Have you had a chance yet to sample this track from the new Devotions with Priscilla CD?

The CD features 12 teaching segments from several of Priscilla’s Bible studies, and they’re each around 10 minutes in length.

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So, we thought we’d give a few copies away (10!)! Enter to win below.

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By entering today’s giveaway, you acknowledge LifeWay Christian Resource’s official promotion rulesToday’s giveaway starts at the posting time of this blog and ends next Tuesday (3/18/14) at 11:59 p.m. CST. You must be 18 to enter, and you may only enter once. The winner/s will be selected at random. For questions about the rules and regulations of this giveaway, please contact Bud Harlan at One LifeWay Plaza, Nashville, TN 37234-140.


  1. Would love one!!!

  2. Taking a walk.

  3. Allison T Jones says:

    taking a walk or having a picnic in the sunshine!

  4. Susan Larwence says:

    How exciting! I’d enjoy learning as I drive nearly every day!

  5. I would love to have a copy! LOVE her Bible studies!

  6. Going to Falls Park in Greenville, SC. It’s beautiful in the Spring!

  7. Rachelle S says:

    Reading on the deck!

  8. Katie Ericson says:

    I would love this!

  9. Getting the garden spot and flowerbeds ready for summer.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Would love one!

  11. Would love one too :)

  12. Angelia R says:

    This would be awesome to share with the ladies on bible study since we just started one of her studies!!

  13. Michelle M says:

    I love Priscilla!

  14. Would love this!

  15. Susan Hall says:

    I would love to win one!!

  16. Walking is my favorite springtime activity.

  17. Jennifer says:

    Enjoying walking outside

  18. Mary Rose says:

    I would love to win this!

  19. Enjoying this beautiful day…..

  20. Emily Culberson says:

    I love riding in the car with my sunroof open and windows down while listening to music in the spring!

  21. Taking my little one to the park!!

  22. Shylondia Peters says:

    My favorite spring activity is going to the Dallas Arboretum and taking photos with the family! Admiring the beautiful flowers and scenery!

  23. Paige Revis says:

    Celebrating my mom’s birthday! She’s gonna be 71 on Sunday :-)

  24. Looking forward to being blessed.

  25. Oh..I would love to listen to this on my 3 times a day trip to school to drop off and pick up kids!!

  26. I love this idea

  27. Love Priscilla !!

  28. I would love this! I really need a good devotional, and I love Priscilla!

  29. LOVE her these would be great for car rides! Love to learn on the Go!

  30. Cindy W. says:

    Hiking….or going walking anywhere I can enjoy the beautiful weather and flowers :)

  31. Springtime sports with my children! Love Priscilla!

  32. Jessica Farr says:

    Playing outside with my daughters!!

  33. Laura LS says:

    Springtime, love to switch clothes in my closet and put away most of the winter stuff!

  34. Hangin with kids

  35. Karlee Morse says:

    love love love!!

  36. At work….

  37. I would love one!

  38. Sue Olson says:

    Snow shoe to a hot springs in the mountains.

  39. Kendra Ojo says:

    I would really enjoy having this CD to listen to while taking a walk in the park

  40. Love walking outside!

  41. linds brooks says:

    Love who Priscilla lives whic us the LORD

  42. I would love one! :)

  43. Michelle Genovese says:

    I love a morning run with my dog, Sophia.

  44. Maria Cristina Bruschi says:

    taking my grandbabies to a new playground each week! we love to explore!

  45. Sprucing up the garden flowers and enjoying the sunshine.

  46. Lisa Jones says:

    I love sitting in the sunshine reading God’s Word, or just taking a walk

  47. Cheryl Baldini says:

    Would love one of these!

  48. Watching our lake in our backyard for the new babies! (Ducks, and Geese)

  49. LaRonda Cochran says:

    would love one.

  50. Favorite activity – playing with the dogs outside and watching things grow – changing over time

  51. Kitt Smith says:

    Resting!!! Is that an activity? Yes, yes it is.

  52. Stacey Chambers says:

    Love Priscilla and would love to have one of these.

  53. Brandi C says:

    I would love to win!!

  54. Planting my garden.

  55. I think this would be a great way to start my day!

  56. Mary Kay says:

    Camping with my husband!

