Free Friday: Hebrews

When we were growing up, my sweet mama was emphatic about making sure her brood ate healthy food. She used olive oil long before it was considered cool; she asked the butcher for the leanest cuts of meat; she refused to stock our pantry with chips, cookies, or Cokes like the rest of my friends’ moms did; and she tried to instill in us the belief that fast food is from the Devil (an idea that evaporated from my mind like a dew-drop on a hot summer’s day the minute I left for college).

For a few years, she even gave up her beloved iced tea after reading about the dangers of caffeine in one of her health food journals and decided that diluted apple juice with fresh lemon would taste exactly like the sweet tea she’d become famous for (at least at our family reunions).

The rest of our little clan on Valencia Street—Dad Angel, Theresa, John Price, and me—begged her to stop serving watered-down cider at dinner and to resume brewing the yummy tea we were accustomed to, but she refused. She was steadfast in her belief that we would eventually grow to accept weak apple juice with a wedge of citrus hovering feebly on the side of the glass as a substitute for tea. But we never did. We just learned to sip sparingly, like suburban camels. To this day the smell of apple juice makes me a little nauseated.

The priesthood was the dominant theme in Israel’s history after God established it through Aaron. While prophets’ messages could be difficult to decipher and kings could be defeated, the priesthood had consistently been the Israelites’ connection, albeit wobbly, to their Creator. It was the only tangible go-between they had through which to approach God. They brought worship and sacrificial offerings to the temple—a bag of wheat, a jar of olive oil, a lamb or a cow—and the priests prepared those gifts according to ceremonial law, then officially presented the offering to Yahweh. Some priests were prone to taking a bite first.

But the Levitical system was innately flawed— s poor a substitute as watered-down apple juice, if I may—because it was innately human.

People aren’t adequate stand-ins for the Son of God. Jesus Christ is the only priest capable of fulfilling the redemption God promised His people:

“And because his obedience was perfect, he was able to give eternal salvation to all who obey him” (Hebrews 5:9 NCV).

I’d love to see the faces of those precious first-century Christians when their pastor explained that Jesus was both their perfect High Priest and the perfect sacrifice. I bet it blew their mental hard drive. I mean, what student dares to dream of a professor taking the final exam the student thought she’d have to suffer through? Especially when the student was destined to fail?

God didn’t lower the standard of moral perfection so we could justify ourselves with mediocre behavior; instead, He chose to meet the standard for us through Jesus. Hallelujah! What a Savior!

The article is an excerpt of the Bible study Hebrews: The Nearness of King Jesus Week 3: An Unparalleled Priesthood.

We’re giving away a Hebrews small group starter kit, which includes one leader kit and five member books (valued at $215)! Enter to win below.

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  1. Jackie in NJ says

    we love your studies at our L.I.F.T. (Ladies In Faith Together) Ministries group at The First Baptist Church of Red Bank in NJ (

  2. Lori Smith says

    Our ladies bible study at Blue Lake Community church did Lisa Harper’s Malachi study. She is such a great bible teacher. I am looking forward to doing her study on Hebrews also.

  3. Ronna says

    There are 6 of us in a small Women’s study that are all a little short on cash and in need of Jesus’ teaching! This would be awesome!!

  4. Brittany says

    This would be my first Lisa Harber study. And when I become a Stay at home mom in June, this would be perfect for all my friends to do.

  5. Robin Roberts says

    This sounds like a wonderful bible study for our “crazy ladies” group at the Cynthiana First Church of God!

  6. Lisa Wight says

    I had planned on doing this study on my own, but would love to be able to share it with my church’s women’s group (Tenants Harbor Baptist Church, Maine).

  7. Sally Smale says

    My husband and I are planting a new church and looking for free resources for our precious people. Would love to win!

  8. Rosalinda Avilez says

    Rosalinda Avilez Bible Fellowship Church Ventura, California. We did Malachi last year and we loved it. Lisa’s writing is unique. I would love to win and do the study with my sisters in Christ.

