Win a Priscilla Shirer Live Simulcast!


Update: Thank you for participating in this giveaway. The giveaway is now closed and the winners are listed below. However, registration for the Priscilla Shirer Live Simulcast is still open! We hope you’ll join us on April 5. 

On April 5, women from all over the world will join together via simulcast for a day of teaching and worship with Priscilla Shirer.

We would love for you OR you and the women at your church to join us… so we are giving away THREE separate prize packs to 12 total people!

Look below to see which prize pack you would be eligible to win. You may only enter for one prize pack. Scroll down for instructions on entering the giveaway.

Prize Pack A (one winner eligible | $1,200 value)

(1) Church Simulcast Registration for Church of 250 or more
(1) Gideon Bible Study Leader Kit
(5) Gideon Bible Study Member Books
(1) Priscilla Shirer Devotional CD
(1) God is Able Book

Prize Pack B (one winner eligible | $980 value)

(1) Church Simulcast Registration for Church of 250 or less
(1) Gideon Bible Study Leader Kit
(5) Gideon Bible Study Member Books
(1) Priscilla Shirer Devotional CD
(1) God is Able Book

Prize Pack C (10 winners eligible | $50 value)

(1) Individual Simulcast Registration
(1) Gideon Bible Study Member Book
(1) Priscilla Shirer Devotional CD
(1) God is Able Book

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By entering today’s giveaway, you acknowledge LifeWay Christian Resource’s official promotion rulesToday’s giveaway starts at the posting time of this blog and ends next Monday (3/3/14) at 11:59 p.m. CST. You must be 18 to enter, and you may only enter once. The winner/s will be selected at random. For questions about the rules and regulations of this giveaway, please contact Bud Harlan at One LifeWay Plaza, Nashville, TN 37234-140.


  1. L W says

    I am so excited about this simulcast. Priscilla Shirer’s book One In a Million was instrumental in opening my eyes to my “wilderness wandering.” I love all of her books!

  2. says

    Prize pack B, for our small church. I just finished “Jonah” with another small local church and would love to give back in thanks for their inviting me.

    • says

      I absolutely love the poweful Bible study teaching of Priscilla Shirer. I would love to share this teaching with the women in my neighborhood. SO many women do not have anyone to connect with and this would be an awesome tool to make connections, meet new sisters in Christ and share the word of God.
      Prize Pack A. thanks so much and God Bless

    • Nicole Hawker says

      What a fabulous opportunity for our church. We are a brand new church plant looking for ways to impact our community. Option B would be perfect for us!!

  3. Linda Heaton says

    We (a small group of Ladies) would love to do one of Priscilla’s Bible Study’s. Gideon is one of the studies
    we have been talking about, but anyone would be wonderful.

  4. angel lynn karing says

    Wow! What an awesome giveaway!! My church is about 150 members and would love to study with Priscilla!! Thanks so much for this chance to win a great study and God bless:)

  5. Linda M says

    Would,love to win this for my mom’s church. Women’s ministry could really use the uplifting vigor of Priscilla’s words from God.

  6. Nona Henderson says

    Priscilla’s simulcast literally changed my life last year. Our women are now doing the Gideon study on Wednesday nights. My husband even wants to do the Gideon study together–he said since the study changed his life as well, he wanted to know more. I had been a paralegal for an attorney for 16 years and through the simulcast I quit my job as a paralegal to go to my church to do ministry as the church secretary! Wow, it has been a “great adventure”! I would love to win Package A for my church and the ladies of our church and community!

  7. Michele Zimmerman says

    Prize pack B. My church didn’t have a women’s ministry so we couldn’t really use the simulcast for 250. :(

  8. Julie Holman says

    Prize Pack B would be incredible. We have a very small community and 250 people would reach so many! Already going to travel to attend and see you in July!

  9. Tammy says

    I would love to win either package B for my my wonderful women’s bible study or C for to DL privately. Just finished a study with Priscilla, Beth Moore and Kay Arthur about David. Totally has transformed the way I study my bible and learning to fall more and more in love with my Jesus

  10. Michelle Oliver says

    Our church has been through a very difficult time and we are still healing from that and trying to move forward. I am currently leading worship for our small congregation and as a result I have not been able to devote as much time to our Women’s Ministry. We are currently looking at a prospective Music Minister which means I can once again devote my time to the ladies of our church. Prize Pack B would be a perfect way to relaunch our Ladies Bible study program.

