member book, and access to the entire first teaching session from the study. (Note: launch team members will not receive the physical copy of the member book until it releases.)

Q: Can anyone join the social media launch team?

Unfortunately, we cannot accomodate over a certain number of applicants (although we would absolutely love this). Thus, the launch team will be limited to women who already have an active social media presence.

Q: When and how will we find out if we were chosen to be a part of the launch team?

Once a certain number of women apply, we will look through each application to determine who will make up the team. We will then send an email to the selected women the last week in May.

Q: How long will this last?

The launch team will get started in early June and continue through the Bible study release in July (so about 4-6 weeks).

Do you have any further questions about the social media launch team? Feel free to send us an email at womensministry(at)lifeway(dot)com!


  1. says

    I filled out the form and would love to serve on the book launch team for Karen’s Bible study. I am currently serving on the Beth Moore, Children of the Day launch team and have served on Jo Ann Fore’s, and Mary DeMuth’s launch teams as well. I do not have a instagram account at this time but I know that will be the next social media platform I will be adding. I am currently active on twitter, google+, Facebook(my own personal page which I put on the form) as well as my blog site Facebook page, pinterest, and my blog.
    Thanks for considering me for the launch team!

  2. Jeanne Hultgren says

    Have served on a launch team for Shelia Walsh and looking forward to hopefully being a part of this one as well. Would love to be included!

  3. Kim Barnes says

    I love Karen Kingsbury. Many conversations have taken place about her books, even new friendships formed over them. I would love to be a part of this team!

  4. Renette says

    I per mote many of Karen’. s books and was on the Like Dandelion Dust movie Launch team. It would be an honor and a joy to help per mote this wonderful Bible study.

  5. C-A says

    It would be an honor to be a part of this group and serve the Lord and minister to Karen in this way.

  6. says

    I have served on launch teams for Shelia Walsh, Anna White and Sharon Jayne. I am looking forward to hopefully being a part of this one as well. I would love to be included! I love karen’s books and have shared them with numerous friends. I have even gotten two of the local libraries to start buying her books for patrons to read. Thanks for considering me.

  7. Hope Painter says

    Entered in and would so love the opportunity to be apart of this amazing launch! Karens books are helping change the world one reader at a time! People need more Jesus and to learn more about him! I am sure this will truly be an amazing book and Bible study! Xo

  8. Mandy says

    Are you taking promoters in Canada? I’d love to promote this! I love Karens books and love to talk about what I’m reading/studying, plus I’m searching for a new study to do this summer!

  9. Alexandra Neimetz says

    Karen Kingsbury has inspired me through her books and through her personal stories. I would love to be apart of this launch team!:)

  10. Bobbie Hurt says

    I would love to help you promote this bible study, I have read all your books and just feel how close you walk with God.

  11. Virginia Olive says

    I would love to be part of this launch team! Karen’s books have touched my life and I know her writing has spanned the globe to reach millions. I yearn to become more like Jesus and I would be honored to be considered! Thank you!

  12. Karrie Miller says

    I would be so honored to be a part of this launch team! Karen Kingsbury is my favorite author! Her stories have touched my life in a way I could never properly express! They have helped me through some very difficult times. I feel I would be an asset to this launch because I would have the time to devote to this project. I am disabled so I am home all the time. I am a Christian. I am a Sunday School teacher in my church. I have been looking for more ways to witness to people. I teach Bible studies in my home when people are interested. I feel that being part of this launch project would be another way I can get the message out about Jesus! I would love to do this! I hope you will consider me! God Bless! :)

  13. Janet fiester-kandres says

    iam really hoping that I get a chance to do this I love Karen’s books and would love the chance to be involved in the bible study

  14. Sheila Holman says

    I love supporting and promoting Karen because I strongly believe in the messages she shares with the world…I love knowing that the words that flow through her pen travel from the heart of God. To date, I’ve read everything she’s written and have shared her books with countless others, have enjoyed participating in her online NT Challenge study, and attend events where she is the guest speaker as often as I can. I enjoy sharing enthusiasm for all that God is accomplishing in and through Karen’s life and ministry. I would be honored to be a part of the Launch Team and help spread the word on “The Family of Jesus”!

  15. says

    Karens books have had such an impact on the lives of countless men and women worldwide her ministry has been life changing from around the globe as well as in my own heart. I have worked on other launch teams and enjoy it and find the friendships that have formed to be life changing. Lord willing I can be on this team and help impact lives for Christ.

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