  9. Andrea Todd Kienholz says

    This would be so great for either my small group or for our Women’s Ministry Group at New Life Church in Wanamingo, MN

  10. debbie says

    O Im so excited, looking for a new study for end of Feburary and this would be so perfect for my ladies.
    God Bless

  11. Kim Swett Locklear says

    I had already looked, prayed, and decided on Hebrews as the next Bible study for the ladies at my church. God has confirmed this choice and is at work even now-hallelujah!! One of the ladies at my church has started a house for women in crisis and wants us to reach out to the residents there. I don’t know yet how the women of the church will feel about having our Bible study there, but I know God has been pressing on my heart to get outside the walls of the church. When the lady asked me Wednesday night, I just imagined Him grinning at me, saying, “That’s what I’m talking about! Go and tell them how much I love them.” Whether I win or not, I’m so excited about this study because God is up to something BIG here.

  12. Jennifer Cone says

    I would love to introduce Lisa Harper’s bible studies to my Ladies Bible Study group at Agape Baptist Church! I have done her study on the book of Song of Solomon and loved her style. Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. RM Letourneau says

    I’ve never done a bible study by Lisa before. It would be great joy to lead several of the gals from church using Lisa’s bible study on HEBREWS. I’d love to win the kid and member books.

  14. Brooke says

    This would be wonderful to have and use for our women’s study group. Thank you for blessing one of us with it.

  15. Yanna Westmoreland says

    I would love to win so I can share with college students in my home, I live in College Station, Tx and attend A&M Church of Christ

  16. Peggy Davidson says

    We have an inter-denominational women that meet for Bible study. We’d really enjoy having this study on Hebrews. First Presbyterian church in Britton SD.

  17. Jory says

    Jory Swett Carolina Baptist Church. A women’s bible study I participate in that my Aunt hosts is planning on completing this as our next study! Winning this would be so great!

  18. Patty Morrison says

    I would love to do this with my friends at The Well Community Church. We are a non denomiational church in Fresno, CA & Clovis CA

  19. Grace Graff says

    Thank you for this opportunity! Looking forward to sharing this study with our Soul Sisters Mother’s Bible Study in Live Oak, FL!

  20. Danielle Love says

    My small Bible Study group would live this! We learned much from Malachi and would love to learn from Hebrews. :)

  21. Lesli Niusulu says

    Our bible study would love this! We enjoyed Malachi so much and have already chosen Hebrews for out next study. We are an independent group who has to pay for all of our studies. This would be a huge blessing!

  22. Jackie says

    Jackie Johnson Grace Community Church in Denver CO would love to do this study! Malachi really opened my eyes and helped deepen my walk with our precious loving Father!

  23. Jackie says

    Jackie Johnson Grace Community Church in Denver CO needs this study! Malachi really opened up my eyes to how amazing God is and deepened my walk with our loving Savior! Can’t wait to do this one!

  24. Beth Sebek says

    Thank you for this Bible study offer!! How wonderful! Our ladies would love to discover more of Jesus in Hebrews.

  25. Lorraine RICCIARDI says

    I would love to share this with my life group at church. I have a small women’s group called the joy girls. Always looking for new material. Never thought to really delve into Hebrews until I read some good scripture recently and now I’d love to did deeper and take my Girls with me!

  26. Lorraine RICCIARDI says

    I would love to share this with my life group at church. I have a small women’s group called the joy girls. Always looking for new material. Never thought to really delve into Hebrews until I read some good scripture recently and now I’d love to did deeper and take my Girls with me! Christ fellowship Palm beach gardens Florida

  27. Sandi McDowell says

    Love to study Gods word and would use this in small
    groups and with Women’s Ministry at Red House Baptist

  28. Mary Townsend says

    I loved the analogy you used to remind us that there are no substitutions for the greatest sacrifice ever made, Jesus’ gift to us. Would love to share the Hebrews Bible study…thanks for the opportunity! God bless!