  57. Melissa Jackson says:

    I love taking my niece and nephew to the park and walking trails! They are so fascinated with everything!

  58. Would LOVE to hear Priscilla EVERY day of the week!

  59. Jodi Barnes says:

    Time change! I can sit on my patio longer in the evenings!

  60. Sitting outside reading a book.

  61. Working out in the yard.

  62. Grilling

  63. Melissa Shoemake says:

    Working in yard and biking.

  64. I would love to win a copy of this cd!!

  65. Just being able to be outside, taking a walk, riding go carts, the zoo, the arboretum, really anything family related is great!

  66. Bonnie Michel says:

    love springtime the trees blooming the blue skies just love to sit out on the porch and look at all of God’s creation not really love to have a CD of her devotions because I did leigh ann paired and that would help me so much God bless

  67. We would love to have one of these in the media library of our office at the Kansas City Kansas Baptist Association..

  68. Jean Marie Brown says:

    It’s a tie! :) I love gardening

  69. My favorite springtime activity is anything outside that doesn’t involve shoveling snow!

  70. Sherilyn Rank says:

    I love driving with my windows down, sun roof open, praise music blasting!!!!

  71. Mary Jayne says:

    Doing your Gideon study right low and loving it! Thanks for the way you powerfully proclaim the Word of God.

  72. Planting spring flowers!

  73. Michelle Cothrin says:

    Reading and crocheting.

  74. April Gordon says:

    I love bike riding with my husband.

  75. Linda Johnson says:

    I love sitting on the porch and listening to the birds sing and wind blow during the spring time!

  76. Vivianna Matthews says:

    I would love one. I homeschool and so it’s difficult for me to get in time for myself to just pour into Gods word! I would really love this!

  77. Susan Bledsoe says:

    I would love an audio devotional!

  78. Fredda Ferris says:

    Would love these for my women’s ministry team!

  79. Christina says:

    I love visiting the zoo in the Spring.

  80. Priscilla is inspiring! :)

  81. Be able to sit on my deck. Driving with my window and music blaring.

  82. Susan Bledsoe says:

    We just love spending time outside watching the boys and pup play! We also like going to the zoo!

  83. Lisa Evans says:

    Walking with my kids (and feeding the ducks along the way),

  84. Kim Shumake says:

    This would be such a blessing to have. Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  85. Connie Lawson says:

    Going down to the beach before the summer tourist arrive!

  86. Sandy Helgesen says:

    Spring cleaning in which I could listen to Priscilla’s CD!

  87. Linda M Armella says:

    Spending Time with my family would be my favorite springtime thing to do:)

  88. I love taking my little girls to the playground! :-)

  89. Planting flowers

  90. Karen Sikes says:

    Just going outside and smelling the fresh springtime air!!!

  91. Karen Wade says:

    Our group has heard Beth Moore mention Priscilla during her Bible Studies, and we would love to win these CD’s, in order to get to know her better. Please pick us! ;-D

  92. Shannon Rushing says:

    I love going to the beach and enjoying the sun before it gets so hot.

  93. Patti wentling says:

    Would like!!! It has been a rough week!!

  94. Beach picnics with my family!

  95. Would love this for my car – some inspiration while traveling to work. Also, it would be great to share with others!

  96. Lacy Lofties says:

    Getting sno cones with the husband!

  97. Love listening to Priscilla! This would be a great CD for the trip to and from my son’s preschool :)

  98. Melissa Graham says:

    Please, please, please…it’s my 40th birthday today!!!! :)

  99. Kim Kirkland says:

    Watching my daughter play soccer!!

  100. Lisa Warren says:

    I am so excited about this devotion!

  101. I love Priscilla. She is an uplifting messenger of God.

  102. Christine Rainwater says:

    Favorite springtime activity – playing outside with my 2 boys (age 18 months and 4) – swinging, running, sliding, climbing, flying a kite….I can’t wait! : )

  103. Patricia Fancher says:

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  104. ‘Awesome give away!

  105. I love to sit at our church and read. It’s a country church with a lot of woods and a creek. It is so peaceful listening to the birds and the creek.

  106. Lin Schmid says:

    LOVE Priscilla! Love her teachings!

  107. kat chapman says:

    Being outdoors enjoying the Son of God (the Sun also)!