    Michelle Oliver, Prize Pack B

  11. Paula Rockwood says

    Paula Rockwood, Prize Pack B. It would be so wonderful to be able to share this with all the women in our small church. Thanks for the opportunity!

  12. Melissa Masley says

    Was so blessed by your message at Women of Faith last weekend, would live to see you again! Prize pack C please!

  13. Carol Brock says

    We are in a small town and our Ladies Ministry likes to offer opportunities to encourage ladies in our community and surrounding areas. Prize Pack B please!!! Thanks for your generosity!!

  14. Annetta Salley says

    Prize Pack A. I personally CAN’T wait to join this awesome teaching! I am believing GOD to bless my church not just for our Women of Virtue ministry but to open our doors to the women in the community. TO GOD be all the glory for this WORD to be preached/taught in THIS SEASON.

  15. Marcia Rhinehart says

    Prize pack B would be perfect for us.

    I would love to win this for our small rural community church…we only have 50 members, but we know God has greater plans than what we could ever imagine and we are growing. We are the only church in town and the it started 7 years ago after a tornado came through the middle of town. I have been through other Priscilla Shirer Bible Studies in the past and would love to share this with the women of our church.

    Priscilla is one of my favorite authors along with Liz Curtis Higgs and Beth Moore.

    Thank you for this opportunity to reach more women for Christ.

  16. Melissa says

    I would love to win Prize Pack B. I am from a tiny Western Kansas town and we’ve never been able to offer anything like this.

    • Letty Meek says

      If you don’t win, you’re welcome to come to Topeka and join Maranatha Baptist Fellowship on April 5. Just $10/person – and I can try to help you find inexpensive lodging.

  17. Brandi Conrad says

    Prize Pack C. I have done the Gideon study & attending WOF Houston. Priscilla is an amazing teacher & woman of God!! Every winner will be blessed!

  18. Susan Copeland says

    I would love for our Sisters is Strength class and our church to have an opportunity
    to be a part of Pricilla’s simulcast, and the Gideon prize
    pack!! We would be so blessed! We have a few of her
    Bible studies and love them! Our last was Jonah!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  19. Kathy G. says

    I’d be all over this if our church’s women’s conference weren’t two weeks earlier. AND I’d be the only “A” church on the list so far! AAaarrggghhh! Maybe another time….. :(

  20. rita stewart says

    Rita Stewart I belong to a small church here in Ohio, so prize pack B or C would be such a blessing.
    Thanks. God Bless.

  21. Sonja Ruehle says

    I saw Prescilla, at the Women of Faith Conference, for the first time and I was blown away. She is such a powerful speaker. I look forward to digging into some of her studies.

  22. Nikki Kronberger says

    Nikki Kronberger I am a member of a large church (ABT) in Anchorage AK, so prize pack A would be perfect for us. Thank you Priscilla – I just saw you in Houston for the first time and you were such a tremendous blessing to me:) and thousands of other women.

  23. Karen Edmondson says

    I would like to enter for Prize Pack C for my small Bible Sisters Group that meets every week! We love your studies and just finished Gideon – SO READY FOR A NEW ONE!!!! YAY!

  24. Lisa Mills says

    Thank you so much for this opportunity! I would like to enter for prize pack C. Wish could enter for prize pack B, but don’t know how many women would join.

  25. Patty Eller says

    Prize Pack A would be a fit for us, we have a large church, and the women would enjoy Priscilla speaking to them.

  26. Angela Maynard says

    Prize pack B would be AWESOME!! )
    Thank you for all the hard work Lifeway puts into encouraging us ladies every day. Your a blessing!

  27. Carolyn Tuttle says

    Prize Pack B would, indeed, be a blessing. I live near several small West Texas towns whose small Churches may not be able to afford the Gideon Bible Study CD’s and leader and attendee workbooks. It would be such a wonderful opportunity to donate this prize pack for God’s Glory. Thank you and God Bless!!!

  28. Joan Hughes says

    I love Priscilla Shirer and would like to enter for Prize Pack B. Most of the women in my church have not had the opportunity to hear Priscilla live, so this would be awesome

  29. says

    I would love to offer Pack A to the women attending small churches in Dallas and Rockwall Counties (Texas) that could not afford to offer this program! If we had more women than the DBA office could hold my church would gladly host the event for us! This isn’t something the DBA budget can purchase, but I would love to introduce our ladies to Priscilla Shirer!

  30. cathy mills says

    Cannot wait for April 5th, to get here our church is hosting the simulcast!! Love me some Priscilla Shirer. I remember the first time I heard her speak was at a Deeper Still Event in Nashville Tennessee and nobody knew who she was and she was the most dynamic speaker that weekend! Would love to win Pack B!!!!!