  29. Kristin S. says

    We are planning on doing this study right after we finish Brave. Would love to win it:) I’ve previewed it and it looks fantastic. #NearJesus

  30. Kristin S. says

    Our Bible Study Group is planning to start this is March! We’d love to win it:) It looks wonderful and I can’t wait to dive into Hebrews with Lisa! #NearJesus

  31. Danielle Hicks says

    I attend Gospel Independent Baptist Church and would enjoy sharing “Hebrews” with the ladies in my church.

  32. Judy Rice says

    Its always good to learn something new! Would love to t0 study this along with my South Greenville Baptist church ladies.Thanks

  33. Christine Eastin says

    Would love to do this with my women’s bible study group called Ladies Link With God, so named after our first facilitator who started our women’s group. Her. Name was Suzi Link and she died of leukemia. We are still going strong and our ladies are closer then ever. Mountain Grove Church

  34. mackenzie says

    HopePark Church in TN and my small group loves doing Lifeway bible studies. if fact, we were looking at this one for the fall!

  35. Amber says

    This study looks so great!!! Would love to do it with our women’s group, at HillCity Church in MI (a church plant launching in fall 2014)

  36. Christine says

    I would love to share this with my women’s bible study group called Ladies Link with God after our first leader who started the women’s group, Susie Link. She passed away with Leukemia but her legacy lives on and our group is so close. Mountain Grove Church

  37. Meg Fortney says

    I’m very excited about this study & plan to enjoy it with my small group from HopePark Church in Nashville, TN!

  38. Lee Patterson says

    I was first introduced to Lisa Harper during the Leading and Loving It re:treat this past November in Nashville. I listened to a segment of her talk on Hosea from the Lifeway Devotional CD and had to stop at the closest Lifeway store between Nashville and home to buy one of her books.
    Love her, and I would love to win this for our growing Young Adult Ministry – maybe we can just pull the girls out and have some “girls nights!”

    • Lee Patterson says

      Goodwill Baptist Church of Eastover, SC.

      (I commented before I clicked the link to see what I was supposed to say)

    • Lee Patterson says

      Lee Patterson
      Goodwill Baptist Church of Eastover, SC.

      (I commented before I clicked the link to see what I was supposed to say)

  39. Joy Zadoorian says

    Would love to have the women’s ministry use this as the next study@ Grace Tabernacle Bible Church in Allenwood, NJ. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  40. Brenda Branson says

    This is one of my favorite books of the Bible to study. Would love to share it with “Broken People” community.

  41. Michele mcLaughlin says

    I saw Lisa at Lifeways women’s ministry conference. Would love to introduce the women of Akron Baptist Temple to Lisa Harper!

  42. says

    We are just starting off here at Confluence Church! Our women’s Bible study group just kicked off last Saturday, and we are looking for ways to deepen our faith education! This looks great! We are a small church plant, and are always looking for ways to reach out and up.

  43. Channelle says

    Speak my mind. Humm, just got home from serving my BSF ladies, it was a great night but left irritable & frustrated. Uggg sin is so dang ugly, & even more hideous when recognized the root cause.. Asking God to break that chain & replace it with a deeper jealousy & desire for Him & His Glory.. The Village Church, Tx

  44. Tiffany Taylor says

    I attend Mount Pleasant Christian Church and I crave learning more about the Bible. When I saw this study I was so excited as I want to participate in a study about an entire book of the Bible! I did the Malachi study and grew so much! I just can’t wait as I offered already to purchase this for my bible study group this summer so we do not have to take a long break until the Fall study!!

  45. Linna says

    Saw Lisa at the Women’s Forum and this Bible Study caught my eye when I was there. SO wish I could do this with the Leadership team at Nappanee Missionary Church! Yay for giveaways! :) Thanks, Lifeway! (and Lisa!)

