Free Friday: The Two-Minute Drill to Parenting

Update: Congrats to Robin for winning this giveaway!

John Croyle has a story to tell.

He was an All-American defensive end at the University of Alabama during head coach Paul “Bear” Bryant’s legendary tenure. Faced with the decision to play professional football or to start a home for abused and neglected children, John established Big Oak Ranch in 1974.

Today the outreach also includes a girls ranch and a Christian school. John has fathered more than 1,800 children through Big Oak as well as his biological children—son Brodie, a former NFL quarterback, and daughter Reagan, a former D1 basketball player at the University of Alabama.

It’s with John’s extensive parenting experience that we bring you The Two-Minute Drill for Parenting, a Bible study for parents, married and single, to prepare their sons for manhood. Take a look at the video and learn more about John and his ministry.

We’re giving away a Two-Minute Drill to Parenting starter kit, which includes the leader kit and five member books (a $119.70 value)! Enter to win by leaving a comment below telling us your favorite thing about your son. (Note: One comment per person only. All comments have to be approved first, so your comment may not immediately appear. Thank you for your patience!)

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  1. Jessica says

    Though he’s almost 4, he shares all of his feelings and emotions with me. I love that he speaks how he feels, when he feels them.

  2. Cassie Meadows says

    My favorite thing a about my oldest, who is the most challenging, is his compassion. When he wants to, he’s the most thoughtful and selfless person. It gives me hope and a glimpse of the amazing man he could become.

  3. Lindsay from Rhode Island says

    My favorite thing about both of my kids is their heart. Both are full of love for me and for God. Both point me closer to God daily. My oldest is sweet and thoughtful. My youngest son spunk and tenacity. Both are full of energy. Both are a gift. I am a single mother and it is a privilege, even though its tough.

  4. Brooke Bigelow says

    I have three sons 4,7,10. My favorite thing about them is that they are each so unique and God has crafted such neat personalities and gifts in each one. Any chance to grow more in my parenting skills is welcomed.

  5. Lynn White says

    I love my son’s sense of humor and his sensitivity. I think its unfortunate that so many boys are afraid to be sensitive.

  6. Elena says

    My son is 5 years old and he already is showing a heart after God. He will come home and tell me someone was sick or sad and ask if we can pray for that person. I love his thoughtfulness and consideration!

  7. Lisa Wight says

    That my sons return my love is my favorite thing…my elder son (16) recently had surgery for the first time. When he was in the recovery room, he asked for me. When the nurse brought me to him, he reached out and just clung to me. He has to have repeat surgery next month, and I asked him if he wanted Daddy to go to the recovery room next time. “No, Mom”, he said, “it’s you I want. You are the one that gets up with me in the middle of the night when I’m sick, so it just makes sense.”

  8. Rachel says

    My favorite thing about my oldest son is he loves to learn. My favorite thing about my youngest is that he laughs about everything. They are both a tremendous joy and I thank God every day that I get to be their Mom.

  9. Kelli says

    His heart for others. He is so kind to others & has such empathy for others. In all his sports activities, he’s the first one to his teammate if they are hurt.

  10. Heather says

    I have two sons, ages 7 and almost 2. My favorite thing about my oldest is his love for others. My favorite thing about my youngest is his sense of humor. That’s just if I have to pick one thing about each!

  11. Stephanie says

    My favorite thing about my oldest son (15) is his wit and fantastic sense of humor. My favorite thing about my youngest son (12) is his loving heart and how he openly and freely shows love.

  12. Candace says

    I have four sons. Two are mine and two are my husband’s. They really are handsome joys to my life and I know God has us all together for a reason, but with a blended family, I AM PRAYING to get this study to do along with my husband. I have tried others and am just at a loss. When you love someone as much as I love them, satan attacks and I am all about the Bible and studies that can help get through these years!

    • Candace says

      Oh my goodness! Three sons and a daughter! See, another reason I need help ha! :) Two older boys are my husband’s and younger son and daughter are mine!

  13. Mary T says

    My favorite thing about my son is his gentle and kind spirit. Troy has always been kind and compassionate to all. He has always been respectful to everyone, young and old alike. He never hesitates to help someone in need. He is one of my Special Olympics’ coaches/volunteers and cares for some very challenged athletes. He is modest, humble and gracious. I thank God every day for my son! He is truly a blessing!

  14. Polly Lawson says

    My favorite thing about my son (birthday today!) is his kind and loving spirit, his curiosity and his love of God.

  15. Angey W says

    I love that my 8 year old loves me with every fiber of his being. When he was a baby he had colic and the only thing that soothed him was to be carried around in a snugli all day. To this day if we are reading together he is usually stroking my hair. He comes out of nowhere now “mom, I need a hug” then is right back to his stuff. He is the man child my heart hoped for!

  16. Nikki Lucas says

    My son is 12. He is a country boy at heart. Rugged and plays football. But he is very emotional and sensitive to others. And he has a heart for the Lord:)

  17. Tosh says

    My favorite thing about my son is his compassion, he always knows when someone is sad and he will do little things like a hug, an encouraging word, or he will tell a joke to make you smile.

  18. Tina Y says

    What I love about my two boys who are 11 and 8, is their love of life and curiosity about the world around them. We as a family have been on a spiritual journey together, and they have taught me so much!

  19. Robin says

    Our 12 year old son is a delight in our lives. One of our favorite things about him is his curiosity. He loves to explore, discover, and read to find out more about this world we live in. God has blessed us with our son!

  20. Kori says

    I have an almost 7 year old son. My husband and his father was killed almost two years ago. I pray fervently to God to helpm to raise him and his younger sister in His image. My son.has such a love for God that inspires me. I want to do all God wants me to, so he stays true to his love for God.

