Free for All Thursday!


To celebrate the release of Beth Moore’s new Bible study, Children of the Day, we’re giving away this beautiful desktop wallpaper! Click here for a FREE sample of the Bible study.

To download: PC users, right-click on the art with your mouse and then save it to your computer. MAC users, hold down the “control” button while clicking on the art with your mouse; then choose “Save Image As.”

Please note: depending on the size (width) of your screen, you will either want to download Wallpaper A or Wallpaper B.

Wallpaper A


Wallpaper B



  1. Glenda Chappell says

    Is it possible to get the Beth Moore workbooks in a spiral bound format? My bible study group loves her work and we do each study as soon as it is released. Most of us take our workbooks to an office supply place and have them spiral bound so it would be easier to do the writing portion. In the process they sometimes mess up when trimming the binding off or punching the holes for the spiral and we end up with loose pages. We all hang on to the workbooks and plan to do them again at a later date (to see how our answers have changed).

    When we meet, we all have our workbooks spread out with our Bibles open. The spiral bound books help us squeeze in a few more spaces in our class. Thank you for considering our request. We are paying an additional fee for the binding and would gladly pay more for the workbooks to get them accurately bound.

    • Bud Harlan says

      Glenda, thanks for the suggestion. We try to keep the cost as low as possible so that women of all socioeconomic backgrounds can participate in the studies. The way that the members books are currently bound is the most affordable for the majority of our Bible study participants. But we will consider this suggestion where and when possible!

  2. Yvonne says

    Beth……in our last session of Children of the Day you held up your sign Beth Moore , TRA in Houston Texas. Well, on behalf of my women’s bible study…….the Monday morning class of Ann Bell TRA Charleston, SC
    Yvonne Smith-Sherard, Libby Hromika, Joy Peek, Pam Brown, Barb Vickars, Nancy Needham, Harriet Brouthers, Jeanne Gibbs, Marge Weber, Virginia Smith are all TRA in Charleston, SC

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