AllaccessJoinLauch_slider_628_250We are so excited to announce the creation of a social media launch team for Beth Moore’s next Bible study, Children of the Day! In this study (releasing May 1) Beth will lead women on a journey to explore the books of 1 and 2 Thessalonians.

We’d love your help in getting the word out about this Bible study through your social media channels (like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, blogs, etc.). Does this sounds like something that interests you? If so, continue reading (very important!) and then fill out the form at the bottom!

Q: What is a social media launch team?

A social media launch team is a group of people who will commit to getting the word out about Children of the Day through the social media channels that they currently use (like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, blogs, etc.) from the beginning of March through the release of the Bible study in May.

Q: Is this an online Bible study?

This is NOT an online Bible study. While we would certainly encourage you to do the Bible study with a group of women once it releases in May, that will not be the purpose of this team. The main purpose will be to  get the word out about Children of the Day.

Q: Why are you doing this?

We believe so strongly in the message that Beth has for women in Children of the Day. We’ve created this launch team to make as many women aware of this Bible study as possible!

Q: How does a social media launch team work?

Once accepted, you will be invited to join a private Facebook group. The LifeWay team will then post “share squares” (see the image below), video clips, and other items from the Bible study to the Facebook group. Your responsibility will be to then post those “share squares,” video clips, and additional items to your own social media channels. This will happen about two to three times a week. It’s that simple!

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 4.05.51 PM

Q: Will I need to create anything to share with my friends and family on social media for Children of the Day?

No. We will supply you with everything you’ll need through the private Facebook group!

Q: Will I get anything for being a member of the social media launch team?

All members of the social media launch team will receive a Children of the Day commemorative gift, a special video message from Beth, physical AND digital copies of the Children of the Day member book, and access to the entire first teaching session from the study. (Note: launch team members will not receive the physical copy of the member book until it releases in May.)

 Q: Can anyone join the social media launch team?

Unfortunately, we cannot accomodate over a certain number of applicants (although we would absolutely love this). Thus, the launch team will be limited to women who already have an active social media presence.

Q: When and how will we find out if we were chosen to be a part of the launch team?

Once a certain number of women apply, we will look through each application to determine who will make up the team. We will then send an email to the selected women on Monday, March 3.

Q: How long will this last?

The launch team will get started in early March and continue through the Bible study release in May (so about 9-10 weeks).

Do you have any further questions about the social media launch team? Feel free to send us an email at womensministry(at)lifeway(dot)com! 


  1. Thank you for this opportunity to help promote Beth’s new study!

  2. So excited about this new study! Our women’s ministry team at Carmel Baptist Church in Matthews, NC is already talking about it! Anticipating God to move in our hearts and in the women among us …

  3. Would love to promote!

  4. Can’t wait to participate!! No I am not a poet but it just came out like that. :o) But seriously I am really looking forward to spending time with Beth. You have been a real blessing in my life and in the lives of the women at my church. Thank you!

  5. Carol Graham says:

    I would love to help out by spreading the word on your new study. I also look forward to it’s release. I have done many of your studies and I love how you present the nuggets in the word.

  6. I am excited to hear what Beth has to say about the times we live in. The Church is mostly asleep and unaware of how we are to the end times. The more people we can awaken and challenge to live authentic Christ-following lives, the better.

  7. Teri Beamer says:

    I would so enjoy this.

  8. Very exciting!

  9. So exciting!

  10. I just applied to be on the launch team. I am so excited about the release of this new study! I believe it is so important to get the Word of God into the hearts and minds of women in order to equip them to be salt and light, to enable them to live victoriously through the hard circumstances of this fallen world in which we live and to be ready to equip others to do the same.
    I can hardly wait for the ‘aha moments’ that Beth always seems to lead me into as she mines the depths of the Word in this new study.
    Gay Idle @ CaptiveHeart

  11. I’d be so blessed to be on the team!

  12. Can’t wait to see where this study takes us!

  13. I love Beth Moore so much! She is an amazing teacher who has allowed God to work through her and she does it so beautifully!!!!

  14. I am 70 and years old and only use Facebook with all my BSF ladies and my Bible Strong group.. I will be promoting your new study in any way the Lord leads me . I really don’t qualify to fill out the form but God knows my heart. Also looking forward to Breathe. Thank you, Beth. Love the word of God.

  15. Rebecca Saiz says:

    I pray that women are touched by this new study the way that I have been touched by previous studies of Beth’s.

  16. Really excited did not know it was coming out already in May! Sending prayers for Beth at theis really busy time!!!!

  17. Amy LeLaCheur says:

    I’m so excited to do this study with the women of our church and women in our community! Women that wouldn’t consider coming to church will often times come to a small Bible Study when invited.

