It’s Time to Step Up and Lead


The term “leader” can often feel intimidating. Many of you don’t feel qualified or ready to lead, but people keep asking you to do so, or you know it’s what God is doing in your life. Leadership is scary! There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with it, and people look to you for answers and help. Many women hesitate to attend our Women’s Leadership Training events (like YOU Lead and the Women’s Forum) because they don’t see themselves as a leader.

We’re all a leader in some form or fashion. In your job, you probably have to lead something. As a wife and mom, you’re navigating when to lead and when to follow. As a believer, you’re leading other women by example and in discipleship. Why do we cringe when we hear someone call us a leader? There’s a weight of responsibility that comes with it!

Have you been a participant for too long?

God may be calling you to step up and lead.

Seek his face and follow his voice. Don’t push open a door that isn’t ready to be opened yet, but put one foot in front of the other as God leads. It looks different for everyone, so don’t play the comparison game. Just lead as the Lord leads you!

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