5 Skills to Help Hurting Women


If you missed the earlier post Are You Ready to Help Women in Crisis?  Today let’s consider a few general skills to help to help you as a leader in crisis ministry.

  1. Communication: learn good communication skills that will open the door to conversation and sharing rather than cause a barrier. Keep in mind your job is NOT to fix her, but for her to realize what she must invest into her own healing.
  2. Confidentiality: when a woman shares deep issues she needs to know you will not share them outside of the room. This is her story to tell, not yours. The exception is if she is endangering herself or others, then you are legally responsible to tell someone.
  3. Vulnerability: we need to remember that helping hurting women is not easy. We too can become hurt as we “weep with those who weep” (Rom. 12:15). Be sure you are taking care of yourself physically and emotionally in the middle of helping others. Stay in the Word, ask others to pray for you, and rest!
  4. Motives: sometimes we minister for the wrong motives. We may start out seeking to help a hurting woman, but then if we begin to feel like are rescuing others, it could become something that makes you feel good. Remember that the key is not to make her feel pleasing you is the key, but always point her to Christ and what will please him.
  5. Limitations: keep in mind that you are not called or equipped to help everyone. Lay ministry is not counseling. There will be times when you need to refer someone for professional help. Other times it may just take more time than you can give. These are times you need to seek someone who can give the time or type of help needed.

How do you feel about these skills? Do you need to get some training for yourself or your team so that you can be better prepared to help women in crisis?

Watch for more posts on this subject in the future.

Adapted from Women Reaching Women in Crisis, Expanded & Revised Edition



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