Prepare to Help Women in Crisis

If you’re like me, everywhere you go you find women in crisis. It might be divorce, adultery, loss of a loved one, cancer diagnosis, job loss, and so many other issues.

Do you feel prepared to help? I know I wasn’t the first time I was faced with a woman in a major crisis. But it was then when I sought out more experienced ministers on our staff to see how to help and when to know I needed to refer a woman to professional help. For that reason, one of the first things we knew we needed for women’s leaders after LifeWay Women was born was a resource to help leaders who were ministering to women.

Additionally, I desired to help women share their own stories so they can connect with hurting women just like my sweet friend did as we journeyed together through daughters who struggled greatly in many ways. My friend was further along and much wiser than I was at the time, but she modeled for me how to walk this walk in the power, peace, and joy of Christ. I desired to do the same thing for others.


Here are four ways to equip yourself as you help women in crisis:

  1. Spiritually: Pray about opportunities to reach out to women in crisis. Realize that you need to be healthy in your walk with Christ to best help a hurting woman. Stay in the Word and continually ask God how and when to help.
  2. Emotionally: Ask yourself why you are helping others. Is it out of a personal need you have to help and to be needed? Or because you really have a desire to see a person transformed?
  3. Honestly: Are you prepared to care? Can you really help them or is this responsibility for someone else?
  4. Mentally: Do you know good listening skills? Do you know the ways to open conversation rather than slam the door by the way you communicate with her?

Ruby Bea Peters said, “A circle of responsibility and a circle of concern are two different things.”  You must be walking closely with the Lord and hearing from Him to know when He is asking you to personally help a hurting woman, or if He is asking you to assist her in finding help from someone else.

2 Corinthians 1:3-5 is a beautiful passage of how Christ comforts us SO THAT we can comfort others.

How are you seeking to live this out in your life and your church?


  1. says

    I love this Chris.
    The world is full of opportunity for us to overflow onto hurting women. Mostly from our own healed hearts right?
    Love you sister and I love what you do for God’s girls!

  2. Cindy Morgan says

    Almost 11 years ago my daughter gave birth to the most beautiful racially mixed little boy, out of wedlock, that God has ever created. My daughter repented of her sin but, because of the circumstances of his birth & his skin color, my retired ministry parents disowned my daughter for her sin & disowned the rest of us for not disowning her. Needless to say, all of this caused my husband & I a great deal of pain. For the first 1 1/2 years of his life I told a sum total of 3 ladies about this. However, after that I finally started to let God heal me &, push forward about 6 years, and one of those ladies had her daughter go through the exact same thing. When she told me what was going on my heart broke for her & for what I knew her family would go through. However, I also silently thanked God for redeeming my own situation & allowing me to see that He loved both my friend & I enough to put us together because He knew how much we would need each other.

    • Chris Adams says

      Cindy, thank you so much for sharing your story. I love how God has redeemed the difficult situation to minister to someone else. I believe God will continue to do that as you share what God has done in your life and as you show your love for that daughter and grand boy! Such grace…as God shows us!

  3. Winnie Mathews says

    I’ve been through many struggles in my life and never had a mentor or someone to come alongside to help me navigate through the tough times. But God was faithful and by His love and mercy, helped me to find healing and victory. I have a real passion for helping women to find healing and to grow in Christ. Unfortunately, I attend a really large church and there isn’t much opportunity for me to share my heart and desire to reach out to women. Recently I completed training as a life coach and am praying for God to open doors of opportunity for me to use my gifts and talents in helping women to become all they can be in Christ.

    • Chris Adams says

      Winnie, no doubt God will give you opportunities to share. Even in a big church, watch for those small groups where God is prompting you to share your struggles. Another woman is needing to hear so don’t hesitate when God whispers for you to share!

  4. Anonymous says

    Thank you for writing this article. Even though I had tried for years to stop domestic abuse (such as verbal dismissing/denying/entangling/escalating, emotional degrading/comparing/dismissing, physical aggression/reactions/attack… and then denying/twisting/lying about it all to protect himself) that I endured from my “looks like a great guy” husband, my extended family would not understand the hard road it was to make sure I was safe. I had only a daughter at home and he started using his destructive patterns on her, so the abuse had to called out for it to begin to stop for good. My extended family was fed lies by him about what was really going on, so they were harsh, quick to meddle and permanently judge me, even though they said they were doing it all for concern. I had one trusted, godly friend who listened, was my accountability partner for all things I doing in the healing process, was my safe shelter when I needed a place to stay, and help me think through next steps and options. A few other trusted friends shielded me with prayer and support. They didn’t shy away and helped me see when my husband or family were doing things to protect themselves, but how they were not really showing empathy, compassion, understanding or support at a very lonely, scary time. Also, it was very sad that a pastor replied very immaturely and defended my husband, along with a counselor who said it was an awful thing for me to label him as “an abuser”, even though he acknowledged his actions are abusive. I have had to stand firm in my faith, knowing that God does not cause abuse to happen, but that He alone can protect me and use it for His glory. A Christian website to gain support for yourself or someone you know who is dealing with domestic abuse is Focus Ministries at

    • Chris Adams says

      Anonymous, thank you so very much for sharing your story. And for sharing how Christian sisters have walked with you through this very painful experiences. Domestic abuse is never acceptable and there is help. I pray that God continues to guide you through every day as you seek Him.

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