Win a Living Proof Live Simulcast!


Bring Beth Moore to your church for FREE on Sept. 13 with the Living Proof Live Simulcast!

The event—perfect for reaching the women in your community and kicking off your fall Bible study season—features a full day of teaching from Beth as well as worship with Travis Cottrell.


We’re giving away TWO church simulcast registrations:

  • Package A: One for a church of 249 or less
  • Package B: One for a church of 250 or more

Enter to win below!

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  1. Kelly Adams says

    I am looking forward to seeing Beth Moore live in Lubbock it will be my first time! However, the small country church I have been attending with my boyfriend’s family has a large congregation who would love to worship and experience a simulcast.

  2. says

    I have attended a number of simulcasts at other churches. Would love to gift the ladies at my church with a day of ministry from Beth, Travis and LifeWay. Our church would qualify for Package B. Thanks!

  3. says

    This would be an incredible win for our church!! I am hosting a small conference this month to kick off cultivating community in my area. Following that I am opening a women’s drop in center to begin facilitating that community. The drop in will function as a gathering place for women to come and share their stories. We will be running book clubs, art classes, workshops on physical, mental, and spiritual well-being! To follow up with the Beth Moore simulcast would be absolutely amazing!! Our church falls under the 249 mark, but we are in the heart of southwestern Manitoba and have the ability to serve a number of awesome communities! What a great kick off this would be to the fall programs!

  4. Linda says

    What an exciting opportunity! We are a church of 250 plus.
    Looking forward to her leading us in study and encouraging us to be bold in reaching out to others who don’t know our Savior, Jesus, as friend and Lord! Plus a bonus of worship time led by Travis! A blessed day for sure!

  5. donna says

    Package A would be perfect! We have a new church plant, and this would be a perfect way to introduce us to the community!

  6. Pam Ridgway says

    We regularly have 7 or 8 ladies for all of our Beth Moore studies. We are a very small (50) congregation ,mostly retired ladies. It would be wonderful to invite ladies from other United Methodist Churches in our area to view this simulcast with us.

  7. Ruth Edwards says

    I have gone through several of Beth’s Bible studies with a group of ladies and each one has been life changing for me. I am currently saving my money to buy my very own study kit so I can give a Bible study to my family and friends so their lives will be changed forever like mine!

  8. Susanne says

    Package A would be perfect! I have hosted twice for a small group – it would be great to be able to invite more!

  9. Jami says

    Love, Love, Love Beth Moore. The women of our church could really use her encouragement right now. Church of 250 or more.

  10. Millie says

    What a blessing it would be to win a simulcast for our small church of 250 or less. We would also be willing to share this blessing with another small church in our area! Yay! Go Jesus!

  11. Lori says

    Church of 250 or more. We love Beth Moore’s studies! I would so love to be able to bless our ladies with a free simulcast:)

  12. Sheila Johnson says

    I was introduced to Beth Moore in Concord, NC when I moved and joined a church in 2001 and began a ladies Bible study. Beginning with that first study, I fell in love with my Savior, Jesus, and have since sought to learn as much about Him as I can. The Spirit has led me to grow enough to facilitate a ladies Bible study in Concord. And, after moving to Beckley, WV, (back home) in 2007, I offered myself and God opened the door at my home church to a ladies Bible study. It is to God’s glory alone to praise Him for the growth spiritually and in number of the ladies attending the studies. We are a small church with an average attendance of 145 and our ladies Bible study averages 20 with several who are older and not able to travel to the events. To be able to provide a simulcast at our church would thrill their hearts (and mine). There are several small churches in our area who, I hope, with the Spirit leading would join us. All would be welcome! My greatest desire is to know as much about the Bible and my Savior as I can and my second greatest desire is to share that with whoever will listen. Thank you for the opportunity and for the chance to do that through a simulcast. God bless you!

  13. Sylvia Mitchell says

    We have a group of women who do Beth’s bible studies Sept.- May. What a joy it would be to have a simulcast. We usually have about 14 who attend.