  31. Gayla Ortega says

    Gayla Ortega- Prize Pack B. We are a fairly new/young church. What a blessing it would be to receive the privilege of sharing Priscilla’s simulcast with other women in our community because they could really relate to Gideon’s story!

  32. Pameula Johnson says

    Thank God for a wonderful, God-Inspired teacher such as Priscilla. I love all her works and studies that I have completed and wold love to win Package B for Parkwood Baptist Church

  33. Cassie H says

    Prize pack A. I love Priscilla and would love to worship and dive into God’s Word with my church family and her teaching simulcast!

  34. says

    What a Blessing it would be to win Prize Pack C as I can’t drive anymore and would still like to be able to be involved in the simulcast! Plus I’ve wanted to do the Gideon study for a long time!

  35. Bobbi Atkinson says

    I would love Prize Pack C. I had planned to order the simulcast for myself anyway. I love the simulcast as it provides me an opportunity to be comfy and be fed the word. I teach Sunday School and Small Group on Wednesday nights. As a leader we need to be fed to remain refreshed and renewed. I use simulcasts and some small group women’s studies just for that.

    Being a black, woman I absolutely love her teaching. I can totally relate to her.

  36. Tracy Whitfield says

    Package C. Just had child leave for recruit training at Camp Pendelton. Would love a study to work on the thirteen weeks he will be gone. Praise God.

  37. melissa coleman says

    Hi , 1st I want say that here in Lancaster pa I have the pleasure to participate in some of Priscilla’s studies and my Church Kingdom Life International Assembly we are new and trying to build up our Women’s Ministry and I am the coordinator for our Women’s Ministry and this would be a perfect addition . Prayerfully we will win , God Bless !!

  38. D B says

    We are revamping our Women’s Ministry. The Gideon Bible Study would definitely help draw more women and help us build relationships with God and one another ! Pack B would be suitable for our church!

  39. Sherry Arni says

    Prize Pack B would be perfect for our tiny church and for our Bible study outreach in the community. We have women who would love it!

  40. says

    We want to partner together with Priscilla and Mandisa as we finish the race of being an “Overcomer” in our spiritual lives and in the study of Gideon. We hope to add Priscilla to our Spring schedule to tie a nice bow around our Winter study of Gideon and kick off our Spring study! Therefore, prize package “A” would be our choice. We would donate Gideon series to a sister church in our area so they can be blessed!

  41. says

    Kristin Wilson, prize pack A
    LOVE Priscilla!! We are studying SEED in our moms group this year…SUPER powerful for women to have the confidence that HE speaks to each of HIS of us, if we will only seek HIM!!

  42. Angie Lett says

    I would like to enter to win prize pack B. I would love for the women of our church to get to know Priscilla and to study God’s Word under her teaching. Thank you for this opportunity!

  43. says

    Love Priscilla’s work and heart! Enter me to win prize pack A. We have a larger women’s ministry and live in snow country so it would be great to hear Priscilla in our own building!

  44. Fran Graves says

    Would love to win package B. I facilitate studies for ladies in our church, and we are doing Jonah right now. I love working with these ladies and how much the Lord blesses as we learn together.

  45. Nancy B says

    Priscilla’s Gideon simulcast was held at a Church nearby last year but I wasn’t able to attend. Pack B would be a great opportunity for our Church, and a good way to introduce some of our ladies to Priscilla’s teachings. Thank you for such a generous opportunity

  46. Tami Hall says

    I so enjoy Priscilla’s direct approach and her whimsical stories. I am working through God is Able with a group of ladies and we have learned a great deal about ourselves and about our powerful God.
    I would love to win prize package B.

  47. Cindy says

    Package C. I would so love to see you live and meet you one day. I love ready your devotions in my journey!
    God bless you!

  48. Heather Smith says

    Heather Smith and would love to win package C. You are a great teacher and I love your books. Keep up the great work for GOD.

  49. Kathy Erickson says

    I would take any of the packages. I’d like to be able to share with others in my church, so Package B would be best. But I’d take Package C any day!

  50. Shelley Vaught says

    What an awesome giveaway! Please enter me to win prize pack B. I would love to be able to offer this opportunity to our ladies within our church and also to any un-churched women in our area!

  51. Anita Hunt says

    I would like to win Pack B. I am already leading a wonderful group of ladies through the Gideon study, and would love to be able to do it again with another group. Plus, our ladies LOVE the PS simulcasts – always have a great turnout.

