1. says

    I have just visited this new site for homelife. I alway’s loved to print the scripture art and frame for what ever occasion
    I would need the Word of God for in my life. Now at this site I cannot download and print 4×6 or 8×10 print. It just lets me print all 3×5 prints. Is there any other way?

    Thank You
    Evelyn Greer

  2. says

    I previously asked about printing issue. But I figured it out. It’s actually better on this new site. Sorry to have bothered you. Love this new site.

    God Bless and Thank You,
    Evelyn Greer

  3. Cynthia Buchen says

    I visited the new site and found the Printed Scipture Art. However, I can not print the scipture art full size (8×10) as before. Can you help?

    Thank you,
    Cynthia Buchen

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