  108. Rhonda Smith says:

    Thank you for the opportunities with these contests :)

  109. Meredith says:

    I like to spend time outside with my family in the spring. Riding bikes, walking, watching my son play t-ball, etc.

  110. Maria Allen says:

    So excited!!

  111. I enjoy the women of lifeway!

  112. brenda chambers says:

    Doing your study on Gideon awesome.

  113. Yes please

  114. This spring, I am looking forward to planting flowers since my ground has been covered with snow since early December! Yay!

  115. Megan P/ says:

    My favorite springtime activity is actually opening up all the doors and windows, cranking some great music, and cleaning the house. It is about the only time of year that I love to clean. :)

  116. Bike Ride or walk with the Pup and Fam! :)

  117. Nancy Hayes says:

    Oh, I would love to have one of these CD’s. We have done many of Priscilla’s bible studies at my church. She is so precious! Thank you for this opportunity to maybe get one. Nancy

  118. Amy Stevens says:

    I love Priscilla! I would love this!!

  119. Sitting outside enjoying the nice weather and reading!!!

  120. My absolute favorite spring activity is running outside. The weather is perfect and the view is fantastic!

  121. Sitting in my backyard, soaking up the sun while I do Bible study!

  122. pat n fl says:

    Sitting in my outdoor swing reading and enjoying nature.

  123. Looks like a great devotional.

  124. Norma Cissell says:

    Looking forward to sunshine and springtime, especially after this winter. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these CD’s.

  125. Bike riding! Sitting outside in the swing enjoying creation!

  126. Sherry priest says:

    Setting outside in a quite place listening yo the birds sing and knowing that God is all around.

  127. Terra Krajca says:

    I love planting flowers and watching my girls ride their bikes.

  128. Nancy Cribbs says:

    Getting outside to plant, read,enjoy backyard

  129. Karen K. says:

    Taking a walk and seeing the flowers as their leaves break through the cold ground.

  130. I already ordered 5 for friends, but the more I have the more I can give away!! Looking forward to going home in the daylight, wearing bright colors and flip flops! And riding the motorcycle with my man!

  131. I love to go for an early morning run, thanking God for all of the new growth on the trees, and flowers starting to bloom! Another season beginning! Can’t wait!!

  132. M sterling says:

    Camping with my family.

  133. Valerie Hansen says:

    Gardening is therapuetic to me.

  134. eating on the patio with family

  135. Thank you for the opportunity to win! Would love to have this!

  136. Nancy Moschetta says:

    I love celebrating Easter especially at Sunrise service watching the sun rise as we celebrating the Risen SON! :-)

  137. Lyssette says:

    What a blessing it would be to win one!

  138. Linda Totman says:

    Priscilla’s dvd would be a wonderful way to listen to God’s Word as I walk or even work at my desk.

  139. Gardening!!

  140. Alia Escalante says:

    I love taking walks with the family in the Spring…and planting new flowers.

  141. Currently doing the Gideon study and hitting home in so many areas. Would love other material from this very gifted women.

  142. Working in my garden.

    ~thanks for this opportunity! I love Priscilla Shirer and would love one of these devotional CD’s!

  143. Feeding the ducks.

  144. keona hogue says:

    I would love to win this!!! Love Her studies!!

  145. I love riding bike. Before I start my ride I could listen to Priscilla and as I pedal could think about what she said in her devotional.

  146. Sitting amng the flowers and having a cup is a favorite and would be great way to soak in the words

  147. Could use some words of encouragement…

  148. Loretta Hines says:

    I love Priscilla’s books and Bible Study. I would love to have this CD.

  149. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite spring time activity is to watch God’s fingerprints as the leaves bud and the flowers pop up out of the ground! Its amazing to watch :)

  150. Gail Self says:

    Seeing all the beautiful flowers and being able to open windows and not have to use a.c.

  151. I love to drive around with my sunroof open and watch the blossoms come out on our Japanese Weeping Cherry Tree.

  152. Abigail Hardy says:

    I love playing outside until my boys are exhausted.

  153. thank you for the giveaway!

  154. Love spending time in the sunshine planting our garden!

  155. Debbie B. says:

    Going to the park with family for a picnic! Would love to win the devotionals.

  156. Patricia says:

    I enjoy walking and listening to my sermons on my iPod appreciating the beauty of God’s creation. Would love to have this cd. I listened to her preview and it was powerful.

