Love Can Build a Bridge: Bridging Young Women to Women’s Ministry

Guest blogger Nancy Hamilton was one of our breakout leaders at the 2013 Women’s Leadership Forum. One topic she shared helped women’s ministry leaders know how to connect their ministries to younger women.  Here is a snippet from what she taught.  Perhaps you will join us in 2014 for the Women’s Forum.


As much as I loved this song from the Judd’s in the 1990, I never knew what an impact this phrase would have on God’s call for my life. As a pastor, encourager, and shepherd to women, it is a great privilege to develop ways to unite generations of women together who are similar in spirit and heart, yet different in likes, tastes, and God’s divine makeup.

It is crucial as women’s ministry leaders that we find ways to help older women of the ministries we serve know how to connect with those younger women who are all around you. Titus 2:3 tells us the older women to teach the younger women, what is good. So many women in our lives today do not believe they have something of value, of good to offer.

  • How can you as a women’s ministry leader bring out the good in the women around you?
  • What ways do you see God developing gifts in a woman’s life?
  • What specific experiences can you design for women to serve together, helping them love others around them and love each other?

Breaking down the communication barriers, the silos of ministries in our churches, as well as those myths and misperceptions that young women want nothing to do those older women will be key as we build bridges not only of love but purpose and mission for the future.

What can your bridge of love look like? Consider this model as one way you can bridge the gap with authenticity and relationship with those women around you:

Bridge of Hospitality opening the door of your home will open the “heart door” of many!

Bridge of Encouragement – the priceless treasure that doesn’t cost a penny through an encouraging note of love.

Bridge of Authenticity – the unpretentiousness that gives others freedom to be themselves. Be “real” by sharing your journey, struggles and all. Women are not looking for you to have it together, they are looking to see what happens to you when you don’t.

Bridge of Resources – your arsenal of God-taught wisdom.  Share truth by reading/discussing a Christian book together or inviting her to a conference that you treat her to.

Bridge of Time – a gift of true sacrifice that will prove your love to others.  Give your time by making time for her on her schedule. Show her that you are available.

No matter where you look, women are looking for real and genuine relationships. As you seek God’s purpose for the women in your church, what might you do that could help foster that reality?


Nancy HamiltonNancy Hamilton Having a deep passion for women to encounter life change through the Word of God, Nancy has discipled, counseled, encouraged, & equipped  girls & women’s ministry leaders for over 22 years. She is a graduate of Tennessee Tech University, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and is currently pursing a post-graduate counseling degree at the University of Tennessee.  Nancy serves generations of women at Shoreline Church in Knoxville, Tennessee, directing & overseeing small groups, ministry teams, & events.



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    I am inquiring of Chris Adams as to how the i-moms program works at her church ( I am assuming she is the writer of the i-mom reference to “my church”). I went to their website, but it looks like it is primarily an internet based program. However, Chris said it has been “implemented” at her church and sounds like a great NEW program for young moms. Can you please tell me how/where I can get more information on bringing this program into our church and not just making it an internet accessible offering.
    Thank you so much for your help,
    Shari Hulcy

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