Leaders, What Should You NOT Delegate?


As leaders, we often struggle with delegating. Why? 

  1. Someone might not do it my way.
  2. Someone might not do it as well as I would.
  3. Someone might do it better than I would!
  4. It’s easier to do it myself?
  5. Add your reason here________________________

Ladies, we must delegate or we do not shepherd our women well. We are NOT assigned to do all the work, we are to equip the body to serve.  We can accomplish so much more when we share the responsibilities and train others to lead well.

BUT, there are a few things we are NOT to delegate in leadership of women. Recently, Eric Geiger  wrote a blog post that listed 3 things we should not delegate to others. Read that post here .

Now, let’s look at those 3 things he mentions:

  1. Clarity of Identity – If God has called you to lead a ministry, then you have to keep the identity of that ministry alive and clear to those you lead. God has given you the vision, you can share it and encourage others to share it, but YOU must be the one to hold high the values of this ministry and God’s commands as you serve.
  2. Clarity of Direction – God has called you to lead, that means you will be shown the direction as you follow Him faithfully. Lead the way clearly, show the way clearly. Ministry can be very scattered and unfocused without clear direction of the way the ministry is heading under God’s leadership. Talk about the direction over and over so women are not confused where you see God leading.
  3. Building the Team -Your core team is essential to help you lead and these will be the first you will pour into and disciple. Build well as you help them grow spiritually and as you equip them for the responsibilities you are delegating to them. They in turn will build sub-teams and do the same as they lead those teams.  Know who they are adding to their teams (but allow them to recruit)  and build your team well as God directs you to the leaders He has called.

What are your thoughts about delegating in ministry?

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