Review Your Favorite Bible Study!

Stop for a moment and think about your favorite Bible study.

What did you like most about it? Was there a theme in the study that the Lord seemed to impress on your heart more than any other? How did the study change you? If you could tell someone else about it, what would you say?

We’re so very excited to announce a new feature on our Web site, and we think you’ll really like it.

Over on, you can now leave ratings and reviews on your favorite Bible studies. Just go to the product page (use the search bar in the upper right-hand corner if you can’t find it), and you’ll see something that looks like this: (click image to enlarge)

Hebrews Product Page on

Here’s a magnified picture of what you’ll see. Click on “Login” to leave your review. If you’ve never purchased anything from before, you’ll have to first click on “Register.” Don’t worry. If you’re not purchasing anything, it’s free to register.

Hebrews Product Page on

Once you’re logged in, scroll to the bottom of the page to leave your own review! Here’s what it’ll look like:

Hebrews Product Page on

It’s a super easy feature to navigate, and you will make it even easier on women out there looking for their next Bible study. If you need help remembering the names of the studies you’ve done, click here!

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