When Faith Replaces Fear

Sometimes we find ourselves staring at the winding road before us, incredibly weary and so greatly in need of rest or rescue. Aware that we must push forward and persevere, all we really want is to curl up in bed and pull the sheets over our heads until everything just magically… disappears.

We focus on the obstacles that are keeping us from our plans, but then—by His amazing grace—realize that those obstacles ARE the plan. His plan.

The past year has been so incredibly difficult. The storms of life have taken a toll on our family as we’ve faced one trial after another: illness, death, separation. I soon found myself physically and emotionally drained, pleading with God to calm the seas that tossed me from side to side like a rag doll.

I was so afraid of taking another step because I knew it could lead to yet another devastating blow. Have you been there?


It was during this season that a friend gently spoke a word of truth that rocked me to the core: the only thing I am to fear is the Lord. And as we headed to the Living Proof Live event in Providence, she asked me what it would take to trust God and to walk by faith.

So, I channeled my inner Gideon and threw out the fleece.

I told her that I needed God to speak directly to me about fear and nothing else, feeling pretty confident in the impossibility of that occurrence.

I should’ve known better than to try and paint God into a corner.

Toward the end of the conference, Beth Moore asked the worship team to share what God had put on their hearts. As one of the praise team members approached the microphone, struggling to speak, I was instantly consumed with dread. As he fought back tears and even screamed in frustration, I began to feel nauseous. And then he read:

For this is what the Lord said to me with great power, to keep me from going the way of this people: Do not call everything an alliance these people say is an alliance. Do not fear what they fear; do not be terrified. You are to regard only the Lord of Hosts as holy. Only He should be feared; only He should be held in awe. —Isaiah 8:11-13

When he walked away from the microphone, I just wept. I needed God to speak and now I needed to obey.

I wish I could sit here and tell you that my obedience has led to that allusive season of peace I so desperately desire. The road has been hard and there are nights when I still cry myself to sleep. But, in this walk of faith, I have been reminded of His goodness and of His mission.

He continues to bless me by providing opportunities to share my faith in Jesus with women whose stories are remarkably similar to mine. These aren’t coincidences. They’re glimpses of His sovereignty and reminders that He is in control—that where He places us is intentional, purposeful.

So, for now, when I’m overwhelmed by my circumstances, I remind myself of His truth: When I commit myself to Him and trust Him, He most certainly will act (Psalm 37:5).

Sometimes the obstacles aren’t removed, but, instead, are overcome—whether in this life or in eternity.

Pressing in to Him, I constantly remind myself that in our weakness, He is our strength. And for that, I am so incredibly thankful.

Deirdre Guerrette and her husband, Jamie, are the parents of four children. They live in Biddeford, Maine and are members of Eastpoint Christian Church.

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  1. Stacy says

    I am struggling right now to replace fear with faith. But I’m doing my best, I keep on talking to The Lord reading His word and reading devotions like this that give me hope. You see I am just finishing up chemo and radiation, I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and some times the fear of dying and leaving my family gets the best of me.. But I’m asking God for His strength I don’t want to live the rest of my life in fear.. I want to live in trust and faith that no matter what happens we will all be ok. So thank you for sharing that even on the nights I cry myself to sleep, the next morning is a new day and another chance to trust my Lord that He has this all covered.

    • says

      I’m so thankful this spoke to you. First of all, please know that my husband and I are praying for you during this time and will continue to do so. Having walked through the journey of cancer with my mom last year, we watched her struggle through the same fears you are experiencing. During that time, we often referred back to Matthew 6:34- “So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” I know it might seem like an odd choice for encouragement but, this Scripture allowed us to breathe at times because it reminded us that Jesus understood that our journeys would be hard… and that we would worry and experience fear. Keep pressing in to Him, my dear friend… and cast those fears onto Him. I am humbled by your courage and inspired by your authenticity. I have no doubt that you are glorifying Him and will continue to do so on this journey.
      Your sister in Christ~Deirdre

      • Stacy says

        Thank you Deirdre ,
        I’m trying to take this journey one day at a time like you said.. I pray your mom is doing well and is cancer free.. I also want to thank you and your husband for praying for me, I do not take that lightly, it is a blessing in my life. My prayer is that I will never get cancer again. Blessing too you and your sweet family.

  2. Bev says

    Thank you I am also struggling with fear when I read this tonight I thank God for what you said, but Lord please help me to not fear the what ifs, because I have no control I can only commit my disobedient adult child into your hands and trust InHim to work, but when it affects my darling grands. I find it a struggle.

    • says

      I’m so glad you found encouragement in the post. Trusting the Lord when the storms are raging can be one of the most difficult acts of obedience. We must remember that only He knows the last chapter of every “book” He has written: yours, mine, your child, your grandchild. He is holy and sovereign and works EVERYTHING out for our good. But, it’s the “working out” part that causes us anxiety and, often times, wrenches our hearts. Love those babies well… but keep trusting them to the Lord.
      Your sister in Christ~Deirdre

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