  14. Cindy Graham says

    We have facilitated almost every one of Beth’s Bible Studies over the years and taken lots of groups to the Beth Moore Conferences as far as Greensboro, NC to us. We tried to have one of these simulcasts but did not have the equipment. NOW WE DO! We have over 1100 members and would love to offer Package B to our church and invite the community of Lexington, SC. Hosting this event would be a blessing to all!

  15. Sharon Stone says

    I would like package B for a church that’s trying to have a strong women’s ministry. This would give more women exposure to Beth’s marvelous teaching. We are large enough to include other churches in our community. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  16. says

    We would love to have package B! Beth Moore has been a great asset for our ladies and we would like to be able to have other churches join with us as we lean into God’s word.

  17. Nicole Seckler says

    Would love to win this! We are trying to revitalize our church’s women ministry. Would love to bring a large group of women together for this! Our church has over 250. Package b

  18. Melissa Woodward says

    Looking forward to another great bible study starting on my 37th Birthday- what a way to celebrate my special day than to do so with my church friends and our favorite Beth Moore.

  19. Christina Carter says

    “The power of our spiritual life will be according to the measure of the room that the Word of God takes up in our life and in our thoughts,” George Muller. I have attended and volunteered at several Beth Moore events; completed and facilitated many studies; and hosted the “retreat in a box” through the ladies ministry at my church. I have experienced the Scripture infused growth that comes from letting The Word knock down walls and build larger rooms in our lives…and I have seen the same spiritually powerful remodeling in other hearts. Our rural church is young and small in number but we have a great desire to impact our community with the victorious good news of the gospel. I have checked into hosting a simulcast before, but we did not have the funds needed. I know that receiving a give away would enable us to to engage this corner of the world in a life changing way and result in “living proof”!!!

  20. Sharon Boone says

    Thank you Living Proof/Lifeway for making this possible. We would be package B. We have ladies that love your studies and meet each fall and spring to do so, we have also done other godly women’s studies. We would enjoy this tremendously and have a lot of fun!!

  21. Sherrie Phillips says

    Beth Moore, thank you for the encouragement that you shed from God’s Word. Our church could use either package.
    Thank you.

  22. Linda Andrews says

    I attended a Beth Moore “Live” event (by myself) and it was awesome! I would like to win package B and invite ladies from the new “Sisters of Gideon Women Ministry” at our church and ladies from other churches to attend the simulcast.

  23. Kathryn Cothern says

    ♥ It would be SO EXCITING to win Package B for the entire Dripping Springs (TX) United Methodist Church community!! Everyone would certainly benefit!! Thank you for giving us this opportunity! ♥ :)

  24. Kathy Erickson says

    I would love to win Package B for our church! We have had over 100 women involved in Beth Moore studies in the past and I know the simulcast would reach even more!!

  25. Marcia says

    Would love to win simulcast for my church! We’re smaller, average 175 for main service. Love it the couple of times the event has been in Pensacola!

  26. Marcia R. says

    I would love to win package A for our small rural church. We have about 15 ladies in our congregation and many of them are new believers who could use this study. We could encourage the ladies to bring other ladies in their family to this great event. Thanks for the opportunity.

  27. Leslie Hall says

    Hi… Package A would be great for our women’s group! We are small but we are powerful through HIM! Thanks Beth!

  28. says

    Would love to win package A for Delphi United Methodist Church. This church is growing daily as a body of believers determined to serve God and the need in the community as well as around the world.

  29. Mary Ann Holton says

    We have a small group attending from our church when Beth cimmes to Eden Prairie, MN. It would be great to host the simulcast in September. Package B for 250+, please.

  30. Melissa Litton says

    I would like package A for my church on Fort Myers Beach. This is so great. We are beginning a women’s bible study that begins may 6th, 2014 and this would be a great venue to work towards.

  31. Sherri Moore says

    I would love to win Package B for my church! Would love to have the opportunity to have the women of the Lakes Region of New Hampshire come together to study God’s word.