  157. Yvonne B. says:

    Love backpacking in the spring.

  158. Jill Hart says:

    Exercising outside!

  159. Would be a true blessing to win……

  160. I love emitting the sunshine outdoors and a fantastic bbq

  161. Teri Beamer says:

    This would be great to use with the Bible study I’m leading!

  162. Lisa Azpilcueta says:

    Love Priscilla !! Would be so blessed to have one!

  163. Amanda Silva says:

    Yes please :)

  164. Lupe Munoz says:

    I like to sit outdoors and read while enjoying the beauty of God’s creation all around.

  165. Patricia B says:

    Sitting outside and listening to nature!

  166. Amanda G says:

    I love the longer days and being able to walk outside without 5 layers of clothes :)

  167. Ashley Wilds says:

    Walking around a local pond/park w/ my little Jack Russell

  168. Would love this devotional

  169. Stephanie Lerner says:

    I think that this would be really good for me to listen too. Hopefully I can get the disk at some point. :)

  170. Jacqueline says:

    Reading by the beach

  171. Mandy M. says:

    I love to sit outside on our back patio and read a book!

  172. Walking around the neighborhood looking at the pear trees blooming.

  173. Would love your Devo. Blessings

  174. Mary Margaret Smith says:

    Working in the yard!!

  175. Carol Beasley says:

    Love to sit outside and judt watch the clouds and listen to birds

  176. Tara White says:

    Would love to win! Would listen every morning in my quiet time!

  177. Sarah Landis says:

    Spent the day pouring into my patients. Would love to study with Priscilla to refill my cup!

  178. I would LOVE this!!!

  179. pick me!

  180. Eating outdoors

  181. Melinda Reid says:

    Would love to have this !

  182. Enjoying the warm sunshine and planting a garden again! Nothing like watching God’s creation grow throughout the year!

  183. Taking a walk on a warm day, and talking to Jesus.

  184. Praying and talking to Jesus in the warm back yard.

  185. enjoy the fresh air and thank God for the spring season and all its beauty!!!

  186. Tania S. says:

    Going to the zoo with my kids.

  187. This sounds like good stuff. Priscilla is indeed anointed by God.

  188. Enjoy the birds singing and working in the garden.

  189. Thank you for this giveaway! Would love to be able to listen to Priscilla while walking!

  190. Beth Bookout says:

    Working in the yard and enjoying the birds/butterflies!!!

  191. Linda Htusell says:

    I ike easter and going to good friday service, having communion and having a special dinner with family on easter. While enjoying watching the flowers bud spring into new life.

  192. Noemi Luna says:

    Spring is a great time to renew and revive yourself with words of truth.

  193. Jessica H. says:

    Working in the garden!

  194. Jenny Sanders says:

    I don’t have a favorite springtime activity but I do love going about my usual day feeling the warm air on my skin and watching everything slowly turn green.

  195. Judy Rice says:

    I would love to win one but I never see or hear that anyone did. Priscilla’s teaching is great

  196. Christy Hopkins says:

    I love watching the bulbs sprout and turn in to beautiful creations!

  197. Marcia Rhinehart says:

    My favorite spring activity is getting to take walks through our neighborhood on Garage Sale days….exercise and shopping for bargains. Especially when the weather is not to warm and not to cold….just right about 60 – 70 degrees. I also love to get the garden ready and going with my son to the park.

  198. What a great giveaway!

  199. Love Priscilla!

  200. My favorite spring activity is sitting on my back patio in the mornings, drinking coffee, talking to God and watching the birds visit my pond and bird feeder…after that it’s working in the garden and deciding what new flowers to add along with the perennials that come back every year.
    Gay Idle@CaptiveHeart

  201. Cathleen Dungy says:

    I love walking my dogs while listening to worship music. It’s a pleasure enjoying nature as everything is beginning to come out of hibernation.!

  202. I love to start preparing the soil to receive plants and flowers.

  203. Shawn Brock says:

    I love to go outside and blow bubbles and watch my little Min Pin Curtis chase and catch them in his mouth.

  204. Going outside for walks.

  205. Mesha M. says:

    Taking my grandbaby boys to the park or playground–anyplace outdoors really, playing with them, and having a great time!