  18. Thank you for this opportunity. What a lovely gift it would be to be part of this team. May the Lord guide the process. I rest knowing that He will chose those who can best help spread the word of His Word.

  19. I would love the opportunity to help promote your new study!
    Thank you

  20. I am very excited about this study. I pray the Lord will allow me to be used to promote this. I plan to do this study with my group when it is released. Such a blessing!

  21. Lisa Wight says:

    What a wonderful opportunity!

  22. Cindy Morgan says:

    Cannot wait! I’m re-doing “Belived Disciple” right now & am being so blessed again!

  23. Tammy Pearson says:

    So excited to help with this ….. We are doing Secrets in my home … Great study !!!

  24. Can’t wait!!!

  25. Would love to help!!

  26. Karen Thiessen says:

    How exciting. I would love to promote Beth’s new study. What a blessed opportunity to partner with you and getting the work out. I hope you allow me to be a part of this. Thank you and Praise the Lord!

  27. Melanie Handley says:

    Just applied to help! Very excited about a study on the letters to the Thessalonians!

  28. Love this!!!

  29. lisa houston says:

    excited for a new study

  30. Jannell Farrell says:

    Excited for God’s Word to be spoken by an anointed teacher. Thanks for digging in to God’s Word and bringing us another in-depth study to help us grow our roots into Jesus!

  31. Nancy Vandewater says:

    Timely study – as we see the Day approaching!

  32. Karen Wade says:

    I’ve filled out the form, and would love to help get the word out about the new Bible Study. Our Bible Study group will be so excited to know there is a new study coming out in May! As a group, over about 5 years, we’ve completed at least 12 or 15 of Beth’s studies, and we benefit so much from each one, and learn more about our God. I will prayerfully await your response.

  33. Kristen Jorgensen says:

    What a fabulous opportunity! I know God has wonderful things in store for the new study and for all the women Beth Moore reaches through her teachings! I know it will be AWESOME as all Beth Moore studies are!!! I will be praying for all the women who are chosen to be a part of the “Children of the Day” launch team! Thank you!

  34. Misty Leatherwood says:

    I am so excited about this study! Would love to be a part of promoting it!!

  35. Marilyn Shewfelt says:

    I am so excited about this new study and have been anxiously waiting for it! Having attended many Living Proof Live Conference and leading many women’s Bible Studies, I am passionately desiring take women on this journey through1&2 Thessalonians !

  36. Amy in Hawaii says:

    The Lord is so sweet!! Can’t wait!!

  37. Excited about the new study!!

  38. Looking forward to digging into God’s Word.

  39. I love, love, love Beth’s studies. They are so awesome and applicable to women of all ages! I would be thrilled to get the word out about this study!!!!

  40. Leslie Miller says:

    Thank you for this opportunity! I love Beths Bible Studies! I love God and His Word, I want to help others know more about Him. What a blessings this would be!

  41. This would be such a blessing! Can’t wait for the new study!

  42. What a great opportunity. I have done most of Beth’s Studies and even have some great stories to tell from my experiences with them. Looking forward to her new study and praying that God will prepare those he wants to speak to through “Children of the Day.”

  43. Sally Calentine says:

    Would be honored to help promote a study that Beth is doing. Either way I am going to do this study it sounds amazing.

  44. Sherry Lederer says:

    Thank You for this wonderful opportunity! We are all anxiously awaiting Beth’s new Study.

    • Sally Calentine says:

      I have done a couple of her studies before and they are awesome. Look forward to hopefully being on the new launch team but either way look forward to doing another of her studies.

  45. Karen Leasure says:

    I’m pretty sure I’m not an active enough tweeter or instagrammer for this, but I will be promoting as the opportunity becomes available to me! My bible study group and I are looking forward to this new study with great anticipation!

  46. Oh I’d love to! What an honor! Praise the Lord for all the work she has done for Him to grow the Kingdom

  47. I’ve completed.almosT all of her studies, what a joy it would be to be able to this way.

  48. Lee Patterson says:

    I love this idea of using your community to create a team to help you promote your new studies! It’s innovative! I know I’m up against some stiff competition with these ladies, but I’d love to be part of the team!

  49. It is exciting to know that another Beth Moore study is soon to be released…. <3

  50. Can’t wait to see what God has in store through this new study!

  51. Stacie Hubbard says:

    Didn’t make the team :( BUT I am still so excited and can’t wait for the new study to be released! Count down to May! Thank you to Beth and her team for all the amazing studies you have developed for women over the years. They are truly a blessing!

    • Lee Patterson says:

      Me too Stacie! I love Beth and I love Lifeway. I can’t wait to support the women that were chosen and help Lifeway in their goals to encourage and nurture women!

  52. Sorry I just saw this now… I would have SO applied to be a part of this team!

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