  32. Pat Magyar says

    I’d love to win this package! I have attended several Beth Moore events. My last one was two months after having both knees replaced. Attending the Charleston conference was my physical therapy goal. Being at that conference was worth all the pain and effort to get my legs working again!!!

  33. Lupe A. Gonzalez Hoyt says

    I’m excited about this opportunity to win Package A for my church and community in Norwood, Ohio! Yay!

  34. Rebecca Abraham says

    Would LOVE to win this for my church! Our Association hosted this last year at our church and it was well attended. It was our first, and my church had over 100 ladies attend — most of whom had never been a part of any of Beth’s studies or ever heard her teaching. They loved it! We don’t have the budget to host on our own, but I would LOVE to bring this to our church. We would need the larger package as our church attendance avgs 450-500 on Sunday mornings. THANK YOU!

  35. Michelle H says

    It would be an honor to win package B for my church family so that they could receive spiritual nourishment and encouragement from God’s Word through your teachings!

  36. Sylvia Anderson says

    Package A for my church. Our entire church is going through a really difficult time now and I would love to use this to pull our women together again and for healing in our church family. We need a fresh encounter and a fresh commitment with the Father and His business, and Beth’s excitement is always contagious.

  37. Christy says

    Package “A”. We are a very small church family and many of the women would love to go to a conference but are unable to do so. This would be a blessing for everyone in our church as well as the community.

  38. Boni Faith Haynes says

    Package B would be an awesome blessing to our church! We were just talking about this last night at our last night of our Kasey study.

  39. Teri says

    Please enter me in a church larger than 250 ( Package B) We want to reachout to the unchurched of the EAST BAY

  40. Camille says

    Beth Moore’s teaching has been such a blessing to the women of my church over the years! We are hoping to win Package B!!

  41. says

    Thank you for blessing myself and many others through the years. Would love to continue to share you message with our church and community. Package A would work best for us.

  42. Reva Bowden says

    Love hearing Beth share the word and her stories, inspires me to read and do more.

    Package A would be great for our church.

  43. Erin Aukland says

    I tweeted twice but could not see a URL either time. I do know how to use a computer so this is very frustrating. Maybe it’s because I’m using my IPhone. No worries… God already choose who is going to be Blessed by Beth.

  44. Laura L says

    Our church is in a transition period right now and this would be such a blessing. Either would be amazing, but what a gift to reach as many women as package B!

  45. says

    Package B would be great for our church. We have done almost all of Beth’s studies. the women enjoy them so much and she has touched so many lives. Thank you for the opportunity to have this available to the young and more mature women in our church.

  46. says

    Our church LOVES BETH MOORE and TRAVIS COTTRELL!!!! We would be soooooo excited to spend time in the WORD with Beth and her team!

    Please enter us for a chance to win Package B!

    Thank you Lifeway!!

  47. says

    We are excited about the opportunity to win Plan B Simulcast with Beth Moore for the church and surrounding community! Thanks for all you do LifeWay and Living Proof Ministries!

  48. Tiffany Temple says

    What a unique way to share the experience! Thanks for the opportunity to give such a tremendous gift to the women of my church!! Package B for my church here in Baton Rouge, LA!

  49. DeAnn Forman says

    Please enter Cornerstone Church of Sheridan, WY for the Package A Simulcast. We have hosted every year, and love having Beth right here in our own church! We’re looking forward to seeing her in Billings, MT in October, too :)

  50. Jennifer Meyers says

    Would love to host this for my church in Jasper, Alabama!
    Package A please! 250 or less. Mt Vernon Baptist Church

  51. Rhonda McClellan says

    Please enter Crossroads Church of Newnan, Georgia for package B.
    I know lives will be blessed!!!
    Thank you!

  52. Jennifer Bales says

    We would love to win package A for our church in Yukon! This would be a great way to encourage women of all ages to grow closer to our amazing God! Thank you so much

  53. Ange keskey says

    Praying for the opportunity to open women’s hearts even more through this event. Church of 250+ Thanks and God bless each of you in this ministry.