  206. Walking and enjoying the fresh air and the new growth.

  207. Melanie Stanfield says:

    Love Priscilla Shirer!

  208. Love walking at the park!

  209. Karen Reasor says:

    This would make a great gift – one for a friend and one for me! Love Priscilla!!!

  210. Connie Estes says:

    This would be a blessing to share with someone else!!

  211. Spring is the time when I get to get back on the hiking trails with my dog, Frida!! But sometimes, I hike without her and find a rock somewhere…in the sun…and gaze upon a lake, or a ridge, or a swamp, or spectacular trees…and I dig into the Word and write my thoughts and prayers. That is an awesome day…in the spring or any season!!

  212. Kristen Gregory says:

    Love to win this!!!

  213. Vanessa Marman says:

    My favorite activity is planting my veggie garden and running with my hubby!!

  214. Lisa Mills says:

    So exciting!!! Would definitely Love to have this!!

  215. Gwendolyn Little says:

    Walking in the park, on the beach or just around the block and enjoying the sunshine and breezes of Spring.

  216. Shaunna Rivera says:

    My favorite spring time activity is just being outside!

  217. Sherri Fejes says:

    go riding the motorcycle with my husband relaxing and clearing my mind preparing for teaching and ministering on Sunday!

  218. Gwen Stewart says:

    Long walks freeing my mind, enjoying God’s creation. Planting my veggie garden

  219. Sally H. in Sturgis, MI says:

    Would love a CD; I have never listened to Priscilla and would love the opportunity.

  220. Victoria West says:

    I would love this!

  221. Would LOVE the cd!!!

  222. sharon payne says:

    walking and taking in God’s glorious springtime awakening!

  223. Tonya Ellison says:

    Going for walks!

  224. When the Spring arrives, I would listen to and share this CD with some friends in a beautiful garden , near a stream or a brook on a warm and sunny day. You are kindhearted,, send me one!

  225. Sandra L says:

    Wow!!! To be so fortunate….

  226. My favorite springtime activities are going for walks, sitting outside on a blanket, taking photographs of my children in the beautiful sunlight!

  227. My favorite springtime activity is sitting on my back porch early in the morning before everyone else gets up, enjoying a cup of coffee or hot tea, listening to the birds, for a special time of Bible study.

  228. Eugena Provencio says:

    A powerful and anointed speaker! May God continue to bless you with every spiritual blessing.

  229. Peggy Foreman says:

    Finished up a Bible Study by Priscilla, “Discerning the Voice of God”. She has all of us ladies at West Shore Baptist Church hooked. We frequently take road trips together. Have one of these tapes would be awesome to listen to together. Favorite summer time…..having bible Study with the girls on Tuesday. Makes our week go so much better. God Bless you Priscilla for being the servant you are. God Bless and Blessings to you.

  230. Being outside with my babies!

  231. My favorite activity is sitting outside reading. The sample CD was an encouragement today.

  232. This CD would be a wonderful way to kick off Spring.

  233. Lauren Ham. says:

    going to the park

  234. anything to do with Easter!@ I love Easter and everything to do with it!

  235. Love Priscilla Shirer’s teaching. What a woman of God. Would enjoy winning a copy.

  236. Danielle Love says:

    Priscilla is great!

  237. My favorite springtime activity is watching my sons, 16 & 14, play baseball!!

  238. Tracie Begnaud says:

    This would be great for my time in the carpool line. Would love to have one of these.

  239. Carol Graham says:

    I’d love to have it so i can listen to it as I work.

  240. Love love love Pricilla’s studies!

  241. Adina Milburn says:

    It would be great to listen to while I am walking.

  242. Joey Reynolds says:

    I would love to have one so I can listen and be blessed!

  243. I would l-o-v-e to win one of Priscilla’s CDs! She is such an amazing Bible teacher and I always learn great insights about God’s Word from her.


  244. Soak up any and all sun – Yes I am from the MidWest

  245. Plant new flowering plants in plant beds, feeling the dirt with my bare hands, and soaking in the wonder that is God’s creation! :-)

  246. My favorite springtime activity is bike riding. I love seeing God’s hand in the renewal of nature. I also enjoy that time talking with God.
    Thank you for the generous giveaway! I look forward to winning. God bless you guys and Priscilla!

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