  21. Heather Snider says

    I have two boys with different personalities. I love the gentleness and compassion of my oldest son. I love the energy and humor of my youngest. Thanks so much for offering this giveaway!

  22. Marcia Rhinehart says

    I love everything about my 7 year old son, but especially when he wants to snuggle with mom and read me a book. He started reading on his own at age 3 and has never stopped.
    I also loved that he asked Jesus into his heart a few months ago and his daddy (our bi-vocational pastor) was able to baptize him in front of our small congregation and both sets of grandparents…Best answered prayer of all times for us. He loves getting to read bible stories with us and we read a devotional as a family every night before his bedtime.
    This package would be great to use with our small group of families in the rural church we serve in where we have many different age ranges and spiritual needs.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  23. Linda Peyton says

    My son has always loved going to church. When he was saved at 9 he had to tell his grandparents that very night. Later we found out he told his school teacher and the counselor at school.

  24. Jada schiessl says

    I could never list one thing about my son that’s a fave, but I do love how set apart he is by God. He’s the most amazing teenager & the joy of my life has come through motherhood. I’d love to win this study & be available to share with our other parent friends

  25. Angie Miller says

    I love that my older son is so smart, and asks questions to learn new things. I love my younger son’s laugh, especially at his big brother.

  26. Bonnie Stowe says

    My son is nine years old. He has a giving spirit like few others. Last year he was saving for a kindle, but gave all of his money to the church building fund. I’m sad to say I tried to talk him out of it, but we let him. I learned more about sacrificial giving from him than I could have ever taught.

  27. Lisa says

    After our daughter was born, we suffered 3 miscarriages & wondered if God wanted us to have just one child. He blessed us with our 2 “sons of thunder” as we affectionately call them. They are the exact opposite of our peaceful & predictable & graceful daughter. They have changed (rocked) our family in more ways than I would have imagined. They are gifted in their own individual ways. Both are full of joy & happiness, energy & intensity! The older son is remarkable at meeting people & is very sensitive. He has an amazing ability to have empathy for others. The younger son is so loving and tough at the same time. He demonstrates his love for others very freely. I regularly tell them that they are going to be world changers!
    We are so thankful God chose us to be parents to these 2 boys!

  28. Jennifer says

    My favorite thing about my son is that yet he is still a young man only being 11 he has overcame so many adversities and diversity’s and continues to over come them. He is so compassionate and loving. He works with mentally challenged kids on a daily not because he has to but because he has a heart that desires to help others. He not only goes to Church full time but he strives to not only learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ but to also walk in it himself daily and lead people to the cross. He does so by teaching people about Jesus Christ. He is an amazing young man for going through so much and having to adjust himself to all different types of obstacles that have came his way one of the biggest has been being raised without a father figure and learning to take on duties in the family that a father would normally do. My favorite thing about my son is his compassion and dedication to whatever it is he is doing. God has blessed him with and extraordinary gift.

  29. Sara Robinson says

    I love my son’s servant heart! Whether helping a friend at school, holding doors, or just doing simple tasks at my office or around the house…he loves to love others through serving. My hope is that he never loses that sweet, sensitive part of his life, amidst his love of sports, outdoors and all things boy!

  30. Kim Winn says

    My son is only 2 years old and I love everything about him! My favorite thing is before bedtime when we thank Jesus for things. He says “Thank you Jesus for Barney and buzz light year and peanut butter jelly.”

  31. Angela Woolverton says

    My Son Has Refused To Give In To Bullies. He Has Fought So Hard ToTrust God And Not Let The Ugliness SonChange Him. I Could Not Be More Proud Of My Kind Gentle son.

  32. Linda Neely says

    My favorite thing about my younger son is the way he treats everyone with dignity, kindness, and compassion. He’s always the first to offer a listening ear, a reassuring hug, or a helping hand. My favorite thing about my older son is the way he stepped up for his brother when they lost their dad (my husband) to cancer. He is always willing to take time to spend with his brother and the bond between them is strong.

  33. Mona Brawley says

    I have two sons. My favorite thing about my oldest is his discipline. He is very focused and disciplined when it comesto the Lord, eating and working out. He makes me proud. My youngest is very creative nd funny. They are both so open to the Lord and His guidance and they both bless me in different ways.

  34. Jessica says

    I only had two sisters growing up, I now have two daughters & two sons, my boys are seven & half years apart & a world apart in their personalities & every day they teach me so much about the world of boys, how farting can be a great topic of conversation, there is never too much dirt, mud, etc, that there should be hazard pay for moms doing little boys laundry & having to empty their pockets, but also that there is nothing like a little boy cuddle, that the fearless little boy that scares me with his daredevil stunts rushes to mom’s aid to catch a mouse or get a snake out of the garage & as I enter the teenage years I know I have so much more to learn.

  35. Lynn says

    My son, who is 14, has a good heart, always has. He
    May go astray sometimes , but he knows in his heart
    Right from wrong, he is always quick to
    Apologize and that means a lot!

  36. Emily says

    I love seeing the inner wild of my 3.5 year old. Although sometimes his aggressiveness can be overwhelming, he is such a joy and I love him to pieces!

  37. Penny says

    I have three sons and I love how God has created them each so unique in their own way, each one adding their wit and enthsiasm for life to our family. Yet they all share the same love for the same Lord and serving Him with their own giftedness.

  38. Lisa Mize says

    My son’s are all have very giving heart’s. When they see a person in need they do their very best to provided for that need.

  39. Kristin says

    My two boys are so different. It’s hard to narrow down my favorite thing! I love when they smile! My oldest child has a quiet strength that I love about him. My youngest is crazy but sweet. Love his sweet hugs and kisses.

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