Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.

Do you remember where you were when Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot? For some of you, it’s a day you’ll never forget. Others of us weren’t alive yet to remember, so we rely on the stories and accounts of others. Here’s a great article from former NFL football coach, Tony Dungy, with his thoughts on remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.



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    HI I just wanted to Thank You for posting Tony Dungy’s comments on Dr. Martin Luther King, brings things home for how a 12 yr old Black boy would feel concerning this event. Also made me realize that we all have choices on how to react & the support system we have or don’t have is Very important. It makes me want to read Tony’s books, what a gift his ministry is to any one he touches. God Blesses & rewards those who follow HIS path like Tony’s father, he must be so proud of how his son has followed his footsteps. LORD Bless them both for their efforts fo follow YOU.

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