  54. Ramona Fletcher says

    I saw Beth Moore at a Deeper Still Seminar years ago. Would love package A for our very small church. It would be a great blessing to share Beth and her message with others.

  55. Debby Allen says

    Thank you for entering Osgood First Baptist Church into the drawing for package A. Praying that hearts are changed all over the world as Beth reaches out with a fresh word from Christ!

  56. Lynne says

    Houston Lake Baptist church would LOVE to wind Package A: One for a church of 249 or less. We are in week 7 of Beth’s Daniel Bible Study! Twice a year we do Women’s Bible Study. We love Beth Moore Bible Studies!

  57. Consi Bailey says

    Package A would be wonderful for our church family. It would be wonderful to share Beth Moore with our community.

  58. Brenda says

    I would love to win this for my bible study sisters. There are regularly around 12 of us from numerous churches but we’d invite many others to come share in the love and joy.

  59. Irma Snyder says

    Would love to win for our church – it would be for package A as we are under 100. Have not been able to go a Beth Moore simulcast in several years. Went with a group of ladies from church when she was in Cleveland and we were so blessed!

  60. Kirsten Kelley says

    I would love for our Girlfriend’s group to win package A so we could share it with all of the women of our church!

  61. Catherine Moore says

    Please please please! I was just telling my small group about this Sunday night and would LOVE to be able to share this with them!

  62. Teresa Brown says

    I would love to win Package B for my church to encourage the hearts of the women in our church and community with Beth’s teaching.

  63. says

    I would LOVE to win Package A for First Baptist Church Jewett, TX! My husband has been Pastor at FBCJ since last May and we have experienced God at work in so many ways! FBC Jewett is passionate about reaching the lost and discipling believers! This simulcast would be a tremendous opportunity to reach out to our community and make connections with women.

  64. Teresa Brown says

    oops – entered the wrong email on the previous post, but would love to win package B for my church.

  65. says

    We are small but our prayers are big. We would be blessed to have the simulcast at our church. Package A would be great. Imagine the women we could touch in the community! Thanks!

  66. Sharon Stone says

    Package B would work for our church and give the women in our church more exposure to Beth Moore’s teaching ministry. We would be able to include other women of the community as well.

  67. Anita Hughes says

    I’d love to win Package A for a small church plant in my town! I’ve been leading Beth Moore studies in my former church for years. This would mean so much! Thanks!

  68. Carol says

    We would love to win pkg. B for our church and be able to invite the ladies in surrounding towns to view it with us!

  69. Debbie Eklund says

    I would love to win “Package B” for our precious ladies at TABC and for the women in our community as well!!!

  70. Stella McNeer says

    I am entering to win Package B for our church. Hosted one in 2010 just after finishing chemo treatments. It was so needed to boost me up in The Lord!!!!!

  71. Mary Ellen Ribble says

    Our church is very small but powerful. With this Beth Moore Simulcast, we could invite and share this powerful ministry with many area church ladies.

  72. Kandi Savage says

    Our little church of misfit toys has about 20 regular lady attendees who would LOVE to receive PACKAGE A!!

    What a true blessing it would be!!!

  73. Nancy Garrett says

    We could use package A. Our church is small and we struggle, but we have a ROC (recreation center) that could accommodate hundreds. It would be such a GOD thing to see it used for this. NANCY G

  74. Beverly Gingerich says

    For the first time in 7 years our church did not host a Beth Moore Bible study this spring; the simulcast (Pkg. A) would be an awesome ‘make-up.’

  75. Pam Loyd says

    Our church just finished an addition to our sanctuary. It would be wonderful to have a north MS event

  76. Leah says

    We love Beth and Travis. I was blessed to attend in person in Phoenix. I’ll take that extra chance, thank you!

  77. Chris Ortego says

    Our church would LOVE to win package B!!! What a great follow up to our Beth Moore summer Bible Study on Thessalonians!!!!

  78. Pam H. says

    I would love to win package B for community outreach at my church. Thank you for the opportunity to try to win Beth’s Simulcast!