  52. Lori Sutton says

    Lori Sutton and Prize pack B would best suit our church. I would love the opportunity to offer this class to both the women of our church and our community. Thank you for offering this give away.

  53. Letty Meek says

    Our church already has signed up to host the simulcast. I am entering for prize pack c so I can share with an out-of-state friend if I win.

  54. says

    Debbie Carson, Prize Pack C
    What a Blessing it would be to be able to participate in the simulcast, especially as I can no longer drive! I have also wanted to do the Gideon study for a long time!

  55. Grace ARNASON says

    Prize Pack B
    We love GOD’s WORD and are always looking for a new Bible study to study GOD’s WORD to show ourselves approved unto HIM! Thank you.

  56. Kesha Royster says

    I’m actually going to the New Orleans event but what I will do is give the simulcast privilege to a small church in my local area. I will keep the other items ; )

    Kesha Royster, Prize Pack B

  57. Peggy Garrett says

    Prize pack C would be wonderful. Our church is larger than 250–(what a wonderful thing to do for the smaller churches!) and there are several people who would benefit from the wonderful offerings of pack C. Thank you!
    You, Priscilla Shirer, are a very blessed and gifted speaker. The anointing of the Holy Spirit just oozes from you.
    Our group of 60 ladies just finished you “Discerning the Voice of God” study–absolutely phenomenal study!

  58. Diane Wabs says

    Would love a chance to win package B. It would bless our group of very busy moms and other ladies to hear Priscilla’s wisdom on this matter. Thank you for this opportunity. God bless this event.

  59. Michele says

    Hi my name is Michele Schneck; I am hoping to win Prize Pack C. Unfortunately I can not attend a simulcast that day.

  60. Jann Castleberry says

    Getting ready for a retreat with almost 100 ladies to do Faithful, Abundant and True. Excited to introduce Priscilla to our Washington state ladies,,

  61. Wendy Maust says

    Wendy Maust, Prize Pack B. We did the Gideon study last fall and I am still reaping the treasures. Would love to share with neighborhood!

  62. Catherine S says

    I have heard so much about these wonderful simulcasts by Priscilla. Would love to participate on April 5. Prize Pack C would be wonderful! Thank you! ~ Catherine Seybold

  63. Susan says

    My name is Susan and I would love to be blessed by prize pack A. I just finished Priscilla’s Gideon study all by myself in my living room I couldn’t wait each week to get the money to download her next video to watch it. I was so blessed by the study I would love to share it with my women’s Bible study group. Priscilla may you continue to be used by the Lord, knowing that your labor of Love and service is not in vain.

  64. Wendy O says

    I would be excited to be able to offer Priscilla’s
    Simulcast to my church family. Getting the Gideon
    Bible study would be such a bonus for us in our
    Monday night or Tues morning or night classes.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win these great prizes!

  65. Laura says

    I would love the package for 25o more .mi belong to a large Church. It would be a blessing. I love the idea of the devotion!

  66. Plainfield Pam says

    I would love to register for prize package C.. I will be thrilled to read them myself and then share with other ladies in my church!

  67. Pat says

    Package C-our church is hosting the simulcast but would love to share it with someone who is homebound; Prisildda is so great; I have heard her live two times in the past and even volunteered when She was at FBC Jacksonville a couple of years ago.

  68. Coleen Choate says

    I would love to win prize pack C. I mentor a couple of women that do not go to church, but enjoy doing Bible studies and this would be perfect.

  69. Charity West says

    Prize pack C. Love to hear Priscilla. God always gives her a good word that seems just for me in my season of life.

  70. Susan says

    I would love to jump start our Womens Ministry with Prize Packet B. We are a small growing church revamping some things and what an awesome opportunity this could be for us to grow with our community!
    Susan Malo

  71. gail palumbo says

    I would love to win prize package one so that all the women in my church can attend and hear Priscilla. The women who attend our Wednesday Night Bible study are huge fans of Priscilla and we would love to share her teaching with the rest of our church!

  72. Judy says

    Judy Locklin, Oswego, NY.

    I would love to win any of the packages! I love Priscilla’s teaching and am excited to justbe able to enter!

