Creating and Maintaining a Vibrant Widow’s Ministry

This post is part of a series from workshop leaders at our 2013 Women’s Forum. Guest blogger Nancy Thompson, (along with her co-leader Lynn Cole) shared about this important ministry in the church. Here are some of her thoughts from the forum and resources for you as you seek to minister to widows.


Meeting and sharing with women from many different areas of the country was both heartwarming and challenging. We were not surprised to learn that many churches have not found a way to communicate love and support to their widows in an effective way.  At the same time, we recognized their eagerness to discuss new ideas for initiating this biblically based ministry in their church.  (James 1:27; Ps. 68:5)

We laughed together, sighed together, related to each individual’s circumstance and most significantly prayed together… uniting our hearts with the “Healer of broken hearts and crushed spirits.”   Lynn was able to eloquently share how meaningful it was to her, when she first lost her husband, to have a group of women who could relate and even spiritually lead her forward in hope and understanding.  Although I am not a widow, working with many widowed women over the past five years has deeply had its impact on my life and provided an awareness of the need to seek God and persevere in the establishment of this ministry even at our church.

What a joy to share hope and ideas with other women.  Their appreciation, of this session and the handouts provided, made me realize I was the blessed one for coming… just to meet and be blessed by them!

For more help with a ministry to widows :

Building a Ministry of Comfort and Compassion: A Young Widow’s Journey by Elaine Cook


Nancy ThompsonNancy Thompson has served as lead facilitator for two grief support groups at Long Hollow Baptist Church for the past four years.  She is the advisor to the widow’s ministry leadership team at LHBC.  After the death of her 18 year old son, Daniel, twenty five years ago, she was desperate for truth. While still in turmoil, she decided to trust Jesus regardless. With experience as a nurse, interior designer, Bible teacher, youth leader, and children’s curriculum illustrator, she lives the passion of her life….reaching out to the broken-hearted with hope.

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