  79. Cherry Himstedt says

    I would love for my church, Ash Creek Baptist, in Azle, Texas to win this simulcast. Our attendance is about 450, with about 15 women in regular Bible study.

  80. Cindy Seale says

    Package A would work for us! I’d send fliers out to invite our community too!

    I love to hear me some Beth! :-)

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  81. Anita McNary says

    I would love to win Package B for my church. I attended one at another church in our area and loved it!

  82. Melanie Hall says

    I would love to win package B for our church and the surrounding communities. Thank you for offering this opportunity for somebody to win.

  83. Kat Shiffler says

    I am praying I win this is a new Church it’s small but very mighty! Thank you and God Bless your Ministry

  84. says

    Hello, Our first Beth Moore Live Simulcast was “Get Out of That Pit”, I believe it was 2007. North River Community in Pembroke MA has been a host church ever since, except for the times Beth has been in New England. Would LOVE to win Package B for the South Shore and the Cape & the Islands.

  85. Joyce Moore says

    Package A…I would love to be able to invite others I work with…who don’t know the Lord…to a Beth Moore simulcast and to have God use you in a powerful way as you speak to their hearts!

  86. Susan Lowry says

    We would be forever great full if we won! We fall under the Package B category!! Thank you for this opportunity.

  87. Lois Walker says

    A or B, whateber the chance to learn from Beth. Doing Beth’s studies has opened my eyes, heart and sole into the scriptures, she just has a way of taking old and new testiment scriptures and intertwining them so God’s
    word becomes alive and exciting. God’s word is alive and active in me, I AM BELIEVING GOD!!!

  88. Dianne says

    Package A would be the one I would want for my church. I would invite only my church but the whole surrounding community. Not many are familiar with Beth Moore in this community, and I would love to introduce this great Bible teacher to as many people as the Lord would bring.

  89. Rebecca Hinton says

    Package B for one church with 4 campuses. United together for an amazing opportunity to listen/see one of God’s servants!

  90. LindaLou says

    Package B so I can make it a special occasion to bring my shut-in parents to church for an uplifting time.

  91. Laura Beth Brundage says

    We would love to win pkg B for churches with over 250 members! Beth is such an inspired Christian woman. This would be a great resource to reach women for Christ!

  92. Ada - Lovin Him says

    I would love either package – our church size is greater than 250 but our Ladies bible study group is less than 250

  93. Cathy Anderson says

    My church is less than 249 so Package A is what I’d like to win. Thank you for this opportunity!

  94. says

    Our first Beth Moore Simulcast was “Get Out of that Pit”, I believe it was 2007. North River Community Church in Pembroke, MA has been a host church ever since, except for the times Beth has been in New England. We would LOVE to win Package B to bring Beth back to the South Shore and Cape Cod & the Islands.

  95. says

    Pkg B would be a fit for our church…..our ladies love Beth Moore studies and Living Proof events! The Lord has gifted Beth mightily and we are so thrilled she shares those gifts.

  96. Sherri says

    Our church is in a very small northern Canadian town. The road ends where we live. 5 years ago we started a ladies Bible study and without knowing where to turn we tried out a Beth study and we were hooked. We have seen so much come from that start and Beth studies have been frequently used. We feel she is a part of our group and would love to come hang with us in our snow covered town. Since that’s not likely we would be thrilled to have and host a simulcast event. It would be only about 30 people tops so that’s under 250, right? :)

  97. Shirlene Gerth says

    Every year me & the girlfriends travel to hear what God has given Beth to teach us … How exciting it would’ve to have Beth come to my small church ……

  98. Deb C says

    I would love to win this amazing Package A for our precious church! What an awesome offer! Thank you all so very much!

  99. says

    All ministries need strong leadership. Beth Moore has proven herself to be a strong leader and uses her God-given gifts and abilities to do so..

  100. says

    What a blessing it would be to host a Simulcast for our ladies in the congregation and friends and family they would wish to bring. Option A – 249 – satisfies the size of our church.