  73. Nancy Wilkerson says

    I would love to win Prize Pack A My Women’s Ministry group has studied several of Pricisilla’s Bible Studies and have loved them. This would thrill their hearts to know we had another one to study. Nancy Wilkerson

  74. angela lynn nicholson-karing says

    neshannock alliance (150 members) would just love to win package B, thanks for the chance!! God bless:)

  75. says

    I need Package B. I NEED Package B. The women of Little River want to grow in the knowledge of the Lord and shine His light in this community. I love Priscilla and the Word of God she has brought to my life. I learned so much from her books about listening to the Voice of God. Thank you for sharing the love!

  76. Karen Stewart says

    I would love to win Prize Pack C. My Women’s group is presently studying “One in a Million” and we are loving it!

  77. Be Hillegeist says

    Price Pack “C” would be Awesome :) Priscilla is so inspirational! Love that she share from the Word, and has dug deep to explain the Word!

  78. Darlene Lantz says

    I absolutely love Prisicilla Shirer’s Bible studies and would love to have the opportunity to share in one with my church family. We would need prize pack B.

  79. Tara Robertson says

    Tara Robertson, Prize Pack B

    Thank you Lord that You anoint people like Priscilla to teach, thank you Lord that she has such a heart for You and that she is willing to pour into the bible studies all which You have taught her, which You use to teach us. Bless her Lord, and bless the simulcast event, I know You are moving and orchestrating on our behalf, I ask that You prepare every heart attending and serving in the simulcast events to Your glory! thank You Lord. Amen

  80. Marianne Winfrey says

    Thank you for the contest and I am entering for the individual as our church is small and does not have internet. I thank god for thee Bible studies through Lifeway that they bring to us.

  81. says

    oh course I would gladly accept any of these, but particularly interested in package C. Pricilla’s teaching is such a blessing and I would love to view a live simulcast!!

  82. Jill emery says

    Prize pack c please. My name is Jill and I love your simulcasts. Since I am home bound with a dvt it would be nice to still participate and experience the growth in my Christian walk that I find with your simulcasts. Thanks fior offering this opportunity to win a package

  83. Cathy McCready says

    I have been so blessed by Priscilla’s Bible Studies. I would love to win Prize Pack B, to share with our Women’s Ministry. Thank you for this opportunity.

  84. Jasmin Montgomery says

    Jasmin Montgomery, Prize Pack A. Currently teaching He Speaks to Me at a women’s small group Bible study and she is an amazing teacher! Love her work for the Lord!

  85. Tina Stelly says

    Pack A please. Just saw Priscilla Shirer for the first time at Unwrap the Bible in Houston last Saturday! I was so Blessed!!

  86. Jennifer MyersSmith says

    This is an amazing giveaway!! I would like to win package b to share with the women in my church, the churches we fellowship with, their friends and sisters. Thank you for the opportunity to enter! Congratulations to everyone who wins!

  87. Natasha Joseph-Anderson says

    I’m participating in the Gideon’s Bible Study at church and I’m listening to the audiobook The Resolution for Women. I’d love to win Prize Pack C.

  88. Angelia Routzahn says

    Awesome timing! Our church us starting it first bible study by her next week!! Would live to win package B.

  89. Sheila Watson says

    I would enjoy any of these packages. My church has not had a women’s study and I would live to share this with them. To have a study for our church and fellowship with one another would be such a blessing.

  90. Candace A. says

    I am already registered to go! I would love to win C to bless a friend who may not be able to afford to go so she can walk away a new woman in Christ! Love the whole family! Nothing like listening to yall blessing us with what God has given you! WOOHOO!

  91. Terri Lynn Martin says

    Prize pack A for the ladies of Triad Baptist Church (Kernersville NC) as well as a spectacular opportunity to bring other ladies in the Triad, both churched and unchurched together!!

  92. Mary Townsend says

    Mary Townsend from Warwick RI….and pack C would be perfect for me and a blessing in my life! I have been reading and hearing a lot about Priscilla Shirer but have not had the opportunity to hear her speak or read her book God is Able. Thanks for the opportunity!

  93. Andrea Casey says

    Our second Women’s group is finishing Gideon this week. We are huge fans of Priscilla and would love pack A!

  94. Melanie Jones says

    Melanie J. Prize Pack C. Would love to be able to attend as I’m in New Orleans but it’s sold out! It’s truly a blessing that it’s sold out! I’ve watched some youtube videos with Priscilla and love her message.

  95. Jean Marie Brown says

    Jean Marie Brown from Medford, NJ. Pack C would be such a blessing for me! I loved Priscilla Shirer. Just did her SEED Bible Study in the Fall. Thank you!

  96. Jennifer says

    Prize Pack B would be fantastic! My ladies bible study group is planning to host this event in our very small rural community. We are so excited to see where God is going to take us!