  46. Linna says

    Saw Lisa at the Women’s Forum and this Bible Study caught my eye when I was there. SO wish I could do this with the Leadership team at Nappanee Missionary Church in Nappanee, Indiana! Yay for giveaways! :) Thanks, Lifeway! (and Lisa!)

  47. Rebekah says

    My name is Rebekah and I attend Hope UMC. Ever since I first set foot in the church three Christmas Eves ago, it has felt like home. Good luck to all and God bless!

  48. says

    I would absolutely LOVE to win this! One of my goals for 2014 is to lead a bible study, and I have been so loving this study through the launch team. I attend the Free Will Baptist church in Wellington, KS. :)

  49. Mary Geddings says

    It would be wonderful to win this study. Our church is trying to get back on its feet after losing a pastor and this would be so helpful! Thanks for the opportunity!

  50. says

    I LOVE LISA HARPER! I have followed her for many years, since Renewing the Heart days….(I remember when she dropped in from the ceiling of the arena). I would LOVE to study Hebrews with her study, and would love to share it with others in my church, Farmdale Church of the Nazarene, and other ladies outside of our church..

  51. Kim Haley says

    I am a member of Northside Christian Church in New Albany, Indiana and would love to hear from Lisa. I so enjoyed hearing her at Women of Faith. I would donate the leader’s kit to my church.

  52. Laura says

    So thankful for how God ministers to me through you and what you do. Would love to share this with others through this study….thank you for the opportunity!

  53. Alicia says

    I loved the last bible study I did of Lisa’s and would love to do another one. My church home is Alsbury Baptist Church in Burleson, TX

  54. Susan Clark says

    Would love to share the study with my women’s ministry. We did another one of her studies and everyone was blessed by it

  55. Julia kirk says

    This would be an awesome study for me to do with the women’s ministry I just started. Would love to have it.

  56. Debbie says

    Would love to share this with my life group and gave that aha moment lisa refers to in her promo! Thank you lisa, for writing this!

  57. Melinda says

    Did the Malachi study and so enjoyed Lisa Harper’s teaching style and her love of the Word. This would be another great study to do hopefully with some ladies in our neighborhood.

  58. says

    I’m a women’s bible study leader in a small southwestern Minnesota town, and my girls and I LOVE US SOME LISA HARPER! We would love to walk thru the book of Hebrews with this amazing Woman of God! :)

  59. terrey says

    I have never done a study by Lisa but this study on Hebrews looks like it would be perfect for our small women group bible study. Parables church Meridian.MS

  60. Valerie Robertson says

    Would so very much like to win this study! I have led Malachi at Miracle Hill Renewal here in Greenville, SC 3 times. Today was the last day this go around. The ladies there love it! Their facility is very much like Next Door – a 6 month recovery program with transitional housing available after graduation. They LOVE you Lisa Harper!! Pick me please and I will share it with these awesome gals!!

  61. Nancy says

    I attend Linworth Baptist church with my husband and our two children. I would share these Bible study references with the church & enthusiastically promote the study to share Miss Lisa’s great Godly wisdom! Miss Lisa, my daughter loved you st Women of Faith in Columbus! Can’t wait for my husband to join me this year! Great Godly wisdom from great Women of Faith is good for every soul!

  62. Kathy says

    I’m planning on getting this Bible Study, but who can resist getting one for FREE??? :) I’d love to host this Bible Study for the women at CrossPointe Church.

  63. Julia Kirk says

    I would love to have this to do with the Women’s Ministry I just started at Harvest Community Church in Bloomfield Indiana. Would be so blessed.

  64. Penny Jennings says

    I would Love to lead this study from Lisa’s perspective with our women. Emmanuel Bible Fellowship; Olympia, WA

  65. Linda says

    Yeah! Would love to win this. Currently taking my 1st Lisa study – Malachi – and loving it!
    Linda Neely @ The Heights in Colonial Heights, VA

  66. Carol Gipson says

    We are deciding which Bible Study to do with our ladies this coming summer. We would love to have this one! Thank you!! :)

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