  101. Beth Hahn says

    It would be great to win the Package B for our church. We are so excited to do the new study 1 & 2 Thessalonians this fall!

  102. Monika Walton says

    Package B. What a Blessing this would be. Thank you for the opportunity to participate. God is Good!

  103. Robin Mazo says

    I would like package A. We are a small church but right now I have 18 women signed up and coming to A Woman’s Heart! We are on week 3 and loving every minute. Thank you, Beth, you are such a blessing!

  104. Christie says

    It would be such an incredible blessing to win package B for my church! Beth Moore is an amazing teacher & it would be such a wonderful gift to all the women at my church to get to watch the simulcast for free!!! Thank you so much for doing this very generous and great giveaway!!!

  105. Carolyn says

    Would love to win package B for New Venture Christian Fellowship in Oceanside Ca
    Beloved Womens Ministry loves Beth Moore and her Bible Studies

  106. says

    We would love to win a free simulcast! We have a large church and have a ministry to the people that come to our food pantry that would not be able to afford top come to a simulcast. We would love to be able to offer this for free. Our church would need package B

  107. Amy Sherman says

    Love Beth Moore and her heart for Christ! Would love to have the River church in Holly, Michigan host her simulcast. Package A

  108. Sherry Bishop says

    I would love to win Package A for my church, Mt Pisgah Baptist Church in Cropwell, AL. I have done most of Beth’s Bible studies and she is amazing! I’ve also seen her in person at an event in Nashville.

  109. Danielle says

    We love Beth Moore! We would love to host her 2014 Simulcast Giveaway! We would love Package B for First Church of the Nazarene in Jackson, MI!

  110. says

    I would love nothing more than to win a Beth Moore simulcast for our Church! They have given SO MUCH to me, I would love to give something fabulous back (this would do it!!!!)

    Thank you for the chance!

  111. Paula Gennari says

    Package A. I am really looking forward to having the simulcast at my church. It is exactly what we need to invite more members to attend. Our church would be so blessed!

  112. Beth Page says

    This would be amazing for the women in my church!! So many have not had the opportunity to hear Beth and I know they would love it!! Thank you for offering this great opportunity!

  113. Anita Kendrick says

    We have only just begun to organize a women’s ministry at our church. Under the leadership of God we are making plans and taking small steps. With tips from New Orleans Baptist Seminary Women’s Ministry Department and with help from Lifeway with the second event we held, we are making progress. Women are beginning to become interested and more involved. Over 30 of our women drove six hours to Shreveport LA a few months back to hear Beth Moore at the LPL event. Since then we have held two events within our church with over 75 women attending the events. God is pulling the women in. Our church hosting a Simulcast would be a great way to involve more of our own women and provide a place of service for them as well as ministering to others in the community. We have the facilities to accommodate. Package B. Thank you.

  114. Renee says

    Package A plz. :-)

    Loved seeing you in Springfield last year. However, most of our women weren’t able to make the trip. This would solve that problem for many in our area who can’t travel the long distance. I can’t wait!!

  115. Patty McCord says

    Package B please! We can’t wait for the Simulcast! It’s definitely one of our Women’s Ministry highlights of the year at our church. Looking forward to seeing Beth live in June, also.
    God Bless

  116. Janet Christensen says

    I would love to win Package B. Our ladies study and service group has done a couple of Beth’s studies and we all love them. This would be such a blessing! Thanks for doing this!


  117. Karen Bonin says

    Would love to win package b! thanks!

    Just saw Beth in Minneapolis last weekend! Praying for Hershey! Militant Feet….Merciful Hands! :)

  118. Audrey Howie says

    So cool! Our town and surrounding communities would be so blessed to hear the truth from Beth and worship with Travis & team!!! Our church is right at the break off point between A & B with 2 services, but our sanctuary would be the 249 and under size, so I’m guessing we would be in Group A :) thanks, LifeWay team for doing your best to work with Beth in making the Gospel more accessible! We love what you do!!!

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