  97. Brenda Norby says

    Prize Pack C!!!
    I have learned so much and have so challenged by several of Priscilla Shirer Bible studies. I just finished One In A Million and I have been challenged and encouraged to grow in my walk with God in a much deeper and more profound way. I have also done the Gideon study as well. I would love the chance to Priscilla teach live over the simulcast. Thanks for this offer and chance to win! Thank you!

  98. Early says

    I love Priscilla’s Bible Studies. They are so applicable to my busy mom life–I have to remember to listen for His direction and slow down.

  99. Early says

    I love Priscilla’s Bible Studies. They are so applicable to my busy mom life–I have to remember to listen for His direction and slow down. I would love Prize pack B.

  100. LB Brundage says

    I would love to win the A package! I have heard Priscilla Shirer in person & she was awesome!! She is a gifted speaker. She is able to make deep concepts understandable to all.

  101. Laura Beth Brundage says

    Package A please! I already commented once but it didn’t register.

    Priscilla Shirer is a gifted inspirational speaker. I was able to attend one of her events in South Carolina. Well worth the trip!

  102. says

    I love the way you do things Life Way! I would like to win Price Pack B to bring your Simucast to Hearts on Fire as a treat the ladies special event would be so totally awesome! I am so glad you make such things available to women who can’t otherwise make it to these events. I was blessed to attend an event in San Francisco and Walnut Creek years back and have used your products at our church in bible studies. Thank you again!
    Be blessed not stressed!

  103. Lisa Dickerson says

    I am so excited to see this! I love Priscilla Shirer’s studies, and her inspired words have ministered to so many in my women’s group. This would be an unbelievable blessing to our small study group! Lisa D., Prize Pack B

  104. Maria Alvarez says

    My name is Maria Alvarez and I am hoping to win Prize Pack C. Priscilla has been such a source of encouragement to me and I would love to see the simulcast.

  105. Nikki Tapia says

    I was just talking to our pastor about doing this simulcast for a small group of ladies! I am the women’s ministry director and have never done a simulcast (nor has our church) but we are equipped, ready and willing! :)
    Nikki Tapia- Prize Pack C

  106. Equonda says

    I would like win prize package B for the Poplar Grove Missionary Baptist Church and women in the surrounding Boyle MS area. I love Priscilla Shirer and I would love to introduce as many women as possible in the Mississippi Delta to her teaching and insights of Christ. Her teachings stirred a fire in me that I want to continue passing on to other women. 3 years ago in Southaven Priscilla taught me how to get free through her teaching on Gideon. Now I want to give other women in my community the same experience. A blessing that would keep on giving. Thank you.

  107. Melanie Hall says

    Melanie Hall – Prize Pack B Began Priscilla’s Gideon Bible Study with a group last night. So looking forward to it; first video was awesome and I’m about to start my “homework”. Would love to win the prize pack.

  108. Wendy Stevens says

    I would love to win Prize C! My first study with Priscilla was Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed. Thank you so much for your willing teacher’s heart!

  109. Charlotte says

    What an awesome opportunity. I’m registering so put me on. Which ever prize list. They are all winning packages. Grateful and excited to be putting in my lottery moment because it’s a no brainer. There are no losers when God is involved just opportunities to go deeper. Thanks for this opportunity.

  110. Kay Tibbs says

    Kay Tibbs -prize Pack B – I am doing the study right now and would love to win it to send to my daughter who leads a Women’s Bible study for young women! Got to go now and get back to my homework! Loving it!

  111. Barbara Jones says

    God bless you for wanting to share these truths with women who need encouragement to be courageous in these days! I pray our women will catch the flame of giving our lives to be used for His glory! Pack B would be a tremendous blessing and challenge to us!

  112. Melba Worley says

    Melba Worley – Prize Pack C

    I would so love to win this pack, because I truly believe it would help to grow in my faith & strengthen me in the Lord.

  113. Jennie Freeman says

    Pack B would be wonderful. We have a small church in a small town (pop. 200), and a small ladies Bible study : ) , so that is why pack B would be great for us. I think our ladies would love to do the Gideon Bible study, plus be involved in the simulcast. Thanks for the opportunity of participating in a chance to win!

