Connecting Women’s Ministry to Church Staff


Whether you are volunteer or paid staff, have you ever waited and waited for your staff (which is probably mostly male) to recognize and encourage the ministry you believe so strongly in? Maybe you need to consider a few things as you establish credibility for women’s ministry:

  1. Do you report regularly (and in bullet form) the ministry results you are seeing among your women? Keep a journal or records of the areas of ministry you work with and share what God is doing. Try providing a written report to your staff supervisor monthly or quarterly. How else do they know what is happening among your women.
  2. Does your ministry support over all church emphases and events? Be willing to walk alongside other ministries in partnership rather than in competition. Be ready and available when needs arise in any church ministry and assist whenever possible.
  3. Do you pray for your staff and their families regularly? Do they know you do? Ask them how you can pray specifically. Write notes of encouragement periodically. Build relationships with women on staff and staff wives so you know what their needs are and how to involve them possibly in areas of ministry for women.
  4. Where do you feel “slighted” as a woman serving in your church?  Have you prayed about it?  If so, does God want you to share this with your staff? Be sensitive to the timing as the Holy Spirit leads you in this.  Your voice may be the main female perspective…and this is something your staff needs especially if they are mainly men. It helps to have women share how to reach and connect with other women especially since the majority of church attendees are female.
  5. Do you make mountains out of everything?  I have been guilty of this often but with age comes the realization that not all of life is a mountain!  Save the biggest efforts for those things that are main issues and keep from wasting energy on things that are molehills.

Male pastors, though they can teach women and lead us well, cannot model what a godly woman looks like. We need to be the voice for women in our churches and to counter what the world is teaching them. How do you connect with your staff?



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