Effective Written Communication with Male Staff


I’ve written several posts recently about connecting with male staff members. We dealt with verbal communication already, so let’s talk written communication this time.

  1. When writing to men, number your points, reduce word count, & use bigger fonts.  Again, keep in mind that many men are bottom line types and want the most important information easily.
  2. Notice their preferred style for communicating. Perhaps it’s email, perhaps it’s text or written memo. Ask them their preference and then use that primarily.
  3. Follow up quickly if anything is outstanding. After sending communication, ask if he needs any more details and respond quickly. If you have asked for a response, follow up if you do not get it just as a way of reminding him what you needed from him.
  4. Be direct with requests. As with verbal communication, be confident and to the point with your information and requests.
  5. Understand their meaning of “no.” Learn to understand it that is a final answer or if there is room for negotiation.
  6. Ask God to teach you how to submit and accept different plan. At times, no matter how you communicate, you will get a no. God can use that to make you a stronger leader as you learn how to gracefully submit to the leadership God has placed in your church.

*See more help in the Effective Communication with Male Staff chapter in Transformed Lives.  Also, check out the chapter on Negotiating with Grace.

What else would you suggest to make your staff and male relationships more effective as you minister to women?


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