  114. Jacci Webb says

    Hi Priscilla !!
    I would love to win package C !! I would use it to share with the women young, and seasoned in my family.
    I always talk about how The Lord has Used your ministry to touch so many women all over the world !! I just want to say
    THANK YOU ! Friend :-)

  115. Lola says

    Experienced Gideon not long ago with a precious group of ladies and I am still reeling from it’s many lessons! Package B would be an incredible blessing to share at my church with our small group hosting the event. Going to draw a prayer circle and resolve to pray until you announce the winners 😉

  116. Jackline says

    Jackline.Prize C
    Interested in the award to enable me train other women in three different counties of Bungoma, Pokot and Nairobi,we meet every thursday for fellowship and sharing.

  117. Mona says

    I would love prize package A in order to share it with my church . We have never done one of her studies but I love her teachings and to be able to bring her to our community. Mona Woodson

  118. says

    I’ve been considering this Bible study for our Ladies Ministry for about a year. I’m wondering now if it might be time. I’d love to check it out for myself. So “Package C” would be just perfect for me!

  119. Catherine says

    I was so excited to see this special promotions for Priiscilla’s broadcast and this opportunity to bring her broadcast to individual’s and small group. Several ladies and myself attended a wonderfully spirit filleyd day in Brockviile with Beth Moores. A true blessing with technology to bring us such inspirational ladies. Recently the mission for our small pastoral charge was to recognize, acknowledge and respond to the fact that these special God giving ladies are becoming spiritually empty from always giving, what a wonderful way to give back. The Spirit has been sharing the vision of this televise would through God’s grace would provide an opportunity to bring Package B to our community. There has been such a time of transformation happening among our small communities with multiple denominations coming together, with much work being done on becoming the true church, not a building, but new exciting ways to reach out to the individuals outside traditional Sunday morning service. Package B would be wonderful. Was contact through email re this opportunity.

  120. Linda Sloan says

    I’ve heard her speak and could easily let the Spirit apply it to my life! I would love to have B to share with my church and community sisters! Thanks for offering this!

  121. Joan says

    Package C , would be awesome. for this Bible Study group , as we were so excited to here you were coming to Minnesota in October with Women Of Faith, and know you are unable to join us. You will be missed.

  122. Dana Fisher says

    Dana Fisher, Prize Package A. Our church just completed the Jonah Bible Study for Sunday School last quarter, by far one of the most positive responded studies we have done in a long time. Priscilla is a powerful teacher, we would be honored to use this as an outreach to our community.

  123. says

    As far as which package I will leave that up to The Lord . Which ever one he feel s is the best one for our community will be used and valued . After all he knows which would be best. For He is Able! Thank you for the opportunity and may The Lord bless and give thiese gifts to those that need it the most .

  124. Nancy Federick says

    Nancy Federick – Pack C – I am interested in Priscilla Shirer’s Bible Studies. I want to introduce them to my church.

  125. Teresa says

    I entered for Package C. I loved last year’s simulcast and would love a chance to see this one! Love, love, love Priscilla Shirer’s Bible studies & books!!!
    Teresa C.

  126. Johnnie Wesley says

    Johnnie Wesley would like to win Package B for my Sunday School class. I would love for our new ladies class to do this Bible Study.

  127. Sharalee says

    Prize pack A
    We have just re-launched our Women ‘s Ministry and we are excited about all of the amazing learning opportunities God is providing! This prize pack would be a fantastic resource for our ladies!

  128. Whitney says

    I’m excited about the Audio books! i’ve got a really long drive to work each day and this will prepare me for the day and keep my mind fresh and focused!

  129. debbie says

    Debbie Pack A — Our ladies at our church just finished a Beth Moore study and we are looking for another study . This would be awesome if I could win something for them.
    God Bless

  130. Marsha Neufeld says

    Marsha Neufeld – Prize Pack C – I am looking forward to Priscilla Shirer’s upcoming simulcast.
    I have a list of gals I have already invited.

  131. Lori Ewing says

    Prize pack A or B would be great to be able to share with the women in my church!!! I love her studies….I always learn so much!

  132. Pat Wright says

    Prize pack B would be the one our church is eligible for. Would love to win it. Thank you for the chance to win this fantastic pack!

  133. Denise Whitley says

    I absolutely love Priscilla Shirer and would be honored to win one of these packages. She is an incredible spiritual leader for women!

  134. says

    Brenda Prize Pack B
    We’ve done a couple of Priscilla Shirer’s studies in the past at our church. Our women were so blessed by her teachings! I would love to win a simulcast for our women’s ministry.

  135. says

    Our group would love to have prize pack B. We have attended many simulcasts over the years but have a new facility and would love to share Priscilla with the ladies in our church and our community!

