Bond, Build, and Bridge Women of All Ages


Recently I was in a meeting with leaders of all ages for a very energetic and exciting dialogue of women’s issues, leadership, and ministry with women.  Upcoming blog posts will center on information gleaned from those 3 days in New Orleans! Today I want to share one idea that we heard from Bethel Baptist Church Women’s Ministry in Dothan, Alabama.

Leader Donna Granberry shared an idea that has been successful in unifying their women of all generations through a simple plan: bond through testimonies, build one another up as they serve in different roles and bridge the gap between women and Christ. This is done through a non-typical “bridge party.”

In general, a bridge party is hosted at someone’s home. Ladies from every generation are invited to attend and church members are encouraged to bring un-churched friends. Each party has four people who help host the party (Hostess/Host Assistant, Greeter, and Storyteller).

At the bridge party the greeter will make sure everyone knows one another (usually an icebreaker game is used). After a time of fellowship and getting to know one another, the storyteller is introduced.

Each storyteller is trained how to write and share their testimony. We call this training “Seeing God’s Glory Through My Story.” It has been very healing and life changing. During the training  the ladies are asked  to analyze their timelines through God’s perspective. We encourage them to find the blessings hidden in their circumstances both good and bad. These blessings usually become a common thread of some type. Ladies who have never had the courage before have shared and their stories, as you can imagine, are amazing.

Donna has to prod and promote the older generation to attend but the ones that do attend have connected with the younger women in a spiritual way. Many of the older ones at the beginning assumed we were actually playing bridge! LOL!

Fruit from the Bridge Ministry includes:

  • Plan of salvation is presented
  • Women who have doubted their salvation nail it down
  • Women see their lives through God’s perspective
  • Women overcome emotional hurdles by seeing God’s glory in their lives
  • Women meet and build relationships
  • Women grow into leadership roles (Greeter Role)
  • Women are blessed

Perhaps you too are looking for a way to draw women of all ages and stages of life together as you reach other for Christ.  Please share your ideas in the comments.

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