Leading Women Toward Biblical Sexuality


Most of us agree that in today’s culture there is much confusion over what is appropriate and what is not regarding sexuality as a woman. Many tell us anything goes, others say nothing goes. But what is healthy for a Christian woman? How can we help women have a healthy view of sexuality? What is the healthy sexual perspective that we desire to teach women?

Remember the following as you prepare to discuss this critically important issue:

Study and teach what the Bible says about sexuality.

First of all, we must teach what the Bible teaches — first and foremost. Some Scripture passages to examine include: Leviticus 18-20; Luke 18; Acts 15; Acts 21:25; 1 Cor. 6; Gal. 5Eph. 5, 1 Tim 1; Heb. 13; 1 Peter 4; 1 Jn. 2

Study and discuss what the Bible says together. Help women discover this truth in a safe environment where questions are welcomed.

Utilize relevant resources to inform your discussions and conversations.

Revisit this post from last June: How to Start the Conversation of Sexual Brokenness to see what one church is doing to address the issues of erotica fiction that has gained momentum in the last few years.

One women’s leader provides the book, When Your Husband is Addicted to Pornography: Healing Your Wounded Heart by Vicki Tiede  in the women’s restrooms at her church. She has to replenish the supply almost weekly. Pornography is also a significant issue for the church.

Women Reaching Women in Crisis, women’s ministry resource for leaders, includes a Women’s Self-Test for Sexual/Relationship Addictions as well as other helpful information to guide you.

Is your church a safe place to discuss these and other tough issues? If your women cannot get direction for these issues from the body of Christ, where will they go to get help? What will you do to be the resource for women?

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