  136. stephanie ballantyne says

    hello I`m a new Christian of 4 years ,I`m involved in a small study group of 5 ladies from my Church. To thank them for all their support I would love to win study pack B to thank them , and lend out to others who wants to study. Thank you x

  137. says

    I am the Pastor of Women’s Ministry at our church of about 300 people in little Salmon Arm BC Canada! I would LOVE for my women to experience Priscilla Live! What a treat!!My name is Tamara Peterson and I am interested in pack B.

  138. Wanda Kilby says

    I would love to win Prize Pack C to share with our ladies’ small group. We loved Priscilla’s Jonah Bible study! And we would like to study Gideon together. Blessings! Wanda Kilby

  139. Kathy Hibma says

    As a student and teacher of God’s Word, I would love the opportunity to share Priscilla’s Simultcast to not only the ladies of Berkeley Avenue Baptist, but with the women of our community as well. We are in the middle of the wilderness with Priscilla and God at the moment; each of us being more challenged than we desire, learning so much about God and ourselves. We would love culminate our journey together with God putting some spiritual fuel in our tanks via the message He has given Priscilla in the Simultcast, taking us on to the Promise Land. Our choice would be package B.

  140. Vanna wainwright says

    I used to do bible studies with a group of wonderful women in Tooele, Utah, I have since moved to the small town of west Texas, where the fertilizer plant had an explosion April 17th 2013. I feel God has plans for me and my family, just not sure what, I’m trying to get connected here at West first baptist church, but struggling through depression. I would love to share package B with the ladies at church, if possible. Thank you for the chance to win and learn, Vanna Wainwright.

  141. Pamela Shuler says

    I would like to win the under 250 prize package for our church for our WOMEN OF THE WORD (WOW) Bible Study group. We have done your Jonah study and it was well received. We still have WOMEN who are still doing service works as a result.

  142. says

    Our Ladies Bible Study group has asked that our next study be by Priscilla Shirer. Prize Pack B would Bless us! I am reading her book: God Is Able-such an eye opening book-brings a lot of peace-thanks for sharing it with others!

  143. Tammy Real-McKeighan says

    I would love to win Prize pack B. I have led citywide Bible studies on Beth Moore’s study of James, the Psalms of Ascent and Esther. I would love to introduce my community to Priscilla Shirer, who is a Godly, spirit-led woman and a gifted and dynamic speaker. I loved her studies about Discerning the Voice of God and Jonah.

  144. Brada says

    I keep reading about your books and studies on different blogs I follow. Would love to explore them for myself.

    Brada Berg-prize pack C

  145. Lee Patterson says

    Pack B. We have a small church, but would invite other women from community churches to join us in the simulcast.

  146. Amber Bowman says

    Bummed out and overwhelmed with joy that it was sold out. As much as I wanted to attend (especially since it is close to where I live) I think I’m more excited that so many other ppl had the same desire. However totally Geeked that it is a simulcast so I have the opportunity to still participate. Amber Bowman Pack C

  147. Sherrese Moore says

    Sherrese Moore, Fairmount Heights MD Package C I am looking forward to hearing her in April.

  148. Angela Garnes says

    Angela Garnes, prize pack C please.
    I love Priscilla! She is a wonderful speaker with a great sense of humor. Looking forward to the Simulcast.

  149. Mariah Polm says

    Mariah Polm, pack c would be perfect and I would love to be apart of this. Thank you and God Bless!

  150. Jimelle Hancock says

    Jimelle Hancock, Prize Pack B

    I am SO excited that the women of my small church will be experiencing Priscilla’s simulcast for the first time. We’ve used several of her studies in the past, and I know we will be both convicted and encouraged by the word God will have Priscilla share on April 5th!

  151. Melody P says

    Package B would be great for the Women of our small church plant. We are doing our first Priscilla study and love it!

  152. says

    I LOVED the Gideon Bible Study. I went through it with Beth Moore during her Summer Bible Study series. I would LOVE to bring this to my church and town.
    I would love Pack A.

  153. Maebeth Cotton says

    Pack A – would love to win this for my church. We’ve already started advertising and plan to host the event, but if we could do it for free, it would be even better.

  154. Ruth Anne says

    Pack C. I joined your last simulcast and it was incredible. Looking forward to this one and I would love to win. Thank you!

  155. Sarah Lacefield says

    Package A
    Love this sweet lady! Priscilla allows The Lord to speak through her! I have learned so much through her studies! I’d love to share her expertise & wisdom with women in my church!

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