Blessing the Next Generation

This post is part of a series as we recap the 2013 Women’s Forum. Esther Burroughs, Director of Esther Burroughs Ministries…Treasures of the Heart, was one of our speakers at the forum this year and continues to pour into women, seeking to mentor the next generation in life and ministry.


The word of God says clearly in many places, that we are to bless the generations.

 “ This will be written for the generations to come, that a people to be created may praise the LORD.” Psalm 102:18

As believers, we are directed by scripture to bless the generations by pouring into our families, communities, spiritual children, and the family of God.

Let me suggest the greatest blessing to share, is sharing our faith story. Everyone has a story, and by sharing we encourage and challenge others to pass on their love for the Father and his love for them.

Prayer is my favorite. I long for this generation to me united in prayer for families, church, small groups, neighborhood friends to cover each other in prayer. John 14:13

Blessing the generations with written and spoken words. The gift of encouragement is desperately needed in homes and places of worship. Especially when using scripture.

Making time for family, around kitchen tables, in front of the fireplace/dens, bedtime prayer’s , game/puzzles/cooking/ is bonding and makes indelible memories. Please take time to bless the generations.


Esther Burroughs newEsther Burroughs presently serves as Director of Esther Burroughs Ministries… Treasures of the Heart, a speaking and writing ministry.  Previously Esther has served the Home Mission Board (now known as the North American Mission Board) in the areas of missions and evangelism.  Following God’s calling to speak to women, she began Treasures of the Heart ministry in 1997. Esther has traveled all over the world sharing her heart for God with churches, mission groups, retreats, and conferences.


  1. says

    You have been such a blessing to me since the moment I sat next to you at dinner (You Lead Knoxville TN August 2012). I know I said it before, but Chris you have encourage me greatly! For such a time as this, my character has been under fire since the moment our Father placed me at your table. Upon my return to the Boro from You Lead I shared ALL that I had learned with a younger woman with a challenge for her to continue to carry the mantle (which she did) as I quit what I was doing to do that which HE has called me to do. Write.
    The run on sentences are now with me in school as well. :)
    Thank YOU & Merry Christmas … this place has made a difference in this one life.

    • Chris Adams says

      Oh, what a sweet word of encouragement. I love hearing how God takes our connections and brings glory to Himself through them. Thank you for sharing how God has used our connection to guide you as He uses you to touch others! He will use you even more as you follow Him. He orchestrates our “connections” to guide us and to use us to guide others!

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